First Week Back at School!! I Made It!!

Pajama DayHere I am…..

In my sunroom….

with my favorite outfit on!!

My pajamas and sandals!! YIPPEE! I would show the rest of me, but it’s not a pretty sight! So I’ll refrain from that!

I thought I would keep this on all day, but I’m meeting my room mom from last year for a quick lunch with her and her kids because they are attending a different school this year and we wanted to get together and catch up!


I will put them right back on when I get back home because I am CELEBRATING!

I made it through the first full week of school with new kinder cubs to teach the ins and outs of a FULL school day and week!

Not to mention trying to help parents understand the procedures as well!

I mean…

what better way to celebrate THAT then to put on your pajamas and wear them all day.

That is my kind of PARTAY!

I have to say my first week back was quite tiring and absolutely exhausting! I forget how difficult it can be and then realize what it’s like when I’m right in the middle of it. But it is exhilirating when you get through it and realize, “Hey!! I made it!! Now, there are only 173 more days to go!!

Wednesday was probably my most tiring day of all! Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I mean the usual first week things had already happened….

a child didn’t make it to the restroom in time and wet his pants.

another child brought in cough drops and that is considered medicine and is not allowed in class. So the child cried when I had to take the cough drops to the clinic.

a parent complained to me about throwing away her child’s food and the child was not finished eating…..but we HAD to go. We can’t just sit there and wait until they are all finished eating.

a couple of my new kinder cubs cried when they couldn’t get their way and a couple of them cried for no reason at all….I mean they are children….they have the right to cry at this stage of their lives!!

a parent called and complained that I didn’t allow her child to go to breakfast and I let all the other children go (I didn’t have a note about it from the parent, so therefore I didn’t know), and it was only about 5 other children who did have a note so I let them go to breakfast….it wasn’t ALL of the children!


I could go on and on, but I won’t…

You get the picture!!

Being a kindergarten teacher is EXHAUSTING!!

Wednesday,  I worked late and when I got done, I realized I needed to go by the store. So, when I got to the store, I dragged my tired and weary body out of the car and did my shopping.

When I got to the check out, there was a lady in front of me who looked familiar….

She looked at me and asked, “Are you Mrs. Groce?” and with a smile on my tired and probably old looking face, I said, “Yes, I am.” She went on to say, “You taught my daughter.” I carried on a general conversation to ask what was her child’s name and what grade is she now…..BTW…I taught this girl in 2nd grade 8 years ago!! ….etc, etc…..

Then, as the lady was checking out, she said, “You made such a difference in my daughter’s life ! She and I will never forget you!” She went on to mention things that I did that year, that I didn’t even remember until she talked about it.

Well…..I was so very tired, so by that point I was weepy anyway, so the tears welled up in my eyes….

and I said, “Thank you SO MUCH, for taking time to tell me this. The first week of school is always tough and I begin to question if I’m doing the right thing and then you stopped to tell me all of this. That is my confirmation to keep on keeping on!! You were my angel of encouragement just now!”

When she left, I told the cashier how much I needed to hear those words. I left the store with my body moving a little faster and my head held up a little higher with a smile on my face. I knew the Lord had sent that person my way to give me some much needed encouragement!! She was a true blessing!

Then, the rest of week was definitely better. My attitude was much better, too!! I even had a child tell me that I was the bestest teacher! I also had a parent who told me how much she loved Class Dojo (this is a terrific online behavior site I use) and how she appreciated it! I left the building Friday feeling good about my week!

So this morning, as I was having my own personal pajama party, I was reading another blog from Mrs. Prices Kindergators and she made this comment:

“We must remember that it is the small things that make the largest impact.”

Yep! That is so true! Those phone calls we make to tell a parent we are so glad to have their child in our class. The picture of their kid we send their way to show them what he/she is doing in school. The meal we prepare for a student’s family after we find out that the parent has been in the hospital, and the many notes we prepare and mail to parents and students just to show we care. Those are things students and parents remember!

So Cindy from Mrs. Price’s Kindergators encourages educators to #teachsmall on social media and tell everyone the small impact you make as an educator that creates a big impact for your students and parents.

One #teachsmall that I do is take a picture of each kinder cub’s first day. Then, I develop the pictures and glue a special poem on the back  and put each one in an inexpensive clear plastic frame. I gift bag each one and send them home after the first week of school.

Here is a pic of what the finished product looks like:

First day pic in frameback first day pic

Clear HERE to that post if you would like to get the freebie poem and see the pics of it.

Just remember, like this canvas in my classroom says:

Slide1So keep on teaching on…..I know that I will! Because as each week moves on they get better and better!! Have a great one!

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