Easter Egg Dying Activity- From School to Home

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I know….

Easter is over!! What am I doing posting about Easter Eggs!?

Well, I just HAVE to share a little about what happened last week after we completed a science activity in our class with dying eggs.

During the week before Easter, I love using The Easter Bunny’s Assistant as my Guiding Readers focus book.  I have posted before about Guiding Readers, I am a HUGE FAN of Deanna Jump’s and Deedee Wills’ Guiding Reader series. There are a TON of ideas in these resources and my kinder cubs get so much out of it! I’m able to teach ALL of the Common Core Reading Comprehension Standards and opinion writing standards by using these resources. Also, there are phonics skills and posters that I have used and posted in my classroom that have been great as well.

March Guiding ReadersClick the image above if you’d like to look at this terrific resource.

This particular book is used in their series to teach cause and effect, and sequencing.


For the activity, I took raw eggs…yes raw…..

and we BLEW out the insides!! I mean what can be more FUN and ENGAGING than blowing out the GUTS of an egg!

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Let me intercept here by saying this activity was done with a group of 4 kinder cubs at a time! There is no way in heaven that I could do this as a whole group!! My 55 (soon to be 56) year old body wouldn’t be able to handle that much “egg”citement with a whole group of 20 at one time!

I bought enough eggs for each student to have 1. I made sure that they were fresh store bought eggs. Before they put their mouth on the egg, I cleaned it with a sensitive skin baby wipe. I took a large push pin and poked a hole in both ends. I kind of wiggled the end where the insides came out to make the hole a little bigger. Then, I had the kinder cub stand over a large bowl and blow the TAR out (as my momma would say) of the egg. The white of the egg would come out first and if the white mucous thing started coming out, I would pull on that to get it out and then the yolk would come out last. As soon as it was all out, I would write that student’s number with a permanent marker on the end.

Was it messy? Heck, yea! Notice the butcher paper in the picture. I used it to try to capture all of the messes as they happened.

Did any eggs break during the process? Sure, I mean we’re working with kindergarten students….something is BOUND to break!! So, I came prepared with extra eggs.

Did any kinders get “GROSSED” out during the process? Only one had a funny look on his sweet face, but the rest of them were absolutely thrilled with the process!

After the numbers were written on the eggs, each kiddo in the group took a crayon (I let them choose a color first and then when I got to the 2nd group, I made them only use white crayons) and make designs on the empty egg shell.

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Next came the dying process.

For each group, I took food coloring, water and vinegar and used the directions that were in The Easter Bunny’s Assistant to make the dye.

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BTW….mixing the dye is SO easy!! You really don’t need an egg dying kit….just sayin’…even though I do love the type of spoons that come with them where the eggs can sit on the spoon. But I wanted my kinder cubs to see what happens when different liquids are mixed together.

I let each group choose 2 colors to make dye. Once we mixed the dye, they got to dip their egg in it and watch the magic happen!

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As the kiddos took out their dyed egg, I would make sure they shook the eggs a little to try to get some of the dye out of the inside of the egg. Then, I placed it in an egg carton where there was a paper towel in there and let the eggs dry. After school, I put clean paper towels in the carton and turned the eggs over to continue draining and drying.

This is how a few of them looked when they were completely dry. The white one was a spare! 🙂

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To encourage critical thinking, I used a How To Decorate Eggs writing response sheet that is in the Guiding Readers resource and the students completed it after they dyed the eggs.

So, once the eggs were dry…

which was the next day….

my parapro wrapped them nicely up and put them in plastic baggies. The kinder cubs didn’t put them in their book bags. They carried the bags…..

in their precious kinder hands…..

home with PRIDE!!

Now, the Georgia science standards we covered in this activity were:

SCI.K.SKCS1.a – [Element] – Raise questions about the world around you and be willing to seek answers to some of the questions by making careful observations (5 senses) and trying things out.

SCI.K.SKCS5.b – [Element] – Begin to draw pictures that portray features of the thing being described. (because they journaled about what they did and completed the How To sheet)

SCI.K.SKCS5.a – [Element] – Describe and compare things in terms of number, shape, texture, size, weight, color, and motion.

SCI.K.SKCS6.a – [Element] – In doing science, it is often helpful to work with a team and to share findings with others.

SCI.K.SKP2.b – [Element] – Push, pull, and roll common objects and describe their motions. (we talked about how we used the air from our bodies to PUSH the insides of the egg OUT)

The entire time we discussed so much that was science related! I was even able to talk about liquid and what would happen to the inside of the egg if it were cooked. I just love teachable moments like that!!


To conclude this post and answer why I called it From School to Home….

even though I did say that they carried them home….

but that was not why I titled my post From School to Home…

On Good Friday, after we had left our Good Friday service at church and we were eating dinner in a restaurant, I got this text from a parent. It was a couple of pictures!!

I gasped!!

I hollered out a little (we were in a restaurant!!…I didn’t want to be too loud!) because……

You want to know what it was a picture of……?!?!

You guessed it!!…or maybe you didn’t…..

It was the dad with one of my precious kinder cubs, BLOWING the insides out of an egg!!

That precious girl went home and told her parents all about what we did and insisted that they do the same thing at home!!

File_000 (55)

File_000 (54)

Talk about making my teacher heart well up with JOY inside!!


Those pictures made that whole activity so worth it for me.

I know that my kinder cubs grew lots of little dendrites in their brains that afternoon, because they got to DO something,  and it was an experience that hopefully they will never forget!

That night I went to bed loving my job and loving the 20 kinder cubs that I teach!!

AND most of all, feeling quite BLESSED and thankful for EASTER!!

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