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It is absolutely amazing y’all at what a whirlwind it was around the Groce household in July!!

So this is how it all went down…..

First of all……

We left on July 3rd to go on our mission trip to Wales and spent almost 10 days there!

Wales School Team

This is my awesome school team that I worked with during the day in Wales. Our theme for our school assembly was the Olympics. We performed a skit called, “Animal Olympics” using these cutie patootie masks!! I’ll be posting more on that this next week. Stay tuned!!


Here’s our Wales gospel choir during a practice time towards the end of the trip. I pulled a little prank on our choir director, by having some of the choir members hold up the masks while we were singing our first number. Trust me!! This happened during our practice time……NOT the actual performance!!

The trip was awesome! We were able to bring honor and glory to the Lord while we were able to minister to the communities in different ways.

London With Dan

We went to London for 1 day before we headed back to Georgia!!

Then NEXT…..

We flew home on Tuesday. As SOON as I landed from being in London, I got right back on another plane and made it to this:

TpT Conference

Talk about  being a jet setter!! But it was so worth it!! I had a great time! I learned so much and was able to meet some great people! And yes, I was star struck when I met people like Deedee Wills, Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, and Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher! And seeing the founder of TpT, Paul Edelman was so cool!! There were many others but it would take a whole page to mention them!

Go Noodle

This pic was taken at the HUGE teacher meet up that was held at night!

I got to get a picture taken with one of the GoNoodle characters. Lots of fun….!!

Dan and Jaden flew down on Wednesday and while I was attending this awesome conference they were having a great time at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World!!

Dan and Jaden DW

We all flew back home early Friday morning so we could get some clothes washed and get ready for our family vacation to the west side of Panama City Beach, Florida! Our plan was to leave on Saturday around noon……..

However, a pretty important and I mean IMPORTANT event took place………

And it was……DRUMROLL please……


The birth of our 3rd granddaughter!! She wasn’t due until July 22nd, but she decided to arrive on July 16th around 3:45 in the afternoon.

Well……before we went to the hospital, we packed up our things, so we could go on to the beach.

My daughter and son in love were good with it! They knew all along that we had this trip planned, before they got pregnant……

I hope you don’t think I’m bad to have gone on to the beach, but trust me…. they were good with it!!

My son and daughter in love went with us along with Jaden and a friend of hers.

We stayed for a week!!

Carolina and Jaden Beach



We got back on the 23rd….

I got to get some lovin’ in with my new grandbaby….

and it was time to think about…..




I know!! It is that time, y’all!!

Here is a link to my FREEBIE that I have on my TpT store for Meet the Teacher Day. Click HERE to get to it.


To make it easier on you, I want to offer a giveaway. TpT was so gracious to give me a $10 gift card code to use for a promotion! To make it even better, I’m going to give away 2 MORE….count them!!…. 2 MORE $10 gift cards to TpT!!

That means there will be 3 LUCKY DUCK winners in this giveaway!!

So go below to the Rafflecopter and enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This will be a super duper QUICK turnaround on this giveaway, so don’t delay in entering!!
Thanks so much!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

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