Alphabet Palooza!!

I am so very excited that SEPTEMBER is finally here!!

That means that I have made it through 4 long (and I’m sorry to be like this, but honey, I mean L-O-N-G) weeks!!

However, I really can’t complain….

So far, there are only 15 students in my class. I really like that and I’m just counting my blessings over that number everyday!

 I started the very first week of school with Deanna Jump’s and Deedee Wills’ Guiding Readers resource using Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. If you have read any of my past posts, I am a big fan of their monthly Guiding Readers resource!! It is a great way to teach reading comprehension without worrying about who can decode and who cannot. It is based off of popular read alouds and each month, I can ALWAYS find a book in this resource to match my theme for that week. But it doesn’t stop there……THEN, these 2 kinder teacher geniuses created a resource to go along with the Guiding Readers series called “Science, Math, and More”. It is a supplement resource to integrate math and science and other things using the same read alouds.

Science, Math, & More August/September

Using both resources really got my first week off to a great start!!

Coconut Shake Down

Here’s one of my new kinder cubs having a coconut SHAKE down while she listens to what the inside of a coconut sounds like. Then, we wrote words on an anchor chart to describe how it sounds, along with how it looked and smelled. We also tasted coconut. In the Science, Math and More resource, there are some great printables and pictures to help a teacher work through the coconut exploration and a graph to use to see if you like or don’t like the taste of coconut. My kinders also got out their science journals and drew a picture of the coconut and wrote the words that described the coconut beside the picture they drew.

We also did a sink and float experiment using the coconut. Total FUN!! They loved it!!

Then, to celebrate the last day of our study using Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, the kinders made a cute healthy snack that looked like the coconut tree and the letters. I found that in a post from DeeDee Wills blog.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Snack

Ok….Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was a great way to start some fun and engaging learning in my classroom. But the learning I was most excited about was a study of the ALPHABET!! I listened to other bloggers and researched myself about how good it is to teach the alphabet using a letter a day, so that got me to thinking about trying it out this year. I wanted to start with A and end with Z, but my only problem with this was that I knew I needed to make sure it worked within our district’s scope and sequence in ELA. The scope and sequence begins with M, R, S, T, N, P, C and short vowel A. What worked in my favor was the fact that the focus on those letters begins the 5th week of our scope and sequence.

YAY!! I was thrilled! I would be able to pull this off and still stay within our the guidelines of our county scope and sequence.

So we have been on an adventure since day ONE!!…..

an Alphabet Adventure!!

And it has been majorly FUN and very engaging for all of my kinder cubs!!

During my Literacy Station time, I have introduced the Letter of the Day by reading a book from the Alpha Tales collection (We happen to have these at our school.)

Then, we create an Anchor Chart of the letter of the day. This is when I can incorporate some kinders who know the letters already but they still love to think of words that begin with that letter. They have loved watching me draw pictures to illustrate the words!

After the anchor chart is completed, the kinders go to a Letter Station and rotate within 4 of them:

I didn’t have time to create my own resources, so after some quick researching, I mainly used a couple of different resources to create the centers.

My station was Alphabet Brochures by Simply Kinder! This resource has printable trifold brochures where the kinders complete little activities in in it for each letter. Just click the picture below to find this resource. It gives them handwriting practice as well. I especially love the home link section on the back.

Alphabet Brochures

For station number 2, the kinders work on an independent center using a resource from A Teeny Tiny Teacher called:

Just Fold! Mini Books {All About the ABC's}

Click the pic of her resource above to get it! These mini books are so very simple to print and fold ready to use. The students trace letters on the books. LOVE IT!! Then, the kinders can take them home and read them to a parent.

Alphabet mini books

Station number 3 has been the kinders absolute favorite! I knew I wanted some type of ABC craftivity to use in a center, so creating a hat for each letter was a  no brainer. So after I looked around, I found that Simply Kinder’s Alphabet Hats met my needs. You can click the pic and see them for yourself if you are interested.

Alphabet Hats

Everyday since the first day of school we have made these hats! I have gotten messages and emails from parents telling me about how much fun it has been for them to guess what might possibly be on the hat for a certain letter.

I just HAVE to show you some of the pictures of our hats.

Alphabet Hats

On Mm day the hat was moose ears. So…..

I just HAD to let them wear their hats and we did Moose-Ta-Cha from GoNoodle!!

Moose Hats

Then for the last station, I have alternated between uppercase and lowercase puzzles  and playdough letter mats. Well….again these resources are from TpT. The way I used the puzzles worksheets, was quite simple. I printed the letter puzzle and the pieces. Next, I colored the pieces and colored the borders and then I laminated all of it and I cut the pieces apart. And…VOILA! I had reusable puzzles.  Click the pics to find them.

Alphabet Puzzles for Lowercase Letters   Alphabet Puzzles for Uppercase Letters

Alphabet Puzzle

Alphabet Play Dough Mats

The alphabet play dough work mats are fun and easy to laminate. The kinders have had a blast with them!!

Alphabet Playdough

We have only 6 more letters to go and when we are done, we are going to have an Alphabet Palooza Party!!

I’m calling it that, because well….I just love that word Palooza!!

I have found lots of ideas on Pinterest. My plans right now are to make alphabet necklaces, and an alphabet trail mix. Then we will play Alphabet Stack Up using sliced up pool noodles with letters on the front. We will play some sort of ABC Relay Race. I will end it with an Alphabet cookie walk. I just completed a resource to use for the cookie walk. As I developed it, I realized that the small cards can also be used for a matching game. I am really excited this celebration. I will post about it, after it happens!!

The Alphabet Cookie Walk resource is on sale in my store $1 for a week. I hope that you will walk on over to it and check it out!

Just click the pic below to look it over!!

Alphabet Cookie Walk

I really want to end this blog post with a giveaway to honor those of you who have been in the classroom for a few weeks now and for those who are just starting back this week!! Please check out my Rafflecopter below to enter to win a $10 gift card from Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ll be giving away 2!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you have a great week!! Thanks for checking in!!

Five for Friday: Back to School Giveaway!! 7-29-16


I thought this would be a terrific week to join in with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!!

I mean not only do I have a few events to share being my last week as a teacher on summer vacation



I also have a little giveaway for you to enter at the end of the post!!

Here goes!!


Aubrey and Granny

Well this little cute thing above was born RIGHT BEFORE I left on vacation to go to the beach!! She is my third granddaughter!!

I got to hold her a tiny little bit before I left, but not as much as I wanted to. When I got back, I couldn’t WAIT to get my hands on her!!

Her name is Aubrey Elise and she weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz and was 18 inches long.

This picture reminds me of when I was a little girl and my aunt had a Thumbelina doll that looked just like this….eyes closed and all!!

I would hold that doll until we left to go home…..

so hoping in my heart that my aunt would let me take her home…..

she never did….

but I never held it against her…

little did I know that there would be some real Thumbelina dolls in my life!!


Food Truck Night

Tuesday night, we did something that we had never done before. My son lives in a neat little city in Georgia called Smyrna and every Tuesday during the summer there is a Food Truck Night in a local park. We went to Daniel’s house and walked about a mile to get there. It was hot as blue blazes y’all!! Once we got there, I HAD to get some water and a Diet Coke before I could even walk around.

I know….I’m old…..heat gets to me pretty quick!!

There were all sorts of food trucks and you could go and buy any kind of food from lobster sandwiches to fusion food. Then, there was a dessert truck and an ice pop vendor as well. Once I cooled down, we had a lot of fun spending time with family and eating!

Oh yea…..and my daughter in love picked us up when we were done, so we didn’t have to walk back…..

she’s such a good daughter in love! 🙂

Food Truck w the Fam


Then….On Wednesday I came to my school and THIS is what I saw when I opened my classroom door:

classroom preplanning

If I could play that horror music you hear in movies when someone walks in a creepy room right now, I would play it. But right now, you just have to imagine it! Actually, it wasn’t THAT bad, so I just dove right in and tried to make it look like a classroom again. I still have quite a bit to do….I mean….. Meet the teacher is August 4th and I have QUITE a bit to do, but I know that it will get done!!

I am confident……IT.Will.Get.Done!! That’s my way of giving myself a pep talk during my blogging…..:)

I’ll post the after picture next week!


For several years now, I enjoy having a class reunion with my previous class before we start a new school year! This event is one of the highlights of my year.

It was even more special when I became a kindergarten teacher. My little kinder cubs have been away from each other since May 20th. Then, when they get together for the class reunion, they are a little shy with each other, but as more and more of them arrive, the party begins!!

It is such an easy time to plan. I always schedule the reunion the Thursday before I have to go back to school from 6-7:30pm. I have it a local McDonalds that has a huge indoor playground. I send an email to all of the kinder cubs’ families. I make it clear in the email, that a parent has to stay with the child.  They also pay their children’s food. Once the kiddos eat they go and play. My parapro and I mingle with all of the parents and catch up a bit. It is fun and the time just flies by!! Of course, we can’t end the night with one last classroom picture! I make sure that I hug each kinder cub before he or she leaves. It is a bittersweet moment for sure!!

class reunion small


And now for the giveaway!! TpT gave me a $10 giftcard to use for a giveaway. So to make it even better, I’m giving away 2 more $10 giftcards.

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Thanks, y’all!! Be sure and link back to Doodle Bugs Teaching to get your Five For Friday blog post in!!


Back To School Teacher Giveaway

It is absolutely amazing y’all at what a whirlwind it was around the Groce household in July!!

So this is how it all went down…..

First of all……

We left on July 3rd to go on our mission trip to Wales and spent almost 10 days there!

Wales School Team

This is my awesome school team that I worked with during the day in Wales. Our theme for our school assembly was the Olympics. We performed a skit called, “Animal Olympics” using these cutie patootie masks!! I’ll be posting more on that this next week. Stay tuned!!


Here’s our Wales gospel choir during a practice time towards the end of the trip. I pulled a little prank on our choir director, by having some of the choir members hold up the masks while we were singing our first number. Trust me!! This happened during our practice time……NOT the actual performance!!

The trip was awesome! We were able to bring honor and glory to the Lord while we were able to minister to the communities in different ways.

London With Dan

We went to London for 1 day before we headed back to Georgia!!

Then NEXT…..

We flew home on Tuesday. As SOON as I landed from being in London, I got right back on another plane and made it to this:

TpT Conference

Talk about  being a jet setter!! But it was so worth it!! I had a great time! I learned so much and was able to meet some great people! And yes, I was star struck when I met people like Deedee Wills, Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, and Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher! And seeing the founder of TpT, Paul Edelman was so cool!! There were many others but it would take a whole page to mention them!

Go Noodle

This pic was taken at the HUGE teacher meet up that was held at night!

I got to get a picture taken with one of the GoNoodle characters. Lots of fun….!!

Dan and Jaden flew down on Wednesday and while I was attending this awesome conference they were having a great time at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World!!

Dan and Jaden DW

We all flew back home early Friday morning so we could get some clothes washed and get ready for our family vacation to the west side of Panama City Beach, Florida! Our plan was to leave on Saturday around noon……..

However, a pretty important and I mean IMPORTANT event took place………

And it was……DRUMROLL please……


The birth of our 3rd granddaughter!! She wasn’t due until July 22nd, but she decided to arrive on July 16th around 3:45 in the afternoon.

Well……before we went to the hospital, we packed up our things, so we could go on to the beach.

My daughter and son in love were good with it! They knew all along that we had this trip planned, before they got pregnant……

I hope you don’t think I’m bad to have gone on to the beach, but trust me…. they were good with it!!

My son and daughter in love went with us along with Jaden and a friend of hers.

We stayed for a week!!

Carolina and Jaden Beach



We got back on the 23rd….

I got to get some lovin’ in with my new grandbaby….

and it was time to think about…..




I know!! It is that time, y’all!!

Here is a link to my FREEBIE that I have on my TpT store for Meet the Teacher Day. Click HERE to get to it.


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Thanks so much!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Five for Friday: Check out my Giveaway before it’s over!!



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WOW!! I honestly can’t believe that today is JULY 1st!!

I know that some of you have only been out of school for a little while.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to rest up from school for a month now!

This past week my son and his wife took a little trip to the western side of Europe and visited Prague, Vienna and Budapest!

Daniel Anna Europe


While they were on their little adventure, being the AWESOME grandparents that we are…….

We kept our granddog named TALMADGE!!


Isn’t he adorable!?! I’ve often told Daniel and Anna that he needs to go to Hollywood and get discovered!!

Believe it or not, he is part Jack Russell, Bichon, and Chihuahua..

I just LOVE his white eyebrows!!

It’s been great having him at our house this week!


Next week, is my annual trip to Wales where people from my church and another church in Mansfield, TX go on mission.

We travel to the southern part of Wales.

There are close to 70 of us going this year!

During the day, we break up into teams and help around different communities.

I’m a part of the schools team. The schools in Wales do not get out for their holiday until a couple of more weeks.

We get to go into local schools and have a 30 minute assembly.

Last year our theme was How to Be a Super Hero. We have the best time going into these schools and ministering to them!

Seeing how schools for other countries operate is a lot of fun and I learn so much!!

Clowns in Wales

Here is a pic of our schools team from a couple of years ago. Our theme that year was Rocks!!

Wales Schools Team


At night the choir part of our team, sing in a gospel program at various churches in the area.

It is an awesome trip for sure!

Choir Singing

We leave on Sunday for this year’s mission trip!!

I’ll share some pictures next week of the trip and I’ll have a freebie from our Olympic Themed Assembly. I think you’ll really like it!!


Now I have ONE LAST plug for my giveaway I have that I posted this past Wednesday.

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I really enjoy reading and commenting on the other blogs that are linked.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


New Blog Design! Time to Celebrate with Giveaways!!

I am super stoked today, to show off my NEW blog design!! Megan Favre from A Bird In Hand Designs set this up for me!! I love it!! She is a teacher herself and she does a terrific job in making the blog the way you want it. I use WordPress and I know that WordPress is more difficult to work with on blog designs than Blogspot. However, Megan keeps the pricing down low enough to make it affordable. Thanks, Megan for the great job!

If you stick with me through this post, I have a freebie AND some AWESOME giveaways!! I mean JELLY BEAN they are pretty AWESOME and you will definitely want to sign up to try to win one!!

To start off this blog post today, I have some pictures of some recent LOOT that I got from Target and from Kitchen Collections.

Target Swag

I was beginning to feel left out when I read other blog posts and I saw all of the great swag from Target! But, I would just stop by my local Target when I was out and about…

and then one day….


There it was!! All of this cool stuff that I found to start my school year off right!

My coolest find here were the favor bags! Can you see them towards the bottom on the pic?

They are made with really thick material and have a drawstring. I bought 6. One way that I’m going to use them is to put letters in them and the students will draw out a letter and for the beginning of the year, they will say the letter name and the sound. Later on, I will have the focus letters in there for that week and they will pull the letter and match it to a word that begins with that letter. Or I have little objects that begin with a certain letter, so I’ll probably put some of those in there and the students will take out an object, name it and tell me the letter it begins with.

I’m also planning on putting numbers in the bag. The possibilities are endless with that one!! We can work on number recognition, number order, comparing, and counting. Later on in the year, I will play guessing games using them, Like: “What’s That Coin?”, or “What’s That Shape?”.

Now on to my next great finds!!……

Here’s the preface:

Last week I had to fly into Dallas TX to meet up with a group to talk about an upcoming mission trip.

I arrived pretty early and my meeting wasn’t until around 6:30pm

So, I decided to get some shopping in while I was there.

I found a really nice outlet mall in Grand Prairie, TX.It was as hot as blue blazes and I was working up a sweat, so I found a little snow cone kiosk and it was a great place to stop and get refreshed!!

sno cone time


I love to cook and bake, so I decided to look around at a kitchen store there called Kitchen Collection. As I was looking around, I felt like I had struck gold!! Here are my finds from there:

Kitchen Collections

Don’t you just love those BUG SWATTERS!! They are shaped like a hand!! What fun can I come up with using those!?!

Lots!! I tell you!! Lots!!

I could have a High Five monitor who looks for kinders making good choices and he can give that child a high five.

I can play Swat that Letter, Word, Number, etc game!….

I can give High Fives using it…

I can raise it when I want the kinders to give me five….

Lots of uses!! These babies were just a dollar!

I really got excited when I saw the metal cookie shape cutters. They were $1 each and I even found a hexagon! They are a perfect size for little hands and they are very durable! These will work perfectly for my shapes unit. I love to use kinetic sand and these cookie cutters will definitely come in handy when I use my sand in a center!

Do you see the little dustpans and brooms. I am ALWAYS a sucker for little cute things and these caught my eye right when I was checking out! I just thought the dustpan and broom would be prefect to sweep up little things on the center tables. For $1 a piece….how could I go wrong!!

Now, do you see the red and pink items? Are you asking, “What the heck is that?!?”

Well let me tell you!!

They are silicone pot holders shaped like a chicken and a pig!! They are called, Kitchen Kritters.

Here is my idea for using these kritters!

I will be teaching using a farm theme during early October. I’m going to have a game set up called Farm Fetch. During Farm Fetch, there will be 10 table tennis balls with a letter written on each one. I’ll have the balls in a small container that will look farm like. Two students will have an oven mitt on and I’ll call out a word associated with the farm. Then, I’ll say, “1-2-3 FETCH!” The 2 students will reach in and try to fetch the correct ball by using the pot holder.

If you are interested in finding any of these items, here is the info about Kitchen Collection:

Kitchen Collection


If you’d like to try to play Farm Fetch with YOUR kinders, click the pic below to go straight to my TpT store and download it for FREE!!

Slide1Like I said earlier, I want to have a FANTASTIC giveaway Are you ready? Here is what I’m giving away:

Drumroll please…….

1- $25 Gift Card to Target

1- $25 Gift Card to Kitchen Collection

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2- boxes of kinetic sand

That is 5!! Count them 5 total giveaways from one post!!




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I hope that you will enter! I will choose the winners Saturday after 11:00am Eastern time. Thanks for stopping by and it will be a joy to have you stop by often!! I want to continue to offer many other giveaways and advice and open my classroom door to you through this blog. Enjoy the rest of your week! Bye, y’all!



Five For Friday: June 10, 2016


What a week!!

Lots of fun and very busy!!

I’m linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching

with Five For Friday

So….without further ADO!!


Dolly Concert

Last Saturday with my son and daughter in love, Anna, we went on a Mommy and Me field trip to see….

None other than…..GOOD GOLLY!!


MISS Dolly


Oh my goodness!! I had the time of my life. We sang, we danced, we listened to an ICON talk about her life!!

I’m tellin’ y’all, It. Was. Fun!!


Side Hall Kids Week 2016

From Monday-Thursday, I was in charge of 39 second graders as we “Submerged” into God’s word during VBS (Vacation Bible School)

It had an underwater theme with us pretending to be in a submarine. Can you tell that I made the doors to look like the doors of a submarine and there are skin divers in the “water” right outside of the submarine.

I mentioned it last week, but here are a few more pictures. I’m planning on blogging about the adventure this weekend. The kiddos loved the decorations and they took such pride in them!

We had a great week!!

Skin Divers Kids Week 2016






On our last day of VBS, my awesome team gave me this sweet card and $50 in Dunkin’ Donuts giftcards.

I’m set for the summer!!

I used the card first thing this morning!




Any of you have an idea of what this pic is all about?

Give up!?!?

I decided to clean out my glue sponge containers and the sponges.

I decided in mid year to start using glue sponges in containers and I promise, I will continue to use them.


I felt like I just couldn’t leave them the whole entire summer without cleaning them.

They didn’t look or smell bad at all, but I still felt like I needed to do it.



I always get FB posts with T-shirts that have fun quotes on the front.


I couldn’t resist this one!!

You never know what a teacher might do when he or she is on vacation,


just like the shirt says…


Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching

This is always a fun linky party!!

Be sure and participate!!




Five For Friday: June 3 First Full Week Off!!

fiveforfriday2_thumb[3]It is five for Friday time, y’all!! I am here linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I always enjoy doing this and most of all I get to look at other bloggers in the linky party and see what is going on in their world!!



Here are my before and after pics of my new Hibiscus. “Before and after what?!?!”, you may be asking….


We honestly love to look at the deer in our backyard and trust me we have a slew of them, but when they get near newly blooming flowers and CHOMP them down to the NUBS!!…… I get slightly agitated!! I have pots of Marigolds around this one (they won’t eat Marigolds), but I guess they aren’t close enough, because every morning we look out our kitchen window and I’m telling you what, that plant is not getting bigger….

it is getting smaller and


I need to figure out some organic way to make this not happen….any ideas??


Doodle Bugs paper jpeg

I LOVE to order products online! Especially from teachers who  have side businesses like Doodle Bugs Paper. Yes, the one and only Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching! I saw these patterns from her store and I ordered them for me and my granddaughter Jaden. Jaden can’t find too many things with her name on it, so I thought she would enjoy some special note cards and she loved these!! Kacey boxes them up so nicely and they came in a fun bright pink package. I love that kind of special treatment!! It really puts a different spin on the My Favorite Things song and the part that says, “BROWN PAPER PACKAGES, TIED UP WITH STRING”. I mean, I’m right there with Julie Andrews and her favorite things for sure!



I am determined to get some teacher and teacherpreneur professional development in this summer!!

My husband (Dan my man), read that if we attach something that we want to become a habit to something we normally do everyday, that we can have more success in making that something a habit. Am I making sense here?!?

Like if you want to exercise for a few minutes everyday, do it right after you brush your teeth and it will become a habit as well.

Well, during the summer, I really make it a habit to read my Bible right after I get up in the morning (after I’ve brushed my teeth) and work on a Bible study (my favorites are anything by Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer). Along with that I am going to take time to read my summer learning books as well, and HOPEFULLY that will become a habit!

I LOVE Growth Mindset!! I want to learn so much about it. A great way for me to start is through the book, Mindset written by Carol Dweck.

I was so excited to see that there was going to be an online book study about it. ,,,,,,,

OH WOW!! I see where my true geekiness is setting in…sorry!

If you are interested, check out the blog from Greg of Kindergarten Smorgasboard or Abigail of Kindergarten Chaos and get in on it. I’m super excited about it! Can’t wait to here what their guest bloggers will have to say about the different chapters.

Also, I am fan of the Periscope app!! I love it!! I can work on my computer and listen to someone and learn so much from people that I wouldn’t normally see often. Last week, Jen from Hello Literacy…..I just love her!!…., showed and talked about some of her professional must reads for the summer. One book that piqued my interest was Choice Words by Peter Johnston. I ordered it through Amazon and got it quickly. I’m really wanting to improve the way I speak to my little kinder cubs. I want to learn how to use the way I talk to them to help build emotionally and relationally healthy learning communities in my classroom. This book will help me do that.

I just began reading both books today and I have already begun marking in them and making notes.


I talk often about getting my TEACH on!! A phrase I got from my favorite, Deanna Jump!!

Well this week….

I am getting my VBS ON!! That’s right VBS! Vacation Bible School!!

For 1 week during the summer, I get the opportunity to minister to about 30 to 40 2nd graders through VBS. Our theme for this year is called, Submerged: Finding Truth Below the Surface….it’s an underwater theme with a submarine.

Anyway, I’ve been working on our schedule and how we are going to teach the lessons and do some fun and engaging activities as well. I’ve also been putting up the decorations for it. Now I always tell people that the decorations are just the skeleton of what really happens for us in VBS. The MEAT is the part where we build relationships with these kiddos while we teach them some Biblical truths. There is no doubt about it!

However, I like to work on the decorations because it is fun for me!! It is always a challenge, but if the truth be told, I like challenges and I always learn from them….. and I try to help others, by blogging about it and pinning it.


Our room is suppose to mimic the inside of a submarine. The room I use is quite large and has 6 large windows. My husband and I came up with the idea of making each window look like a rectangular porthole looking out into the ocean.

Here is the result:

Submerged Porthole

We created a 3d ocean scene on blue paper. Then, we taped that on the window. Next, we took 40″ wide cellophane paper and taped that in front of the ocean scene. Then, my husband drew out and cut from orange butcher paper the porthole outline and then Jaden glued black dots to make it look like the edge of a porthole. We are going back today and make 5 more of these!! Yikes!!



And this is what the outside of the room looks like. The wall was already blue (so glad!!). During the week my husband and Jaden created these cutie patootie divers and brightly colored fish. We took those and created an underwater scene with them. Now, I’m not quite finished here! I want to add some coral and some special signs on it.

Now, it’s time for me to get ready and get back to the church!! I have quite a bit to do to finish for VBS…which by the way begins on Monday!!…..but with the help of the Lord and my family, it will get done!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Don’t forget to link back up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and post YOUR Five for Friday. Click HERE to get there.











2 For Tuesday Linky

2 for Tuesday Linky

This morning as I was looking through my favorite blog posts on Bloglovin’, I came across this linky! Chalk One Up for the Teacher has brought back 2 For Tuesday! What a great way to see what other teachers may have on sale in their TpT store!! So I decided to join in and put 2 of products at half price!

I decided this week, I would go for my 2 popular science products! Click the pic below to find my TpT store!


These 2 products will make a great addition to teaching your kinders! I use the No Prep Sorting Sheets all year! They work as a great little formative assessment!

My Simple Science The 5 Senses Unit is Packed Full of many activities to use to teach the 5 senses in kindergarten. I teach this at the beginning of the school year. Then, throughout the year, my little kinder cubs are keenly aware of what their 5 senses are and which ones are best to use when.

At half off, you can’t go wrong on either one of these!!

Just go to Teachers Pay Teachers and go to search and enter:


And you will find many deals for today!! But remember, the sale goes off at midnight!!

If you’d like check back at Chalk One Up for the Teacher to see other link ups for 2 for Tuesday!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Five for Friday: May 27, 2016


Hello! I’m here linking up with my favorite linky Five For Friday. Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching!

I have to preface my post with saying that I’m cheating …..

just a little……because…..

some of my posts here are from last week, but I’m telling you what!!

Last week was a wild week for sure and now that I’m into my 2nd day of summer vacation, I can sit back and reflect on last week’s happenings.


Last year, I was reading from one of my favorite bloggers Elizabeth from Kickin It In Kindergarten and she posted about her Vowel Surgery Day!! Click HERE to see that post if you’re interested. I just had to buy her product, but I NEVER had time last year to try it out. So….when I started my 2015-16 year off, I knew one of the things I would take time to do was Vowel Surgery Day. Well….we did it and it was soooooo well worth the effort!! It was totally satisfying for me to have an activity that day, that would be fun and yet VERY engaging for my kinder cubs. Another thing that I loved about it, was the fact that I was able to pull some 5th graders in to help as well. No that is not a 5th grader behind me in the pic. That is my awesome parapro, Mrs. Hartley. The 5th graders were at the other stations. I loved my little make shift FES Hospital!!



We did vowel surgery last Tuesday, because Monday was our field day. Well, I just couldn’t leave math out…

I mean….all that attention to VOWELS….

NUMBERS had to be right up there as well….


I created a resource called EQUATION EXCAVATION!! So the kinders got to be doctors of another type on Wednesday….


Now this day was a little messier than the vowel surgery day, but again…

it was well worth the effort!!

I got 4 different sensory bins ready and the answers to math equations were buried in each bin. The helper, would show a subtraction or addition number sentence and that paleontologist had to locate the answer in the bin. I used dinosaur names for each station….like T Rex Tens and Stegosaurus Subtraction. I also had a station called Brontosaurus Bump It. This is the station where they would “rest” from all of their excavations and play a game of Bump It and eat none other than….DINOSAUR FRUIT SNACKS!! Click HERE to get my resource if you are interested!




File_000 (92)

And here is our rendition of the grass critters you see on Pinterest. We did these on Thursday afternoon after our big end of the year celebration. That is one of my favorite times of the year. When the parents get to come see our little program in the classroom and marvel over how much their precious one has grown!! Lots of tears were shed at the end. It really pulls at the heartstrings for sure!! BTW….we do this on the day before the last day of school.

I posted about the way I do my End of the Year Celebration last year, so feel free to click HERE to see what we do.


File_000 (93)

We had 3 postplanning days…

A local church provided lunch for us on the last day. They had a wonderful pavilion and had hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixins for us….

not to mention TONS of desserts!! Then, when we left, they had the cups as a gift for us to take home. It was such a nice way to end our school year!


HOWEVER!! Because I honestly didn’t plan out my last week with my kiddos very well…

I mean…

Vowel Surgery and Equation Excavation took up a lot of my time…..

I needed to go back to school that afternoon and make sure I had put away everything that I was told to put away.

And y’all…..

it was quiet……not a good quiet….but a sad quiet…..

believe it or not….I was missing my Kinder Cubs!!…I promise!! …..I really was….I had a grieving moment for sure!!

So I posted this pic on Instagram…

File_000 (94)

With this comment:

Well….another year done! All things put on the back counter ….piled high!! It’s such a bittersweet day!! So ready for summer vacation but I’m going to miss my sweet and precious Kinder Cubs of 2015-16!! Great will happen here again August 8th!! Stay tuned!!

And that about sums it up!! Be sure and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. I always LOVE reading the posts from it!! Have a great weekend!!

Mother’s Day Gift in Kindergarten- Oh the choices!!

File_000 (85)

Y’all! I tell you what!!

You pull up Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook

And I mean jellybean!!

You can find all kinds of gifts to craft for Mother’s Day!!

All kinds!!

Well for the past ummm…..100 years…..ok maybe not 100 but at least 6……..

I have done my tried and true tile picture.


It is cute. Let’s face it…

You put a kindergarten face on almost anything and you have CUTE!

No doubt about it!!

But this year…..

I had my supplies for my Mother’s Day craft ready for Monday

and…..(Please tell me you do this!!! It will make me feel better!)

I changed my mind!!

I did, I changed my mind, and went with another project for Mother’s Day!!

There I was at Michael’s on Sunday night…

getting my supplies that were needed…

pulling out every coupon I had….

had my husband in line so I could use another 40% off coupon

and got the items I needed for this:

File_000 (85)

Ok! You’ve got to agree!

This was so worth me changing my mind and switching to my tried and true craft to this!!

I saw it on a FB group that I’m in…

and I couldn’t help myselft….

I just HAD to do it!

We have had such a busy week, but this sweet gift was a priority, and


They are completed…finished….I tell you!

So here is how I got them done:

First thing. The supplies:

I bought 8 x 10 inch canvases at Michaiel’s (they were 10 for $11 with a 40% off coupon and my teacher discount)

acrylic paint in SKY BLUE

Some sticker hearts, scrapbook paper, a heart hole punch (just punch out some heart from the paper)

Mod podge- I had some handy- It is not super cheap, but it will last.

Some Happy Mother’s Day stickers- I found some cute ones, but I also bought some shaped colored labels and a stamp that said Happy Mother’s Day . I stamped that onto the shaped colored labels. Michael’s has a HUGE paper section with tags, and stuff like that.

Pictures of each child, cut out: Each child stood in front of blue butcher paper just like shown. They pretended to blow. Then, I had them developed and cut out each child.


Each student uses a foam brush and taps sky blue paint on the entire canvas. They don’t brush stroke it. That is not as pretty.

Let it dry

The next day, each child will use a foam brush and paint Mod Podge on the canvas.

Next position the cut out picture and put down while the Mod Podge is still wet.

Next, start placing the hearts on the canvas to make it look as if the child is blowing the hearts out of his/her mouth.

Then, go over the hearts with Mod Podge

They can do all of this themselves, but they need to be supervised!!

Then choose a sticker to use to embellish the painting….


there you have it!!

A CUTIE PATOOTIE gift for your students’ mothers on Mother’s Day!!

It is a little expensive, but they were so worth it!!

One child today said, “Wow! My mom is going to love this!!”


worth it!!

Absolutely worth it!!

I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!!