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I just got back from a wonderful week at the beach with my family. Now for confession time…..one of the things I LOVE to do when we travel to the beach or the mountains is to visit a Target and/or Walmart! I know that might not be your cup of tea, but you never know what that town’s Target or Walmart might have that your Target or Walmart might not have. I don’t stay for hours, but I quickly browse through to find treasures.
Well this last trip to Target was great fun. I found the cutest Shark umbrella stroller for my sweet granddaughter Virginia that I’m going to keep to use when she visits!! Wish I had a picture but I don’t. It is really cute!! Trust me!!
Then….low and behold….in the $1 bins there…..I found some cute Dr. Seuss items to use for my Dr. Seuss week.
I absolutely love to teach with a Dr. Seuss theme around his birthday. Here is another confession: When I was just a mom and not a teacher, I hated to read Dr. Seuss to my kids. I thought there were just too many words and they all were just too long. Well, boy have I had to ask for forgiveness!! I love all the rhyming and I’m amazed at this remarkable author and what kind of legacy he left to so many through his books!!
ok….back to my post…here is what I got yesterday: Dr. Seuss Treasures 2Cute little dry erase boards!!  They will be perfect for a math center or literacy center. I got 3 of each so they can be used in a small group. Target must have some kind of hold on the Dr. Seuss trademark, because I find things a lot in the $1 bins there that are Dr. Seuss related. As you can see from the top pic,  I have pencils and erasers ready for next year along with little bags….yes I bought enough so that each child in my class next year can have one. I am such a glutton for Dr. Seuss!! I also found some cute bowls and plates. Now I bought enough of those for a small group that I can use for some type of activity…..I’ll figure that out later.
When I set up for my Dr. Seuss week, I put all of my Dr. Seuss stuffed characters out (you can’t really call them animals, because some of them are not animals…) with the related book beside them. I always check out Kohls for their Dr. Seuss books and stuffed characters. You can’t beat $5 each for classics!! I let the kids read the books and hold a character, too! What kinder wouldn’t like that right??!! I get Dr. Seuss hats for my kiddos (I love Really Good Stuff and buy their products throughout the year!) and they wear them on the first day. All of my centers are related to Dr. Seuss things, and I read, and read, and read until I can’t read NO MORE!! For snacktime one day, I make green eggs and ham and they write where or what they would eat green eggs and ham on, we play Grinch Cake Walk (just make some Grinch feet with numbers, or addition facts; however way you want to do it and then call out the number. The child with that number or fact to the sum gets to choose a cupcake of his/her choice.) Then, to culminate the week, I show the original Lorax cartoon (I found the DVD at Toys R Us many moons ago!!…but you can probably find something Dr. Seuss that is on YouTube that is G rated), because that just happens to be a favorite of mine and I serve the kids a Thing 1 Thing 2 Cupcake. They are just red velvet cupcakes with white frosting and then right before I serve them I put blue cotton candy on top. They are so cute!!
Here are some cute pictures of my week from this past year: IMG_0123 IMG_3366 IMG_0139Can you tell that one of my kinders is slightly apprehensive about eating green eggs and ham……trust me, most of the sweet kiddos loved it!!
Now my last confession of the day….my first freebie when I started selling on TpT was removed….GASP!!…..I was heartbroken, sick, and embarrassed!! Heaven forbid I did the UNTHINKABLE!! I used Dr. Seuss in my title and it was removed. It was an I Have, Who Has activity using the rhyming words from the Seuss book Hop On Pop. I have to say it was such a cute and absolutely engaging and might I even say FUN activity to do after the book was read. I did not use any pictures from Dr. Seuss and the product wasn’t even for sale. IT WAS A FREEBIE! Ok….enough with  my bitterness….I got over it real fast and replaced the product (did I mention how awesome I thought it was) with another rhyming one but I did not use Dr. Seuss in the heading and I made sure that the words did not coincide completely with the book. Click here to get this freebie from my TpT store: Do you have any favorite Dr. Seuss activities? Let me know. I would love to hear from you!!

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