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Five For Friday: Thanksgiving: So Very Thankful!!


I haven’t posted on Five for Friday in FOREVER!! However, tonight I am getting the show on the road and getting it DONE!!

Thanks Doodebugs Teaching for sponsoring this fun link up!!

I thought it may be fun to make my five into thankful points at school.


I am thankful for my blog!!

I know I don’t have thousands of readers to my blog….

yet…..(I am still hopeful that someday, my numbers will reach to a thousand….goal setting at its finest!!)

However, I think of my blog as a journal of my teaching experiences with my awesome Kinder Cubs

and the privilege of what I get to do with them on a daily basis!

I can’t tell you how often I go back on different posts of mine and look at things I may have done in the past to see what I did and how it looks so I can model it for this year!!

Well, this week, I had to do a lot of that because I ended up repeating a few things I did last year.

I know I could look back on my lesson plans, but Y’all!! I need pictures!!


I am thankful for my home projects!!


When I began teaching kindergarten 4 years ago, I decided to start having a monthly home project. Each month, I have something special that I want the families to work on together. For November it was a Thankful Turkey Feather. I get black poster board and trace and cut out turkey feathers.

I can usually get about 3-4 on a poster board.

Then, on their November homework sheet, I type this on it:

Thankful Feathers: Your child has a cardboard replica of a turkey feather. It needs to be decorated with things that represent what he/she are thankful for. It can be photographs, stickers, pictures from magazines. The sky is the limit!! This will give an opportunity for you to talk to your child about thankfulness and what that means. The feathers will be displayed on our turkey display. Before I display the feathers, each child will give a presentation and talk about the things he/she are thankful for.

Then, I set a deadline.

I had all but 1 child turn his/hers in and they all loved talking about their own feather!! Usually, if a child doesn’t turn in a home project, I send a reminder home or I get my paraprofessional or a volunteer to help the child complete his/hers. The child who was missing hers is not one who has done that this year, so I left a spot for her in case she brought it the next day.

I took brown butcher paper and found a large circle and medium circle in my classroom (a small round table and a base to my globe) and I traced and cut those out.  Then I free handed the feet, waddle, beak and eyes. I cut those out. Next, I found a nice big spot on a wall. I taped up the circles. Then glued the pieces on an…..

Voila!! a Thankful Turkey was created!!


I am thankful for our Thanksgiving Feast!!


Every year at our school, we have a Thanksgiving Feast for PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade.

We all enjoy decorating our tables with items that our kiddos have made.

For the 3rd year in a row, I have used the burlap that you see pictured above to decorate my tables. It is so easy!! I’ve used butcher paper in the past, but this burlap is so durable. If anything gets on it, we just wipe it off, leave it out to dry and then I just roll it back up to save for the next year!!

I’m telling you!! I love it!!

For my decorations this year, I made my tried and true handprint turkey painted on a potholder.


Here’s a little picture tutorial of how I do these little keepsakes. After the brown paint dries, I paint a different color on the other 4 fingers and they press them right above the brown turkey body. Then, with yellow, and red paint, I help them free hand feet, beak, and a waddle. Next, I get a black sharpie and make a little dot for the eye. To finish the keepsake off, I write the year on the back and tie a little yellow yarn bow around the loop.

This year, I used blue potholders instead of red and I liked that better!! These potholders were just 2 for 88 cents at Walmart!! What a bargain!!

Do you like the photo prop pics? I had the best time creating these!!

I found the photo props from Pinterest.

Click HERE to get your free Thanksgiving photo props!

I put a piece of blue butcher paper as a back drop on my board and then I let each kinder cub choose a hat and food prop or the “so thankful” sign. After I took each picture, I had the them developed. Then I cut cardstock in half lengthwise and glued the photo on 1 side. On the other side, I made a border using power point and I typed what the kinder was thankful for and typed his/her name with the year. I printed each one out and cut around the border and glued it to the other side of the photo card.

Then, I laminated each one.  As the decoration on the table, I folded them to set up like a placecard.

I have to say… I say A LOT….



Here is a pic collage of a fun time at lunch!

I take pictures of each family with their child and got them processed.

Then, I will write a note to each child about what it is about him/her that I’m thankful for and put the picture in the note as well. I will get the notes in the mail before Thanksgiving. It is just a simple way that I make sure my precious kinder cubs know they are loved by their teacher!


I am thankful for reading!!

I think just about every time that I blog, I add in about how I adore the Guiding Reader series that I use from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills! Well in the November packet, there is a unit about the book Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. I love reading this book aloud to the kids and they did a great job with comprehending it and writing about it. One activity that we did was to unscramble a sentence and learn how to draw the turkey when he was disguised like a rooster. Y’all!! My kinders love to see the step by step directions on how to draw and they do such a fine job with it!

Look at these drawings and see for yourself!!


On Friday, a 3rd grade class came into our classroom and each 3rd grader took one (or 2) of my kinder cubs and read to them. My teacher friend of the class, had the student pick out the book he/she was going to read and they practiced the day before. Not only did they read to my kinders, they asked engaging questions to encourage my kinders’ comprehension skills.

Now here is the kicker…..

These 3rd graders earned a reward for making good behavior choices.

Guess what?!?

They voted on what they wanted to do as a treat and reading to my kinder cubs was the winner!!

Isn’t that just simply awesome!!

Here is a pic of a few of them reading:


Doesn’t that just make your teacher heart go pitter patter!! I know!! Me too!!


I love giveaways!!

This weekend, I have entered a few giveaways and it is time that I have one as well!! I am so thankful that you are reading my blog. It truly makes be feel even more blessed!! So to possibly help you with your Black Friday shopping, I am giving away ….

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I will choose the winners on Wednesday evening , Nov. 23rd around 10pm.

Well that is my Five For Friday!! Hop on over to Doodlebugs Teaching to see other blog posts that might help you out!!

Hope you have a thankful Thanksgiving!!


Linda G.

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Fiftieth Day School: Celebrating Nifty 50’s Style

Slide1There are many reasons why I enjoy being a kindergarten teacher! One of the best reasons is that I get to do fun and engaging activities and celebrations to keep the little kiddos motivated. Since to them 100 days seem so far in the future….I can’t even remember when I used to think that way……I think it is important to celebrate the 50th day of school. I did a little celebrating last year, but this year, I tried to make a much bigger deal out of it!! I did my research on it, and then realized I could make up some of my own activities and therefore I was able to create my newest TPT product, Nifty Fifties. Click my cover page to the product above to get straight to the product!

Now, I have to say that I did all of this extremely last minute, because I had our days in school mixed up. I originally thought we were going to the farm on the 50th day. Therefore, we wouldn’t even be there and why have a 50’s Day if we weren’t even going to be there. Right!? So, then about 1 week before, I realized my mistake and began frantically planning for the day!! I emailed all of my families and asked if they would please have their child wear jeans and a white shirt that day, and that I would provide a scarf for the girls and sunglasses for the boys. I looked all over town to find some 50’s style decorations, but I didn’t come up with much. So for next year, I’ll order from Oriental Trading.


As you can see, my decorations were very limited, so next year, I’m going to get my husband to make me a cardboard juke box, or even a 1950’s cardboard Chevy for a photo prop.


Here, they are writing to 50 for a math center. I also created a hidden 50’s page that was used in another center. When you scroll further down, you’ll also see one of my precious kids creating pictures using 50 pattern blocks.


I found this idea in another person’s blog. Click the pic to get to that blog. I also have images of the 1950’s and their counterparts in my product. I also have pages with past and present typed in a cute font. Next year, my comparison chart will look a lot better!



Here is the response sheet for our Nifty 50’s snack. The kids love any activity associated with food! Yum!

I began the morning by taking a picture of each kiddo. I’ll be able to use these for their memory books. This dude and dudette are so stinkin’ cute!: IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_0703 IMG_0711 IMG_0706 IMG_4683 IMG_4684 IMG_4691 IMG_4692

IMG_4694 Making the Coke Floats was our ending activity to finish out our busy celebration! They really loved them and I was shocked! In my packet, I also have labels for Root Beer Floats. Oh and by the way…..I used caffeine free cola!

This post only shows a little of a very fun-filled day! Hope you can use some of these ideas to use for your 50’s day at school!

See you soon!



Daily Five…Where have I been!!

I am so pumped up today about a new way (for me at least) that I’m going to organize my Literacy block for this coming school year!!   I just came back from an English Language Arts Summer Academy that was sponsored by the Georgia DOE and was held in Athens, GA. It has been such a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to attend something like this and I had a really good time learning! One session that I attended was facilitated by a couple of teachers from Cobb County who have been teaching Daily Five. Now Daily Five is a method that these ladies used to organize their Literacy Block. While I was in the session I kept thinking to myself, “Where in the heck have I been!?! I’ve seen this lots of times on Pinterest and wondered but never investigated it. And THEN I find out the ladies who wrote this book have now gotten out their 2nd edition!!” Well, as soon as I got home, I ordered the book. I linked the book cover above to Amazon in case you would like to order one too! Since I only have a couple of weeks to get my act together for Daily 5 I researched some blogs to find ways that other kindergarten teachers incorporate Daily 5. I am a big fan of A Differentiated Kindergarten. I knew I had seen some posts from her about Daily 5 and sure ‘nuf (as my momma would say!!) I found some great posts from Marsha concerning how she sets up her Literacy centers the Daily 5 way! The link above is her post that she titles “From Here To There”. It is great for seeing how she sets up her centers for the first 2 weeks of school using the Daily 5 method. Wish I had seen this last year!! But I just need to look forward and not back! Since I really don’t have the time to create my own items for these centers, I just went ahead and bought her Back to School Word Work Galore packet. It was only $10 and I know it will be worth every penny! Here is the link if you are interested:

: Back to School Word Work Galore Well, I better get busy with all of this! I’m always looking for ways to keep my kinders engaged and to differentiate their learning. I think once I delve into Daily 5 and make it my own, it will do just that!! See you soon!