Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites: Strategy 6 Humor

Dan and linda photo collage

Oh my goodness!! If there is anything I really love to do, it is to laugh!

My husband and I have been married for 32 years. We are always cracking jokes with each other! Part of our nightly prayer is that we will hear laughter every day in our home.  Life is too short to not laugh about it!! Looking at the picture collage above, I can’t believe how quickly life goes by!

Also, I am always doing crazy things that I really don’t mean to do! I just have to laugh at myself when I do them.

Here’s a cute pic of something that we recently did wrong, but just thought it was hilarious after we found out!

When you look at this picture see if you can figure it out:

Well our grandbaby Virginia was a Hershey Kiss at Halloween…..but notice the hat? It looks kind of like the pope’s hat.

Fall Festival 2014

Well, this is what is was supposed to look like:

Virginia as a Hershey KissNow it looks more like a Hershey Kiss. I think that pic was taken with her and her other granddad looking in a mirror…..that’s why the kiss me is backwards. I promise you that night, we kept looking at her and thinking that something was not quite right about the costume……:)

Anyway…..I’m so glad we have many things we can all laugh about.


And that was the focus of our book study for chapter 6. This chapter focused on how important it is to have humor in your classroom. It says that laughter increases the endorphin level in the body, lowers the heart rate and the stress hormone, cortisol. I also love it that students in a laughing classroom are more likely to take risks and tend to be more creative and collaborative. (p.50)

Wow!! These are some powerful and informative words for an educator!

Here is my class of kinders in their elf hats at Christmas! We all found the humor in them and my precious littles had a wonderful time wearing them.

By the way, I took this pic and had Christmas cards made with the caption: “Mrs. Hartley and I love teaching these little elves.” The parents just loved the card and it’s a picture that I will always cherish with a smile on my face!


To be honest, it doesn’t take much to get kindergarteners to laugh. Just putting on kooky glasses or headbands gets a wave of laughter!


Just seeing me boogie around the classroom can really get them going with their giggle boxes!

Daniel and me dancing at Jared's weddingThis is not my classroom but at a wedding with my son…..but you get my drift!

 I like to say little phrases that make them laugh. One that my class this year just loves is every time I say,

“Goodness gracious!! Great balls of fire!!”

Or when we are getting ready to  leave the classroom I’ll say:

“Ok, kiddos! Let’s move and groove!!”

A lot of times to get their attention, I am trying to say things that rhyme. Then my rhyming just gets completely messed up and I say something really BAZAAR!! My bazaarness brings a cackle out of their sweet little mouths.

What else do we do in the classroom to get the laughter stirring?!


At the end of the day…..

After everyone is packed up ready to go home……

I sit in my chair……


the kinders meet me on the rug and…..

I pull out a book from the book series of the character that still puts a smile on my face: Miss Junie B. Jones!!

Junie B JonesI know!! I know!! Using the words dumb and stupid are not appropriate, but I’m sorry Barbara Park has got it going on with this endearing character!! I really love to bring out my acting skills

(which by the way are few and far between!)

with these books and it is a great way for my class to end the day with some good hearty laughter!

My kinder cubs actually get sad if we run out of time in the afternoon and I don’t get to read it.

Now after reading this strategy on humor, I’m going to make sure that I’m growing more dendrites in my kiddos’ brain by making sure we laugh each and every day…..just like we do at home!!

Be sure and take a look at One Extra Degree

You can link up there or read other blogs with some great ideas for keeping laughter in your classroom!

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