Daily Five…Where have I been!!

I am so pumped up today about a new way (for me at least) that I’m going to organize my Literacy block for this coming school year!!   I just came back from an English Language Arts Summer Academy that was sponsored by the Georgia DOE and was held in Athens, GA. It has been such a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to attend something like this and I had a really good time learning! One session that I attended was facilitated by a couple of teachers from Cobb County who have been teaching Daily Five. Now Daily Five is a method that these ladies used to organize their Literacy Block. While I was in the session I kept thinking to myself, “Where in the heck have I been!?! I’ve seen this lots of times on Pinterest and wondered but never investigated it. And THEN I find out the ladies who wrote this book have now gotten out their 2nd edition!!” Well, as soon as I got home, I ordered the book. I linked the book cover above to Amazon in case you would like to order one too! Since I only have a couple of weeks to get my act together for Daily 5 I researched some blogs to find ways that other kindergarten teachers incorporate Daily 5. I am a big fan of A Differentiated Kindergarten. I knew I had seen some posts from her about Daily 5 and sure ‘nuf (as my momma would say!!) I found some great posts from Marsha concerning how she sets up her Literacy centers the Daily 5 way! The link above is her post that she titles “From Here To There”. It is great for seeing how she sets up her centers for the first 2 weeks of school using the Daily 5 method. Wish I had seen this last year!! But I just need to look forward and not back! Since I really don’t have the time to create my own items for these centers, I just went ahead and bought her Back to School Word Work Galore packet. It was only $10 and I know it will be worth every penny! Here is the link if you are interested:

: Back to School Word Work Galore Well, I better get busy with all of this! I’m always looking for ways to keep my kinders engaged and to differentiate their learning. I think once I delve into Daily 5 and make it my own, it will do just that!! See you soon!


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