Class Reunion

Well even though I’ve been moving forward to thinking about the new year, I just had to step back and visit with my kinder cubs from last year.

I know….

I just couldn’t make that last day of school to be my last with this little group.

I mean admit it…..

Don’t your kids become such a part of you during the school year that they seem like your own?

Just like my blood family…..there are good days and bad days…..but once the school year is over and you go through the lazy days of summer

( sidebar……my summer was not exactly lazy…..but you know what I mean…..)

You get a hankering (what my momma would say) to see your kiddos from the previous year.

Well here is what I do to help my homesickness for my kinders from the previous year.



last night….

We had our class reunion at our local McDonalds. Fun and EASY PEASY!!

Here is what I do:

I send an email to all of the parents about 10 days ahead. I tell them that me and my paraprofessional are planning a class reunion for all of our 2015 students.

I tell them……

the date ……which is 2 days before I have to be back at work…..

the time is from 6-7……

an adult has to be with them the entire time…….

to please RSVP

THEN…….2 days before the “REUNION”, I send a reminder about it.

That’s it….so easy…..and so WORTH our time for being there.

They all come through the door with smiles on their faces, ready to play….most of them are ready to hug me….they almost act shy with me….but they warm back up to me very quickly.

Ive done this for several years, now!

This year, I had half of my kiddos come with their families. McDonalds love me for it! :)….I mean really….I helped keep the employees busy and help make McDonalds some money….It was a win-win!

This year, I got them all a little goody bag and sent them home with that. I brought extras and I’m so glad I did, because 1 little student came that had not RSVP’d and then I had a few things left over .

Here are a couple of pics:



They had such a good time! I even had one kinder who didn’t want to leave and started crying a little.

Yep! I’m excited about my new school year, but I needed just ONE  last fix with my kinder cubs from last year.

This class reunion did just that!!

The kids think I do this mainly for them, but it’s really for me….shhh!….please don’t tell anybody. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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