Five For Friday: June 3 First Full Week Off!!

fiveforfriday2_thumb[3]It is five for Friday time, y’all!! I am here linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I always enjoy doing this and most of all I get to look at other bloggers in the linky party and see what is going on in their world!!



Here are my before and after pics of my new Hibiscus. “Before and after what?!?!”, you may be asking….


We honestly love to look at the deer in our backyard and trust me we have a slew of them, but when they get near newly blooming flowers and CHOMP them down to the NUBS!!…… I get slightly agitated!! I have pots of Marigolds around this one (they won’t eat Marigolds), but I guess they aren’t close enough, because every morning we look out our kitchen window and I’m telling you what, that plant is not getting bigger….

it is getting smaller and


I need to figure out some organic way to make this not happen….any ideas??


Doodle Bugs paper jpeg

I LOVE to order products online! Especially from teachers who  have side businesses like Doodle Bugs Paper. Yes, the one and only Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching! I saw these patterns from her store and I ordered them for me and my granddaughter Jaden. Jaden can’t find too many things with her name on it, so I thought she would enjoy some special note cards and she loved these!! Kacey boxes them up so nicely and they came in a fun bright pink package. I love that kind of special treatment!! It really puts a different spin on the My Favorite Things song and the part that says, “BROWN PAPER PACKAGES, TIED UP WITH STRING”. I mean, I’m right there with Julie Andrews and her favorite things for sure!



I am determined to get some teacher and teacherpreneur professional development in this summer!!

My husband (Dan my man), read that if we attach something that we want to become a habit to something we normally do everyday, that we can have more success in making that something a habit. Am I making sense here?!?

Like if you want to exercise for a few minutes everyday, do it right after you brush your teeth and it will become a habit as well.

Well, during the summer, I really make it a habit to read my Bible right after I get up in the morning (after I’ve brushed my teeth) and work on a Bible study (my favorites are anything by Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer). Along with that I am going to take time to read my summer learning books as well, and HOPEFULLY that will become a habit!

I LOVE Growth Mindset!! I want to learn so much about it. A great way for me to start is through the book, Mindset written by Carol Dweck.

I was so excited to see that there was going to be an online book study about it. ,,,,,,,

OH WOW!! I see where my true geekiness is setting in…sorry!

If you are interested, check out the blog from Greg of Kindergarten Smorgasboard or Abigail of Kindergarten Chaos and get in on it. I’m super excited about it! Can’t wait to here what their guest bloggers will have to say about the different chapters.

Also, I am fan of the Periscope app!! I love it!! I can work on my computer and listen to someone and learn so much from people that I wouldn’t normally see often. Last week, Jen from Hello Literacy…..I just love her!!…., showed and talked about some of her professional must reads for the summer. One book that piqued my interest was Choice Words by Peter Johnston. I ordered it through Amazon and got it quickly. I’m really wanting to improve the way I speak to my little kinder cubs. I want to learn how to use the way I talk to them to help build emotionally and relationally healthy learning communities in my classroom. This book will help me do that.

I just began reading both books today and I have already begun marking in them and making notes.


I talk often about getting my TEACH on!! A phrase I got from my favorite, Deanna Jump!!

Well this week….

I am getting my VBS ON!! That’s right VBS! Vacation Bible School!!

For 1 week during the summer, I get the opportunity to minister to about 30 to 40 2nd graders through VBS. Our theme for this year is called, Submerged: Finding Truth Below the Surface….it’s an underwater theme with a submarine.

Anyway, I’ve been working on our schedule and how we are going to teach the lessons and do some fun and engaging activities as well. I’ve also been putting up the decorations for it. Now I always tell people that the decorations are just the skeleton of what really happens for us in VBS. The MEAT is the part where we build relationships with these kiddos while we teach them some Biblical truths. There is no doubt about it!

However, I like to work on the decorations because it is fun for me!! It is always a challenge, but if the truth be told, I like challenges and I always learn from them….. and I try to help others, by blogging about it and pinning it.


Our room is suppose to mimic the inside of a submarine. The room I use is quite large and has 6 large windows. My husband and I came up with the idea of making each window look like a rectangular porthole looking out into the ocean.

Here is the result:

Submerged Porthole

We created a 3d ocean scene on blue paper. Then, we taped that on the window. Next, we took 40″ wide cellophane paper and taped that in front of the ocean scene. Then, my husband drew out and cut from orange butcher paper the porthole outline and then Jaden glued black dots to make it look like the edge of a porthole. We are going back today and make 5 more of these!! Yikes!!



And this is what the outside of the room looks like. The wall was already blue (so glad!!). During the week my husband and Jaden created these cutie patootie divers and brightly colored fish. We took those and created an underwater scene with them. Now, I’m not quite finished here! I want to add some coral and some special signs on it.

Now, it’s time for me to get ready and get back to the church!! I have quite a bit to do to finish for VBS…which by the way begins on Monday!!…..but with the help of the Lord and my family, it will get done!! Enjoy your weekend!!

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    Your hibiscus were beautiful before! That book “Choice Words” sounds right up my alley…going to add it to the list!

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