Fiftieth Day School: Celebrating Nifty 50’s Style

Slide1There are many reasons why I enjoy being a kindergarten teacher! One of the best reasons is that I get to do fun and engaging activities and celebrations to keep the little kiddos motivated. Since to them 100 days seem so far in the future….I can’t even remember when I used to think that way……I think it is important to celebrate the 50th day of school. I did a little celebrating last year, but this year, I tried to make a much bigger deal out of it!! I did my research on it, and then realized I could make up some of my own activities and therefore I was able to create my newest TPT product, Nifty Fifties. Click my cover page to the product above to get straight to the product!

Now, I have to say that I did all of this extremely last minute, because I had our days in school mixed up. I originally thought we were going to the farm on the 50th day. Therefore, we wouldn’t even be there and why have a 50’s Day if we weren’t even going to be there. Right!? So, then about 1 week before, I realized my mistake and began frantically planning for the day!! I emailed all of my families and asked if they would please have their child wear jeans and a white shirt that day, and that I would provide a scarf for the girls and sunglasses for the boys. I looked all over town to find some 50’s style decorations, but I didn’t come up with much. So for next year, I’ll order from Oriental Trading.


As you can see, my decorations were very limited, so next year, I’m going to get my husband to make me a cardboard juke box, or even a 1950’s cardboard Chevy for a photo prop.


Here, they are writing to 50 for a math center. I also created a hidden 50’s page that was used in another center. When you scroll further down, you’ll also see one of my precious kids creating pictures using 50 pattern blocks.


I found this idea in another person’s blog. Click the pic to get to that blog. I also have images of the 1950’s and their counterparts in my product. I also have pages with past and present typed in a cute font. Next year, my comparison chart will look a lot better!



Here is the response sheet for our Nifty 50’s snack. The kids love any activity associated with food! Yum!

I began the morning by taking a picture of each kiddo. I’ll be able to use these for their memory books. This dude and dudette are so stinkin’ cute!: IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_0703 IMG_0711 IMG_0706 IMG_4683 IMG_4684 IMG_4691 IMG_4692

IMG_4694 Making the Coke Floats was our ending activity to finish out our busy celebration! They really loved them and I was shocked! In my packet, I also have labels for Root Beer Floats. Oh and by the way…..I used caffeine free cola!

This post only shows a little of a very fun-filled day! Hope you can use some of these ideas to use for your 50’s day at school!

See you soon!



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    Whitney G Cyrus
    November 18, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Looks like a fun day!

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