The Lorax: Truffula Seeds Bag Topper Freebie

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Hello there!! This week my kinder cubs are going to learn about Earth Day (which is Friday by the way)! I have lots of activities planned for them and I’m excited what they will add to their schema this week when it comes to how we can take care of our Earth!!

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To start off our week with our Earth Day theme, I showed the kinder cubs the books that I have about all things Earth Day!! You may see some frog books and egg book mingled in with my Earth Day books. They love to continue reading books from the past few weeks!

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Then, I showed them Peppa Pig Recycle on You Tube. Just click HERE to get to it!

After we made it through the day with only about 45 minutes left to it, I showed the movie THE LORAX. Not the most recent one but the original cartoon. My kiddos LOVE these Dr. Seuss movies.

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Then, I pulled out the bags of “Truffula Seeds” and I read the quote to them. We took a little time to discuss what that meant. As they packed up, I gave them each a bag of “Truffula Seeds”! They loved it! I told them to be sure and talk to their parents about the AUTHOR’S PURPOSE of The Lorax.

I loved it!! I thought it was a great way to introduce Earth Day. Especially since the first Earth Day was in 1970 and Dr. Seuss wrote The Lorax in 1971 so people would be more aware of how we need to take care of the EARTH!

Now I hope the Seuss Police doesn’t come after me! I got the clip art from 2 designers on ETSY. They are credited on my resource.

When I tried to find toppers like these, I could only find pictures of them,  so I did this one myself.

Would you like to have a printable of this bag topper?


Click Here to find my FREEBIE!

Below are pictures to see what I used to make a Truffula seed bag.

I’m telling you, my kinder CUBS loved them!!

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So, if you want something fun for this week to go along with The Lorax, try Trufulla seeds!

If you have trouble downloading these, then email me at

If you liked this bag topper, then come on over to my TpT store and Follow me !!

What are your plans for Earth Day?

Have a great rest of the week!!

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