GLUE!! What’s a girl to do?!?


Glue!!! What’s a girl to do!?

As a teacher…….

especially a KINDERGARTEN teacher…………

you can’t live without it….

It’s a love hate relationship……


I think I have found the solution to my woes!!



Now I have seen this idea for a couple of years on Pinterest, but I never took the time to see if it really worked.

Then, the other week I was at my WIT’S END (Man! I’m using a lot of uppercase letters today!!….I’m just trying to get my point across!)….

It was constantly one day…”Mrs. Groce, my glue stick broke!”…..”Mrs. Groce”, I lost my top to my glue stick!”….”Mrs. Groce, So and So has my glue stick!!”……can’t you just hear it now?!?!…..the whining…..the incessant whining over glue sticks!!… instructional time was becoming so VERY interrupted!!

What was a teacher to do!?!

Well…..I prayed….yes I prayed…..Praying is an important part of my life……

And over the next weekend……I pondered and sought wisdom over my glue dilemma and I remembered about the glue sponge pin on Pinterest. I was about to look it up on my Pinterest board and then I came across one of my favorite blogs….

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard !! Mr. Greg has become a favorite of mine! I love his use of all kinds of social media to help other kindergarten teachers!!

On his blog post that day, he had a picture of his glue sponge containers neatly stacked up and then as I scrolled down, he had a You Tube clip on how to make these nifty containers and how they worked in his class.

Well, you better believe I clicked that button as quick as a wink and I watched that You Tube clip…..

I watched it twice… takes me a little longer to grasp ideas…..I take it as being 55 years old…..

Then, by golly I got in my little electric car and made my way to my nearest WALMART and bought my glue sponge supplies!!

Now, mind you, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t get to making them until Tuesday that week and then it took me this week to have the guts to using them…..but then I thought!! Come on, Linda!! Try it!! You might like it!!

And LO and BEHOLD….I’m telling you, it was a miracle….a MIRACLE!! I made a big to do over our new glue sponge containers, then I explained how to use them, and I put them in front of my kinder cubs, and  THEY WORKED!! They actually worked!!

So now without any further ado!!

Here is the You Tube clip of Mr. Greg of Kindergarten Smorgasboard on How To Make Glue Sponges.

Glue sponge in action

And here is our retelling activity for Guiding readers with the glue sponge containers in action!! And they shared them……they ACTUALLY shared with no complaints!

For me, it was important that I watched how to make these amazing inventions, but I also wanted to see them in action!! Therefore, I thought it would help to videotape my Kinder Cubs using them.

Click anywhere on the pic below and you will see a very short clip of my Kinder Cubs using them!!glue sponge for link Now mind you, I noticed a little girl yesterday after they used them again during an independent center, that she was still picking glue off of her fingers when she got to my center. I’m thinking she was curious about what the sponges felt like and went for it!! Also, the day we did the Guiding Reader Retell activity, one of my boys wanted to see what the glue sponge containers looked like upside down……..BTW…..the sponge remained in the container and the glue did not drip out. Once he found out, he put it back down and was fine, but I did have my EAGLE EYE on him the rest of the time!!

I hope this little post helped you in case you are in a quandry over glue as much as I was!!

Yes…..I’m still using the glue sticks….for projects that require gluing on larger pieces, but I will continue to use my glue sponges for the rest of the year as my kinder cubs and I become more familiar with them.

Let me know what you do about your glue dilemma….or you may not have one….I’d like to know about that as well!!

Have a great weekend! We FINALLY have some sunshine in Georgia….WOO HOO!! I’m going to enjoy a little of that for awhile!


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