A Mother’s Day Gift I’ll Never Forget!

IMG_4140What a great day this has been! It’s been awhile since Dan and I have had our kids and their spouses over for Sunday dinner….which in the south means lunch around 2pm. Even though, Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day for me to relax, I really wanted to have them all over along with my granddaughters and my sweet and precious mom and aunt. We had a great time and all of the moms in the house enjoyed their gifts.

I got some wonderful canvas prints of my 2 kids on their wedding days….

these will hang on the wall along with their high school senior portraits……

anyway……I didn’t post this blog to tell about my gifts THIS year….I wanted to tell about my gift from ……..

LAST year!! ( I figured better late than never!!)


Daniel gave me a Date Night with him to a cooking class. I was just thrilled beyond measure! Now as I’m writing this, I’m realizing that you may think it was because he thought I needed to improve on my cooking skills.

No, my kids really enjoy my cooking.

He knew that I would love this, because I love to cook, and so does he.

So we ended up having to wait until around the end of August to go, but it was worth the wait.

The class we chose to take was How to Make Salmon 5 Different Ways . We put on our aprons and the teacher got us started on what was a fun and informative night. There were about 8 of us taking the class, and there were several assistants for the chef.

Here are a few pics of my 2014 Mother’s Day Gift in action:

IMG_4142IMG_4147I really got a lot of good tips that night!

IMG_4160 IMG_4156

IMG_4161After we cooked all of the salmon dishes, we plated them and then sat down to eat.

IMG_4155The couple with us were celebrating their anniversary. We had a great time with them.

If you are in the Cobb area of Georgia and you would like to try out one of these cooking classes then just go to this link.

Well if you are ever in a quandary for what to get your mom for Mother’s Day think about something she really likes to do and do it with her!! It will melt her heart and you may become the favorite child!! Just kidding!! Whitney….I still love you as much as I love Daniel!! I promise!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all!!

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