Snow Activities in Kindergarten

Screenshot 2015-02-25 11.18.16Only in Georgia……a lot of school districts are out because of POSSIBLE wintry weather…..that includes my district….. but guess what?!?! You got it! The snow hasn’t even started yet! But am I complaining? Are you kidding me!?! No!! I am so thrilled to have this day to catch up on some computer work that I am “beside myself” (as my momma would say!!)!

Now in defense of my great state….the governor is really trying to be careful since last year….

the snow began so quickly while we were all in school….

and everyone left at the same time….

and a few schools were snowed in for a couple of days (I cannot even imagine that with 19 kinder cubs!)…..

and the schools that were able to leave in time……

their school buses took hours to get the students home……


it was a big mess in 2014!!

Winter 2014Here is a picture from 2014. It was such a beautiful day looking out from my front porch!

This winter storm is not creeping into Georgia until around 10am and in my area, we may see something around 3pm or we might see nothing at all!! So….it is a waiting game!

One of the things I’m catching up on is my blogging. I really want my blog to take off, but if I don’t keep up with it, then how is it going to catch on!? I really enjoy blogging! I enjoy reading many blogs and it is fun to have a blog and post on it.  So I’m finally sitting down on my sofa…..

with my laptop….

with a throw over me….

as I’m in my jammers….

no make up on…

hair not combed…..


it’s really not a pretty sight but……

it is a comfortable sight!!

Ok here is the sharing part of this blog….since we really don’t get a lot of snow in Georgia, I find it important to have some winter themed activities ready for my kinders. Here is a math ten frame activity I did this past January. I know you’ve probably seen this one on Pinterest, but here is my rendition of it:

IMG_5913I found circle items around the classroom and traced them to white butcher paper. Then, I cut the 3 circles out and glued them together to look like a snowman. Then, well….I just made it look like a snowman….nothing fancy. Next, I wrote numbers on the white circles. To the right of the picture, you see 2 12×18 sheets of blue construction paper. I drew lines on them to resemble ten frames. Then, I cut out 20 white circles to look like snowballs. To play the game, the student threw a “snowball” (wadded up piece of white paper) on the snowman and the number it landed closest to was the number the child made on the ten frame. As you can see, the child’s snowball landed closest to 13 and then he showed that number using the cut out snowballs, on the large 10 frame work mats. As the child is showing 13 on the 2 ten frames, the rest of the kiddos are recording it on their sheet.

Where did I get the recording sheet you may ask?? Well…..

I love the Spinner Math Fun Galore sets from Marsha McGuire. I found this recording sheet in her January set that I bought. I love her products! You can click here to find this resource. It’s really a great one and there are so many recording sheets and games on it! It is well worth the money!

IMG_5911Here’s a closer look at the recording sheet and below is a closer look at the 10 frames I made.

IMG_5909This activity kept my little kinder cubs very engaged!

Now a couple of years ago, I posted about some winter related activities we did when I taught 1st grade. This pic shows how the students created a snowpal face and then chose a number and made an addition problem for the number. Then they each wrote the problem in a speech bubble as if the snowpal was talking about it.


IMG_0893If you click here you’ll find some other snow filled ideas!

I hope you’ll find these ideas useful enough to keep in your archives for next year!

In the meantime, enjoy your day whether you are at work or at home like me waiting for some snow to happen!!

Let it snow!! Let it snow!!

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