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Thanksgiving Feast 2017

Hello there!

What a joy it is to be on my Thanksgiving Break! I hope you are getting to rest this week as well!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is time for me to reveal my table decorations for this year.

We had our annual feast last Wednesday and it was quite successful! I can’t ever let this day go by without putting some cute decorations on our table.

For the past 2 years, I have made sure that my table decorations have items on them that the families can take home. I knew that I wanted to make turkey handprint paintings but I wanted to do them a little differently this year.

So off I went to my favorite craft resource site…..Pinterest!

I found instructions to make these….

The entire project was a little more time consuming than making the handprints on potholders. However, the results were well worth it!

Click HERE to find the instructions on this cute turkey display. The instructions came from Stacy at “Things to Share and Remember”. Two things I did differently: 1. I didn’t make a name card to glue on the front. (I just ran out of time!) 2. I used a rectangle cut from a brown paper lunch bag for the back piece instead of cardboard.

Do you notice the pumpkins in the picture?!? They were my favorite!!! I. LOVED. Them!! These decorations were very easy! However, they can be costly. They were well worth it for me, though. Can you guess what it is giving the pumpkin effect? It is a roll of toilet paper. The single roll of paper that you buy.

Of course…..

that makes me wonder who buys single rolls of toilet paper?!?!


The picture above shows the one I made at home. Click HERE to get the instructions for these. I found them from Montserrat. Her blog is called Cranial Hiccups. My pumpkins look a little rounder, because I wrapped some tissue paper around the toilet roll before I covered it with the fabric.

Here are 2 of my little kinder turkeys enjoying themselves on our feast day!!

You may have noticed the little cards on the table. What I do there, is this:

I find out what every kinder is thankful for and why. Then, I type that on a template. Next, I take pictures of each child using some really cute photo props I found for free!! Then, I put the pics on the template as well. Next, I print them in color, and laminate them. They fold easily. One of my teacher friends mounted hers on colored cardstock and that element added some depth as well.

These photo props are so cute! There are several to choose from. Click HERE to get your own Thanksgiving photo props.

Click HERE to download my template for the cards.

One last thing before I leave today…..

I have a thankful turkey that the Kinder Cubs do as a home project. It is so sweet! I cut out turkey feathers using black poster board. Then the students take them home and decorate them to show what they are thankful for.

Here are a couple of pictures:

What thrilled me this year was that each kindergarten class had their own Thankful Turkey. They looked awesome displayed in our hall!

Well Thanksgiving is almost upon us……

I have so much to be thankful for and  I hope that you will find much to be thankful for as well!!

God bless you REAL good!!

My Dad Rocks!: A Gift for Father’s Day

Well hello there!

For  the first time in forever, (have you got the song in your brain now…yea.. me too!!), I decided it was time that I made sure my kinder cubs gifted their dads before the school year was over.

I’ve always felt that my dads got a bum rap when it came to their special day….

but not this year!!


Since my thematic instruction was based on summer activities and we were also studying rocks, I would incorporate a craft that my kiddos could make for their dads for Father’s Day!

Now, for a little sideline here….

I love to help the kids make this special gift for their moms for Mother’s Day:


The moms in my class absolutely love it!! If you haven’t seen this before click HERE to see the post I wrote with instructions if you’d like to know.



back to the dads…

I searched and searched on Pinterest. I knew I wanted to use something with a picture of them incorporated in it. Then I found a post, that used the phrase: My Dad Rocks!! Click anywhere on the picture below to get to the post from Mommy Moment to find out how to make it! It’s really nice!! Don’t you think??

This DIY My Dad Rocks picture frame is the perfect DIY Father's Day Gift that dad could proudly display on his desk at work.

So, I used this craft to get my inspiration for a kid friendly Father’s Day craft.

I just loved it and I think my teacher’s aide loved it even more.

My kinder cubs had a great time making a special frame for their dad.


Now if you’d like to try this in your classroom or at home……

Here are the instructions to make the frame and also how I took the pictures:

You need to give about 2 days of drying time to make this correctly.


1 wooden frame that will hold a 4×6 inch picture ( I found mine for $1 at Michael’s)

Acrylic paint- I chose brown and gray that I mixed together to get a dark taupe look. (Honestly, it really didn’t change color that much.)

Tacky glue- that is the type of glue that really works best (you can find it at Walmart or any craft store. It is in a brown bottle.)

Small craft sticks- for the students to use to spread the glue

Aluminum pie pan- I used 2

Decorative Rocks (I bought 2 bags at Michael’s for $4.99 each. I took out any rocks that were really large. )

1 Chalkboard with the words: My Dad Rocks written on it with chalk (I found a decorative one at Michael’s that cost me $10 (with a 50% off coupon)

Blue Butcher paper for the picture background


How to take the pictures:

I wrote My Dad Rocks! On the chalk board sign. Writing the statement on the sign, took about 3 tries for me to get it JUST RIGHT! Next, I took a long strip of this pretty blue butcher paper and hung it on my dry erase board with magnets. Then, I had the student sit on a low shelf unit that I have in front of the board. Next, the student held up the sign and once I had the picture scene the way I wanted it, CLICK went the button(probably not the right word…) on my cell phone for a nice photo.  I love to use Walgreens  to develop  my pics because I can always find a good coupon to use.

NOW for the prep work:

These type of wooden frames come with a dowel rod to use to make the frame stand up on its own. I opened each frame, taped the dowel rod to the back of the frame and wrote the child’s class number on the back.

Next, I covered my work space with butcher paper that we reuse for painting projects.

Finally, I mixed the 2 paint colors together in aluminum pans. I set out craft paint sponges.

That was about it for the prep work.


On to the fun part…..

Once the kinder cubs put on a painting shirt, they went to town on the painting!

We waited a day for the frames to dry before we glued the rocks on the frame. However, the paint really dries fast. So there is no need in waiting an entire day. A couple of hours should work.

We also decided to wait and put the photos in after the frames had the rocks glued on them. It would have been easier to have done that before the rocks were glued on, but glue would have DEFINITELY gotten on the pictures.


It was time to glue on the rocks.

For the prepping of this step, I put the rocks in paper plates. I really made sure that there were no big rocks in the plates.

Then, I poured TACKY glue onto small paper plates with small craft sticks set beside each plate.

Once the students sat at the workspace, they each took a craft stick and started putting glue on each space of the frame where they wanted a rock and placed the rock gently on the frame. I didn’t limit them to the number of rocks to use, but you can certainly do that. Of course in kindergarten, we had to demonstrate how to glue the rocks on the frame, and we stayed nearby to help. We noticed that if you push the rock too much into the frame, the glue would spread around the edges and not stay right underneath as well, so don’t push the rock down too much. We made sure they used a lot of glue!

This pic shows how I placed the rocks on the frame as a visual for the students.

No gluing has been done yet!

It took about a day for all of the frames to dry before we began to put the pictures in for display. Some of the rocks did “pop” off, but we just had tacky glue or a hot glue gun ready to fix it.

Here are the results:

During the last week of school, each kinder cub took his or her picture frame and wrapped it in gift wrap paper.

They were so proud of their gift for their dad!


This is a project I will now incorporate into the end of my school year!

I’m going to send a message out to my class dads and see what they thought of their gift!

I hope they will consider it a treasure!!

Be sure and give your dad or special father figure a hug this weekend!

God bless you!!

GLUE!! What’s a girl to do?!?


Glue!!! What’s a girl to do!?

As a teacher…….

especially a KINDERGARTEN teacher…………

you can’t live without it….

It’s a love hate relationship……


I think I have found the solution to my woes!!



Now I have seen this idea for a couple of years on Pinterest, but I never took the time to see if it really worked.

Then, the other week I was at my WIT’S END (Man! I’m using a lot of uppercase letters today!!….I’m just trying to get my point across!)….

It was constantly one day…”Mrs. Groce, my glue stick broke!”…..”Mrs. Groce”, I lost my top to my glue stick!”….”Mrs. Groce, So and So has my glue stick!!”……can’t you just hear it now?!?!…..the whining…..the incessant whining over glue sticks!!… instructional time was becoming so VERY interrupted!!

What was a teacher to do!?!

Well…..I prayed….yes I prayed…..Praying is an important part of my life……

And over the next weekend……I pondered and sought wisdom over my glue dilemma and I remembered about the glue sponge pin on Pinterest. I was about to look it up on my Pinterest board and then I came across one of my favorite blogs….

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard !! Mr. Greg has become a favorite of mine! I love his use of all kinds of social media to help other kindergarten teachers!!

On his blog post that day, he had a picture of his glue sponge containers neatly stacked up and then as I scrolled down, he had a You Tube clip on how to make these nifty containers and how they worked in his class.

Well, you better believe I clicked that button as quick as a wink and I watched that You Tube clip…..

I watched it twice… takes me a little longer to grasp ideas…..I take it as being 55 years old…..

Then, by golly I got in my little electric car and made my way to my nearest WALMART and bought my glue sponge supplies!!

Now, mind you, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t get to making them until Tuesday that week and then it took me this week to have the guts to using them…..but then I thought!! Come on, Linda!! Try it!! You might like it!!

And LO and BEHOLD….I’m telling you, it was a miracle….a MIRACLE!! I made a big to do over our new glue sponge containers, then I explained how to use them, and I put them in front of my kinder cubs, and  THEY WORKED!! They actually worked!!

So now without any further ado!!

Here is the You Tube clip of Mr. Greg of Kindergarten Smorgasboard on How To Make Glue Sponges.

Glue sponge in action

And here is our retelling activity for Guiding readers with the glue sponge containers in action!! And they shared them……they ACTUALLY shared with no complaints!

For me, it was important that I watched how to make these amazing inventions, but I also wanted to see them in action!! Therefore, I thought it would help to videotape my Kinder Cubs using them.

Click anywhere on the pic below and you will see a very short clip of my Kinder Cubs using them!!glue sponge for link Now mind you, I noticed a little girl yesterday after they used them again during an independent center, that she was still picking glue off of her fingers when she got to my center. I’m thinking she was curious about what the sponges felt like and went for it!! Also, the day we did the Guiding Reader Retell activity, one of my boys wanted to see what the glue sponge containers looked like upside down……..BTW…..the sponge remained in the container and the glue did not drip out. Once he found out, he put it back down and was fine, but I did have my EAGLE EYE on him the rest of the time!!

I hope this little post helped you in case you are in a quandry over glue as much as I was!!

Yes…..I’m still using the glue sticks….for projects that require gluing on larger pieces, but I will continue to use my glue sponges for the rest of the year as my kinder cubs and I become more familiar with them.

Let me know what you do about your glue dilemma….or you may not have one….I’d like to know about that as well!!

Have a great weekend! We FINALLY have some sunshine in Georgia….WOO HOO!! I’m going to enjoy a little of that for awhile!


Bloom, Blossom, Grow: Putting Paint on Wooden Letters

IMG_7120[1]Now that school is over, I’m working on a little project and trying to get the finishing touches done. Today, after I finished this part of the project, I was really excited about how it turned out.

So, I thought I would take the time to share about how I got the letters to look like this.

I bought the letters from Michael’s. They were $2.99 each. Click HERE to see these wooden letters from Michael’s.

So here is how I turned these letters that were once white into the multicolor explosion that they are now.

I took bottles of different colors of acrylic paint, and poured them kind of haphazardly onto a piece of scrap poster board. Then, I just kind of swirled them together using a plastic knife.

IMG_7114[1]IMG_7113[2]After I swirled the paint around, I took 1 letter and pressed it into the paint and I made sure I had the entire front of the letter covered.

Then, I turned the letter over and laid it on the tarp I had out so it could dry. I continued the process until I got all of the letters done.








After they dried, I took them to my project site and super glued them to the wall.

Yep….super glue….GORILLA super glue….

and it stayed on the wall…..

for now.

Hope when I go back tomorrow they will still be there.

We’ll see….

In the meantime….

I hope if you wanted to find a different way to paint wooden letters, you would try this method.

Let me know if you did. I would love to hear from you!!