Wonderful Idea Wednesday

Wonderful Idea WednesdayGood morning! I’m linking up with Freebielicious for Wonderful Idea Wednesday. I have read some great ideas so far. Today was the day I could go back to my classroom and get started organizing and setting it up! Looking at these ideas I’ve read about have inspired me to get over there and get to work!!

But first…..

My idea…..

I like to display student’s work outside my classroom in our pod. Yes…pod…..that’s what it’s always been called. It’s not really a hall, it’s like a little meeting area. We have tables and chairs set out there, so we can place small groups out there with an adult to do center work.

IMG_4292Here is a far off view of the wall beside my classroom door. My table and chairs are underneath this wall.

IMG_4447And here is the close up view.

1. I laminate 18″ x 24″  sheets of construction paper. I make sure I laminate a couple of extra in case I get any new kinder cubs.

2. Using Mavalous Tape and a stapler, I staple the paper along the cork strips that are outside my wall….making 2 rows.

3. Then I decorate clothespins using Washi Tape.  I LOVE Washi Tape!!  IMG_44454. Next, using a hot glue gun, I glue a clothespin to the top center of each paper. You can see that in the close up view of the wall.

5. Since we are the Tiger Cubs, I use paw prints (these were bought from Really Good Stuff)(…I buy from them about 3 times a year….I can’t help myself….this store has great quality items for teachers and students!!) and after I’ve taken their first day pictures and had them developed, I cut them to fit just right in the paw print. Then, I make and print off name labels….I know I could just write their names on them, but man the fonts on my computer look so much better and I just buy clear labels and POOF! I have nice name labels!! I put the names on the paw prints. Then, I get those laminated, and hot glue them right above where the clothespins are but not on the paper.

          Sidebar: At the end of the school year, I place these paw prints on the cover of their memory books:IMG_6871[1]6.. I place laminated die cut letters above the display to indicate who my kinder cubs belong to (you can see that in the top pic)  and VOILA!!

I have a display set up for the entire school year! IMG_5871IMG_0754IMG_6292I did get tired of the blue paper by the middle of the year and switched to orange.

That’s how I roll sometimes!

Anyway….hope this idea inspired you as the other ideas have inspired me! You can link up HERE and share it now!!

I guess it’s time that I get to my school and get BUSY!!

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