Five For Friday: Getting My Teach On {March 11, 2016}


File_000 (22)I’m taking time today to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday.

I always have a good time sharing on this link up and reading what other people have been doing this week as well.

My week was a little different than usual.

It started with my family and I boarding an airplane on Saturday and making our way to Orlando, Florida.

Nope…..not to see Mickey Mouse….even though we absolutely love him at the Groce household…

We went so I could see another icon in her own right….


Yes!! I got to hear Deanna Jump and learn from her conference called “Get Your Teach On”.


File_000 (23)

We arrived at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center. It was F-U-N!! The hotel is attached to a HUGE mall! We had a great time shopping, eating, and just enjoying some time together!

File_000 (24)

This is Jaden enjoying herself around the mall and outside the hotel.


Then, on Sunday, we went on a little field trip to the Crayola Experience. Being the kindergarten teacher that I am, I loved looking at how crayons are made and all the history behind Crayola Crayons. We loved all of the artsy areas where you could do all kinds of art projects using crayons. We did stuff like creating something on a computer and it got projected onto a screen to spin art with melted crayons. File_000 (26)There was an area where you could create a label and wrap it around a crayon of your choice. I ended up making a crayon for each of my students to have them a little gift when I got home.

File_000 (27)


 In case you might be interested, you can click the pic above to get to the website for Crayola Experience. Divider-3_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2_thumb

Then, it was THE DAY!! The day I tell you….

File_000 (28)When I got to GET MY TEACH ON!!

Dan and Jaden went to Universal Studios for the day.

But, boy!! I didn’t mind that I was missing Universal….by being here, I was SO in my element!!

Even though, I was all by myself! I mean….. really!! I honestly didn’t know a SOUL there, but it was fine. I knew I would have fun anyway.

I found a seat that was fairly up close…

I didn’t want to seem too teacher geeky…..

and I made some small talk with some new found friends…..

And then……

Lights! Camera! Action!

Deanna Jump came in and she was BRINGING IT!

File_000 (29)

Ok…I know….not the best picture….

but I had to get a picture of her in the chair. She was so concerned that the people in the back couldn’t see her, that she stood in that stinkin’ chair most of the day!

Don’t you love it! She was concerned about everyone else all day. Wanting to make sure we were all happy and learning something!


File_000 (30)

I have to tell a funny on me concerning this picture. When we had our first break, I was getting back just a tad bit late. So as I walk by the little photo op area, I think to myself, “I’ll just take this time to take a selfie right here….right QUICK.” Since I was trying to hurry, I grabbed a sign to hold that I THOUGHT said, “TOO COOL!”

Well, this real sweet lady walked up and offered to take my picture and I was thrilled. So I stood there and she took my picture. Then, I offered to take one of her. I put my sign and boa back up and she picked a boa and a sign to use while I took her picture. I thought, “I’m surprised she didn’t get the sign I had because I thought it was TOO COOL!” Anyway…I took her picture and we talked for a few seconds and then we both went back into the conference room. She was sitting further back than me.

When I sat down, I just HAD to look at my picture….and

I let out a GASP…..OH. ME. OH. MY.!

I was standing there in the picture…

As pretty as could be…..

with my thumb up…..

holding a sign that had written on it……

are you ready for this?!?!

NOT COOL!!…the sign did not say TOO COOL… said NOT COOL!!

Y’all! That is the story of my life….I get in such a rush over things that sometimes I overlook some KEY details….

Talk about being embarrassed !

I wanted to get up right then, and find that lady and tell her that I had misread the sign!! I never saw her the rest of the day.

Oh well…..I wonder what she said about me afterwards… tellin’!!


File_000 (32)

Bless. Her. Heart.

During every break, Deanna was like Cinderella at Disney World with a line of girls waiting to get their picture taken with her. And I can say proudly that I was one of those girls!! I truly could not let the opportunity pass me by. I just HAD to get a picture taken with her. I mean I might not ever get that chance again!! I also got the nerve up to tell her how much I appreciate her resources on TpT and how those resources helped so much when I began to teach kindergarten. And what an encouragement she was in general! She gave me a big hug and her super nice husband took the picture.

It TOTALLY made my day!

I left the conference rejuvenated and encouraged to continue to

GET MY TEACH ON with my little kinder cubs and to not be afraid to

BRING IT to the classroom

so that I can keep them engaged while bringing rigor and relevance to the classroom….

that sounds pretty cheesy…I know….but for me….it is true!

This quote says it all for me:

File_000 (33)

And what a fun and rewarding job it is! Now I didn’t say it was easy, but it is fun and rewarding!

If you get the opportunity, try to get to Deanna’s conference for 2017. It will be in Dallas. I promise you won’t regret it!!

Now be sure and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Enjoy your weekend!! And be sure and GET YOUR TEACH ON!! Better yet…..let me know some ways that you GET YOUR TEACH ON. Talk to you soon!

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