Worksheet Don’t Grow Dendrites: Strategy 4: Games

bookstudy1Strategy 4: GAMES!!

I love this quote that was in the first paragraph of this chapter: “You don’t stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing. ” My husband and I are in no way spring chickens. We aren’t what I consider senior citizens either….yet…..but we are getting a little closer….so this quote really spoke to me.

We love games!!

We watch game type reality TV like Survivor and Amazing Race.

We used to be in charge of the games when we were a part of children assemblies at church.

Our favorite thing to do with our closest friends is to get together and play FUN games like Fish Bowl. If you don’t know what Fish Bowl is take a look at this post about how to play it. Click here to see it. At the end of the post is a little You Tube clip showing a little bit of the game is played.

So without elaborating any more about it, I LOVE games in the classroom!

Here is what I got from this chapter:

Slide1In the classroom, it is so easy to play math games using dice and cards. I don’t know about you, but this year I finally bought small FOAM dice to use. It makes for such “easier on my ears” playing time with my kinders. When I see any deck of cards in a dollar bin that is theme related, I buy a few decks. My kinders love to play math card games when the cards are shaped like hearts or bunnies….I mean….wouldn’t you like that better, too?!

Ok….now how long has Bingo been around. I’m really not sure, but kiddos really love playing it. Therefore, I try to find bingo games that fit my learning targets all the time! Last March, at the VERY LAST MINUTE, I made up a quick March bingo game for addition and subtraction facts within 5.

Bingo Game

Click the pic above to get to this freebie.

It’s not my best work because I did it so fast, but the kids loved it.

Notice in the pic that I used Rolos for the markers in the game. You can also use small themed erasers.

I have another freebie for a “I have, Who has” rhyming game that really fits well with the book HOP ON POP.

Grab this freebie by clicking the pic below:

Rhyme Time

I have another game that is a freebie on TpT called Fact Family Find.

It is easy and can be used as a whole group game.

Grab it by clicking the pic below:

Fact Family FindBe sure and hop over to Queen of the First Grade Jungle.

She has some great game ideas and you can see the other linkys to this book study.

Hope you have a happy week with more game time than ever!!

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