End of Year Celebration

community helper masks
EOY program pic for blog The top pic is a close up of the postal worker masks that were used when the kiddos sang our community helper song. We had masks for firemen, police, farmers, and doctors. My husband made them! Email me if you’d like for him to create some for you. They are $2.00 per mask and that would include postage and handling. The bottom picture is a pic of a few kinders performing for the Snowpals Melting rhyme. It was a rhyme using subtraction. The hats and bows were ones I copied from some photo props I had left over from Christmas! Aren’t they adorable?!?

My husband and I love to sing and perform. We are on a praise team at our church and we have the opportunity to sing in our choir every Sunday. I grew up performing in all kinds of events in school and college. In fact, my first 3 years of college, I majored in music with an emphasis in piano. Deep down, I always wanted to be a famous singer, but that was just not where God led me to be. So what better way to get my “famous singer performing in front of a live audience” fix than to do it throughout my days at school. I try to sing songs with the kinders every day and when they’re not singing with me, I’m making up songs to get them to quiet down, sit down, stand up, or whatever else to get their attention. These songs may not rhyme and the melody may not be pretty, but they all love to hear me sing and they make me feel so good about my singing ability! BTW—-I am only a so so singer, but I do love it!!

Well now I’m giving you all of that story to tell you that when I found out I needed to come up with something to do for a classroom end of year celebration, I knew that the kids singing and performing would have to be part of the mix. I mean we do it several times a day, so it will HAVE to be a part of my program. After figuring out how I wanted my little program to work, I came up with 3 songs and a rhyme that I called our “Songs of Learning”. I had props made for each song…..ok……let me break to tell you about the props. Vowel signs on sticks for the vowel song, snowman hats and red bows on sticks for our Snowpal Melting rhyme, student made paper butterflies in cocoons (toilet paper rolls) for our butterfly song, and community helper masks that my talented husband made for me for our community helper song. ……Right before they sang and performed, the ones who wanted a speaking part got to say a few words that led up to them singing the songs. Oh yea……at the beginning of  our program, the students lined up outside our classroom door and as they walked in they sang our “Good Morning Song” and waved at the parents as they walked to their seat in front of the classroom. I have to say it was precious!! For the last song we sang, our sweet “Goodbye, goodbye, we had a happy time. Goodbye, goodbye, we had a happy time”. And then got up, began clapping and boogied and sang: “Na, na, na, na! Na, na, na, na! Hey, Hey! Goodbye!” The program lasted no more than 15 minutes but it was a memory that I’m sure will last a lifetime for my precious kinders and their families.




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