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This morning while I was up early sipping my coffee, I was looking through one of my favorite blogs: Kickin’ It In Kindergarten and I found this fun linky that has a little giveaway attached to it. Since I’m really trying to get my fingers wet with trying to do this linky stuff, I thought I would join in! It’s hosted by Elizabeth Hall and GoNoodle. So here goes!! I’ve got nothing to lose…right?!?! 🙂Slide1Fav GoNoodle Brain Break

Before I can really go into my fav GoNoodle brain break, I have to preface it with this little story. It’s just one of those things I need to do……please bear with me……

This week was supposed to be my first week back to school with my little kinder cubs. However, my plans changed quickly!….I’m telling you in a blink of an eye…..quickly!

The teachers had a work day on Monday. I mean a FOR REAL work day, we got to stay in our rooms and work in there most of the day….no meetings, or professional development….awesome, right?!?! Needless to say, I was excited to get back, finish up my lesson plans and prepare my room for my 19 sweet kinders to arrive on Tuesday. I had this fun “Happy New Year!” Theme all planned out, so I was pumped!

Well, I was moving right along…. until right after lunch….I started not feeling too well….

Now let me stop right here and say that my husband and I went to Israel for the week right after Christmas day (that story is for another blog post) and we just arrived back home Saturday morning, so I was thinking maybe jet lag had begun to set in…..

By the time I got home…..I’m sparing you all the “not a pretty picture” details…..my temperature was 101…..and my belly was aching for sure!…..I started realizing that what I had was something a little more than jet leg!

I was sick….Sick!?!? Teachers aren’t supposed to get sick the week right after Christmas break….no way….Well, I am living proof that they do! Ugh!!

So…this lasted through Thursday afternoon…I think I had the flu…who knows?!?…my insurance plan had just started back up again and I didn’t want to pay good hard earned money for a doctor to tell me I had the flu….I mean I had the Internet to tell me what I had…. therefore, since I was fever free, I went on back to work on Friday…..

So now comes the part about GoNoodle….I promise……:)…….with the cold blast we had this week, my kinders and the substitute were not allowed to go outside…now mind you….

I have saved all the Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Beanie Babies that my children owned when they were kids, so my indoor recess stations are pretty cool and the kinders love to get all that stuff out along with the playdough and coloring books….not to mention the play time in our homeliving center, but…..by the time I arrived back on Friday….oh my goodness!!! These kiddos were climbing the walls!!

I mean jelly bean!! The kids were so ready for some major “brain break” time with some “Let’s get our booties movin’ around here” time and I could tell they were so off their routine with their “regular” teacher that I just wanted to say,

“Calgon!! Take me away!!” But I should have said “GoNoodle, take us all away!”

Now that I have researched GoNoodle more (Thank you, Elizabeth!) I’ve realized what a gem of a website this is!! It is easy to find any kind of movement activity that the kids will truly enjoy! It’s easy to to look at the different brain breaks they provide by just clicking on demo class. So I have “played” with it all morning!

Now my fav so far are any of the Zumba Kids. I’ve always wanted to Zumba, and now I can do it with my kinder cubs!

I loved the Wipe Out one: zumba-wipeout-posterYep….GoNoodle will be a part of my plans all week next week…..since I think we are going to have some rain……however, in January I am ALWAYS praying for snow, since it is a rare thing in Georgia.

Happy Place

When I get to go to places like Israel with this guy……….

Jerusalum with DanWe are on the Mount of Olives with the city of Jerusalem behind us! This trip was definitely a check off of our bucket list!

Or spending some family time at places like DollyWood!! Since we all couldn’t be together this past Thanksgiving, we decided to get together the weekend before at a cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN. I was able to treasure up many memories in my heart that weekend!Pic with everyone

Guilty Pleasure or pleasures I should say!!

Guilty PleasureMine are….coffee……2 Reese’s Miniature Cups(that have been in my fridge)….my Ipad……all with me on a Saturday morning….right after I wake up……on my sofa….until I get my day started. Love it! I do!

Keep calm and smileA smile from a teacher can always make a child’s day!! Be sure and do lots of it next week!!

If you would like to join up with this linky just click here  Come on and link on up!

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    January 11, 2015 at 12:22 am

    Wow! Israel! What an amazing trip! Sorry you got so sick..bleh. The winter is the worst with germs…glad you are feeling better! I am starting to see a trend with all of the Zumba kids. I’m going to have to start playing them more 🙂

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