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Well before you know it, summer will be here and for many of us that means it will be time for Vacation Bible School or VBS!! My husband has already made a few things for Journey Off the Map (the name of the VBS material we are using this year) and I wanted him to do a post today about the bright and cheery tissue paper flowers he added to the set design he made at church. These are not difficult at all to do and since he is an IT Engineer, he posted the directions with great detail!!  So hope you can use these instructions to make your decorations even more colorful with that rainforest feel!! Enjoy!
Here are the instructions from Dan my Man:
I wanted to add more color to our ‘Journey Off The Map’ set so I decided to make some bright colored Rain Forrest flowers. I used the directions I found in the Decorating Made Easy manual. I came up with the idea to add a base to the flowers to make them look like they were growing out of the ground as a flowering bush. Above is a picture of our finished product. Below are detailed instructions on how we did it.
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The Tissue Paper Flowers
1. I bought the brightest colored tissue paper I could find. A Hallmark pack from Walmart, then I saw the same paper at Kroger a dollar cheaper!
2. Following the directions in the Lifeway Decorating Made Easy guide, I used as many different combinations of colors as I could think of. Loved them all!
3. For the flower pictured I chose hot pink for the outside petals, lime green for the inside petals and turquoise for the middle of the flower.
4. Lay out 4 sheets of hot pink tissue paper for the outside petals.
5. Trim off about 5 inches from 4 sheets of lime green tissue paper for the inside petals.
6. Take one piece of turquoise tissue paper and cut in into 2 pieces.
7. Center the 4 sheets of lime green tissue on the hot pink paper and then the 2 sheets of turquoise paper on top of the lime green paper.
2015-04-09 17.22.24

8. Accordion fold all 3 colors together.
2015-04-09 17.26.57

9. Unfold enough to take the turquoise sheets out. 
10. Refold the turquoise paper and fold in half and fray by making long cuts about 3 inches long from the outside edges toward the center.
2015-04-09 17.28.20

11. Take out the lime green inside petal sheets and refold, then round the edges to make a petal shape.         
12. Refold the outside petals and round the edges to make a petal shape.
2015-04-09 17.31.35
13. Unfold and restack all three colors of tissue paper together. Refold accordion fold.
2015-04-09 17.33.5514. Tightly secure a pipe cleaner chenille stem around the middle.
2015-04-09 17.36.3015. Gently separate the individual sheets of tissue paper. Fluffing and shaping as desired.
Making The Tissue Paper Flower Into A Plant
2015-03-19 18.07.03
2015-03-16 17.31.05

1 foot long piece of I inch wide PVC pipe, a shoe box, green butcher paper, duct tape, masking tape, glue stick, small bottle of lime green paint, and a wooden clothes pin.
2015-03-17 11.30.48

1. Fold the butcher paper so you can cut out about 10 large leaves.
2. Draw a large leaf on the folded paper and cut out 10 leaves the same size.
3. Paint leaf veins onto the leaves with the lime green paint.
2015-03-17 11.14.54

4. Tape the shoe box lid on the box and cut a hole in the lid of the shoe box lid wide enough for the PVC pipe to fit into.
5. Use duct tape to secure the PVC pipe to the shoe box lid so it will stand up.
2015-03-17 11.18.57

6. Cover the PVC pipe with green butcher paper. Secure butcher paper to PVC pipe with glue stick.
2015-03-17 11.22.50

7. Roll up pieces of masking tape and place around the base of the PVC pipe where it goes into the shoe box lid.
2015-03-17 11.24.07

8. Attach about 8 of the leaves to the base of the PVC pipe slightly overlapping and securing with rolled up masking tape on the bottom of the leaf. Use enough to completely hide the shoe box.
2015-03-17 11.02.15

9. Add the other 2 leaves to the stem near the top.

10. Attach the clothes pin to the middle of the bottom of the flower.
11. Slide the clothes pin into the top of the PVC pipe.
We made several stem extensions with 1/2 inch wide PVC pipe to make taller flowers. It was a colorful hit and a great way to add bright colors to your VBS room and set decorations!
2015-03-19 18.08.232015-03-19 18.08.312015-03-19 18.09.02If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment or email us and we’ll be glad to help!! Enjoy your week!
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