Turkeys and Thanksgiving

IMG_0758I bet if you are in the USA and you are an elementary school teacher, you have or about to have a Thanksgiving Feast at your school. Yep! Me, too! We had ours today, it was wonderful. Our talented lunchroom ladies chefs at our school create a Thanksgiving meal and all of our students’ families are invited to attend. This year I only had 1 parent who was not able to attend. I thought that was terrific! The one child without a parent, got to have ME as her “parent”. She loved it!! We even took a selfie together…..I really think that made the other students a little jealous..

But I’m getting off the subject….

Ok- What I wanted to post was the way I decorated my table. Every year, I want my kinders to make something that the parents can take home. Well, to keep it as simplistic as possible but yet meaningful, this is what I did.

First of all–

Notice the pretty burlap!! I found it at Hobby Lobby. I had a 40% off coupon for it and it was well worth it. Here’s another pic that shows it more on the table.

IMG_0761I found the orange burlap in a roll…..for 50% off!  I love the colors! Don’t you?

Ok…back to the other decorations. Now, let me start with the handprint turkey pot holders. IMG_0748I found the pot holders at Dollar Tree. They were 2 for $1. I used acrylic paints for the turkeys. Now, the first thing I did to create these keepsakes was to brush (I used an inexpensive sponge paint brush) brown paint on each child’s palm and thumb. Then, I pressed this onto the pot holder. By the way….my students love to have paint brushed on their hands. They love that ticklish feeling!!

The next day I poured 5 different colors of paint on a plate with a sponge paint brush for each. Then, I asked each kinder to choose the 4 colors to  paint on his/hers fingers. After I brushed the colors on, I pressed the painted fingers right above the turkey body. Once all of that dried , I put a small dip of paint on the child’s pinky and made the waddle. After all of this was dry, I had the sweet kinder draw a beak and feet using an orange Sharpee.

To polish off this Thanksgiving project, I found ribbon from Hobby Lobby and I tied bows around the loops of the pot holders. Then, they could be used as a wall hanging….NOT a real pot holder. On the picture below, you can see that I tied a yellow bow on that turkey creation. I really loved these and the parents were as pleased as could be with them.

Now on to the cards…..my room parent helped put these together. It is always so terrific to have great room moms!!

IMG_0765First of all, 1 day last week my room mom took the children out one at a time to ask them what they were thankful for. Then, I took their quotes and typed them up on a label template and printed them out on 2″ by 4″ inch labels. The next day, I cut yellow ovals to look like corn and the children used their pointer finger to make the kernals. My parapro cut the cardstock in half and she folded the cards. We put the quote with the corn on one side of the card, then my room parent took strips of paper from a small brown paper bag and put that on the corn to look like husks.

IMG_0763Then on the other side of the card, she took pictures that I had made of these precious kids (by the way…I’m very thankful for them!) and glued it on the other side of the card.

IMG_0757And that is how these lovely decorations for a Thanksgiving Feast were made. Oh yes….the leaves were just leaves cut from a die cut machine.

The parents were so thrilled over these keepsakes……I think this activity is a keeper.

Let me know what you do for your Thanksgiving Feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your break!!




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