Pick 3 Pinterest Party for September

Pick3septI have been wanting to link with Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl’s Corner for their Pick 3 Pinterest Party all summer and never got to it. I love reading the link ups to bloggers’ top Pinterest picks. So I’m thrilled to get to be a part!! Here are mine for September!


25 Alphabet Activities

Being a kindergarten teacher, I need all kinds of ideas to help with letter recognition for the beginning of the year. I found this pin with 25 activities! I love it when I can pin something that can give me several ideas in ONE pin!  To get to this pin, just click the pic above or right HERE to find these great ideas.

pick32Rhyming words freebieMy number 2 pick is a freebie I created and then I pinned it last week. I came into kindergarten as a teacher who thought that little kinders already had a sense of rhyming and that it would be easy to do phonemic rhyming activities! Oops….another myth in the world of kindergarten. Rhyming needs to be modeled and taught early on in the year, so then as they learn out to read words that rhyme, they will have an easier time working with word families and understanding the similarities and differences between words. This is just a simple card game that can be played in small groups. It is easy and the kids will love it!!

pick33Corn Jalapeno dipSince this was the beginning of college football this weekend, someone thought it would be a great idea if we all wore our favorite team jerseys(….uh….with blue jeans of course!) and had a fun tailgate party in the teacher’s lounge. We all volunteered to bring goodies for the party. I really needed to prepare something that would be easy and yet delicious. So I started looking on Pinterest for a crock pot recipe for tailgate parties. This is one little gem of a recipe that I thought was delicious!! It is called Corn and Jalapeno Dip. What I loved the most about this slow cooker recipe was the fact that it only took 2 hours and 15 minutes to cook it! That was perfect for me!!  Since I had a very busy Thursday evening, I got up early on Friday morning and prepped all of the ingredients and threw them in my Crock Pot. Then, I carried it into school and plugged it up in my classroom. By the time lunch started, all I had to do was stir in an 8oz package of cream cheese and Voila! it was ready!!

So if you are headed to a gathering this month and you need something easy to prepare, try this recipe out! Click HERE  to find the pin.

Well….those are my 3 picks for September. I hope you found them to be helpful for you!!

I would love it if you could follow ME on Pinterest! My Pinterest page is called Linda’s Learning Loot. Pinterest is my go to site for many things. It’s kind of reminds me of my cell phone……

I don’t know what I ever did when it wasn’t around!!

Be sure and head over to Inspired Owls Corner and Pawsitively Teaching

to link up to their Pick 3 Pinterest Party!!

Happy pinning!!

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