The Night Before Kindergarten

I’m going to sound like most teachers here, but……I can’t believe school year 2014-15 has begun!! I came into summer knowing that it would be a whirlwind because I was involved in so many things during that break, but my busyness really made the time go by so very quickly. Well….. now that I have 2 days of school under my belt, I can breathe a little and tell about something I did   during this year’s Meet the Teacher and I loved it!! Let me preface this  to tell you that our Meet the Teacher may be different than other districts. For kindergarten, we meet at a different time than the other grade levels. All the parents are supposed to come at the same time….for us it was 8:00am. The students stay in the room for 10 minutes and then they go with the paraprofessional and a school staff person and take a tour of the school and also get to eat a snack in the lunchroom. The parents stay with me and I get their undivided attention for 50 minutes to discuss procedures and curriculum with them. It is very beneficial!! This year, I decided to finished the Meet the Teacher parent session with a read aloud. This is the book I read:

I loved reading this book to my parents! I would stop at certain parts like where it says, ” all their clothes were laid out for the first day of kindergarten with care.” and I asked, “How many of you already have your child’s first day outfit ready?” They all got a kick out of seeing who really did have their children’s clothing ready for the first day of school. The story ends with the parents crying as they stood at the door of the classroom and the students saying goodbye to their parents with smiles on their faces. After I read the story, I looked at the parents and yes, there were parents crying all around me. I have to say, it was truly a precious, “it’s pulling my heartstrings” sight. It reminded me that I always need to keep my heart in this profession and always make sure that these parents know that I care about their child. Then, I gave the parents a little goody bag which included tissues for tears, Hershey Hugs to remind them I would give their child a hug everyday, and my school business card on a magnet that they could put on their fridge for reference. Click on pic below if you’d like to get business card magnets for your school business cards:

The parents seemed to be happy with everything that morning, but the true confirmation I received was the next day. One set of parents came by during my last preplanning day (our last preplanning day was Wednesday and the kids started school on Thursday!!)  to change their child’s transportation schedule (by the way….that is so important to us!!….knowing how our kiddos are going home everyday…..) and while we were talking, they said, “You sealed the deal for us when you read that story and gave us the goody bag!” That made my heart take a leap and inside I said, “YES!” That was just what I needed to know! If we continue to have the same type of Meet the Teacher next year, I will definitely do this again. Here is a freebie that I just created that might help you with your Meet the Teacher day. It includes a poem for the parent goody bag, a “Getting to Know You” form, a Transportation form, and a Change of Transportation from. Hope you find it helpful!!

Night Before Kindergarten: Freebie Parent Resources for MeLet me know some cool ideas you have for “Meet the Teacher”



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