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wr_header_2Vacation Bible School is coming soon to a church near you! At my church, it happens to be the week of June 8-11. Our theme is from Lifeway’s curriculum called Journey off the Map. These next couple of weeks, my sweet and wonderful husband Dan and I will post a few things that we will do to make this theme as meaningful and engaging and it can be.

Here is a post from Dan to explain how he created this fantastic display. Now don’t let it overwhelm you!! It can be done. You can even use parts of this display for other things. If you use it, please let us know. We would love to hear from you and see your pics.

Also, follow me….. Linda’s Learning Loot….. on Pinterest. I’ll be pinning ideas I find for Journey off the Map.

Words from Dan the VBS Man:

This blog is about how we created our VBS ‘Journey Off The Map’ Worship Rally’ set for one of the Georgia state-wide VBS clinics back in January.

I saw the incredible picture of the set below in the Decorating Made Easy book.


I really love the set but to duplicate this, I really needed a detailed drawing so luckily in the Decorating Made Easy clipart there is a detailed drawing. The drawing is pictured below.


I could have free handed it but I really wanted it to be as close to the original picture of the set as possible so I decided to borrow a PowerPoint projector and project the drawing onto foam board and draw it out.

I could tell from the drawing showing the 4×8 foot panels that the set was going to be about 20 feet wide and about 12 feet tall. I decided to draw it out in a large room at church one panel at a time and take it home to paint it. I immediately noticed that what I really needed was a slide of each individual panel instead of all of them together. To help out anybody who is going to be making the Worship Rally set, I have since divided up the panels individually and they are included below.












I drew out all of the panels and took them home to paint them. I could tell it was going to be a little involved due to the tree limbs being different colors and over lapping panels. I put them together as best I could.


As I was painting I began to notice that the set I was creating wasn’t exactly like the one pictured in the Decorating Made Easy book. It was more like the poster for sale from Lifeway. I guess the geysers and rope swing should have been a clue.


This was going to be a little bit of a problem later when I was trying to get the set to stand up. Parts were too narrow for a support piece behind it. Beware!

I drew and cut out the flower with a hot knife I purchased at Harbor Freight Tools for about $25. I painted the flower and it turned out real well!


I finished painting the trees and tree houses and I couldn’t tell for sure from the picture in the book whether or not it was cut out or if the background was just painted black.

A friend went to Ridgecrest and brought back pictures and sure enough it was a cutout set.  My problem with that was where we were going to have VBS. We go to a large church but during a recent renovation last year we temporarily moved our VBS to our brand new Student Center. It’s a really awesome facility with a stage containing 5 screens and great lights! It was a great place for VBS so that is going to be our new VBS facility for this year as well. My problem was that there is no room for a 20 foot wide 12 foot tall Tree House set on the stage.


I came to the conclusion that the  Tree House set would look best on the brick wall beside the stage so it would be the focal point as the children walked in. That would mean if I cut out the Tree House my Tree House background might end up being a brick wall?

I decided to paint the background black, then I decided to cut it out, then I decided to paint it black. Haha! Finally I decided I would always wonder how it would have looked cut out, so I cut it out.

That is when I noticed that the whole right side had nothing beneath it to support it and how narrow the limbs were that crossed the 4×6 panels to tie it all together. I’m sure it would have probably worked but I just didn’t want to risk it falling over so I gorilla taped it to the wall and everybody  liked the brick background! What a relief!


I noticed in all of the pictures on the Lifeway site that there were free standing bushes that looked like corn plants that really added to the set. On a closer look it looked like it was probably 3 identical pieces of Styrofoam insulation board cut out and glued together. I also noticed the bottom leaves of the corn plant were what was holding it up. I decided to draw out the first piece. I then cut it out with the hot knife from Harbor Freight Tools, making sure the bottom leaf would touch the floor when I stood it up and that the back was flat for easier gluing. I used the cut out section to trace out 2 more identical sections to make sure they were all identical. Then I glued the 3 pieces together with a hot glue gun and painted them. It would have been easier to paint all sides and then glue the corn plants together. We also used the flower bushes and the palm trees we posted previously to complete our Worship Rally set.

umbrella 9I hope the pictures help you on your Journey Off the Map!! I’m looking forward to posting more ideas and things we did soon!!

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  • Reply
    Holly Shields
    November 13, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Great set! Do you by any chance still have the decorating made easy cd that went along with Journey off the map? If so, may I buy it from you? I am needing to make the tree house for our church silent auction and then reuse it for this years theme. I am the Student Ministries Director’s wife, and we do the majority of the decorations for VBS.

    Thank you in advance.
    Holly Shields
    Calvary Hills Baptist Church
    San Antonio, Tx

    • Reply
      November 20, 2016 at 12:54 pm

      Hi, Holly! I’m sorry but we don’t have it any longer. We borrowed it from our Children’s minister. You can email her at tinap@newhopebc.org and maybe she can copy those pages and fax them out to you. Hope that helps!! Blessings! Linda G.

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