Mother’s Day Gift in Kindergarten- Oh the choices!!

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Y’all! I tell you what!!

You pull up Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook

And I mean jellybean!!

You can find all kinds of gifts to craft for Mother’s Day!!

All kinds!!

Well for the past ummm…..100 years…..ok maybe not 100 but at least 6……..

I have done my tried and true tile picture.


It is cute. Let’s face it…

You put a kindergarten face on almost anything and you have CUTE!

No doubt about it!!

But this year…..

I had my supplies for my Mother’s Day craft ready for Monday

and…..(Please tell me you do this!!! It will make me feel better!)

I changed my mind!!

I did, I changed my mind, and went with another project for Mother’s Day!!

There I was at Michael’s on Sunday night…

getting my supplies that were needed…

pulling out every coupon I had….

had my husband in line so I could use another 40% off coupon

and got the items I needed for this:

File_000 (85)

Ok! You’ve got to agree!

This was so worth me changing my mind and switching to my tried and true craft to this!!

I saw it on a FB group that I’m in…

and I couldn’t help myselft….

I just HAD to do it!

We have had such a busy week, but this sweet gift was a priority, and


They are completed…finished….I tell you!

So here is how I got them done:

First thing. The supplies:

I bought 8 x 10 inch canvases at Michaiel’s (they were 10 for $11 with a 40% off coupon and my teacher discount)

acrylic paint in SKY BLUE

Some sticker hearts, scrapbook paper, a heart hole punch (just punch out some heart from the paper)

Mod podge- I had some handy- It is not super cheap, but it will last.

Some Happy Mother’s Day stickers- I found some cute ones, but I also bought some shaped colored labels and a stamp that said Happy Mother’s Day . I stamped that onto the shaped colored labels. Michael’s has a HUGE paper section with tags, and stuff like that.

Pictures of each child, cut out: Each child stood in front of blue butcher paper just like shown. They pretended to blow. Then, I had them developed and cut out each child.


Each student uses a foam brush and taps sky blue paint on the entire canvas. They don’t brush stroke it. That is not as pretty.

Let it dry

The next day, each child will use a foam brush and paint Mod Podge on the canvas.

Next position the cut out picture and put down while the Mod Podge is still wet.

Next, start placing the hearts on the canvas to make it look as if the child is blowing the hearts out of his/her mouth.

Then, go over the hearts with Mod Podge

They can do all of this themselves, but they need to be supervised!!

Then choose a sticker to use to embellish the painting….


there you have it!!

A CUTIE PATOOTIE gift for your students’ mothers on Mother’s Day!!

It is a little expensive, but they were so worth it!!

One child today said, “Wow! My mom is going to love this!!”


worth it!!

Absolutely worth it!!

I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!!

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