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Five for Friday: New Things I Tried for Dr. Seuss Week

Hello there! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching: Five for Friday to come up with my 5 new “things” I tried for my Dr. Seuss Celebration with my kinder cubs. We only got to celebrate for 2 days this year, but that is ok. Those 2 days were jammed packed with lots of fun learning that I hope they will not soon forget!!

Decorations! I decided this year to set the tone for our Dr. Seuss celebration with more decorations in my room! It is amazing how a few ceiling party streamers can just brighten up any kind of celebration! I just added some Seussy Pennants and signs on the dry erase board to add a little pizzazz. One of my students has a mom who teaches a couple of doors down from my classroom and he ran out of the classroom telling his mom that she just HAD to come and look at the classroom! It was full of Dr. Seuss!! My day was made!!

My morning routine activities are not new, but I just wanted to show pics of the sensory bin, and the books on my display. The stuffed animals and books just really drew the kids in on Thursday morning. After they unpacked that morning, they had the choices to write words on Seuss style dry erase boards, play in the sensory bin and match numbers, or read with the stuffed animals. Reading with the stuffed animals was practically unanimous!! No one even touched the sensory bin!!

Now doesn’t this pic just make your teacher heart go pitter patter!?

And this was happening around 7:30am!! WOW!!

The two older girls are my 5th grade tutors who come in every morning before the tardy bell rings to help my students with their academics.

They got right in on it all and had a blast!


I absolutely LOVED these photo booth props that I bought at Party City!! They are very high quality! I will for sure use them for next year!!

By the way….

As soon as they unpacked that morning, I had each one pick a couple of props and I started taking the pics. That way, the day wasn’t wasted by taking pics. Done and done!!

A friend of mine forwarded the directions for these fruit kabobs. After we watched the original cartoon of The Cat In The Hat on DVD. I knew this little snack would be a great activity for the kids. I made this into a “LOOSE” STEAM activity. Their problem was to make a CAT IN THE HAT fruit kabob with the parts they were given. The above pic gives the examples of the finished product. I gave them food writers to share, so they could draw on the cat in the hat face. They had already completed a Cat In The Hat directed drawing that morning. Therefore, they were familiar with how the face needed to look. Also, I put a picture on the screen to use as a model. The kinder cubs were so excited to do this and they had a great time from start to finish!!

After they ate it, they had to get their science journals and draw the kabob and label the parts of the snack. Click HERE for the directions for the Fruit Kabobs.

Last weekend while I was getting everything ready for the week, I came across a blog post in Bloglovin’ from Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten .

She had lots of ideas for a Dr. Seuss celebration that I just absolutely loved!! Because Party City had given her some Dr. Seuss party goodies, she gave a free Dr. Seuss resource to her readers. Click the name of her blog above to get to the post with the freebie. One idea she had was to put her Fox rhymes in cute socks and the students would match rhymes. She also made green eggs using Wilton’s Candy melts in white and green. I decided to do the same thing and the kids loved it!

Also, the middle pic shows one of my students holding up a Dr. Seuss quote poster that I bought at Target last year. I had 4 different posters. So I decided to have each kinder pick one to have a picture made with it. I’m thinking about making cards out of each pic and mailing it to their parents.

This year, I found these precious Dr. Seuss outfits at Target! Target has got it going on when it comes to Dr. Seuss!!

This is my grandgirl Virginia showing off her cute dress on Dr. Seuss day.

My daughter was so sweet to make sure that Virginia wore the jumper that day!!

Isn’t she precious??

Well that is it for my Five For Friday. Hope you enjoyed reading through it! Please hop on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching , to link up with Five For Friday. Enjoy your weekend and I hope your week will be a blessed one!!

It’s Five For Friday and a TIEKS Giveaway!

Goodness gracious!! What a week!!


These past two weeks, I’ve had to be out of the classroom for some pretty important professional events.

It will feel good to be back on a regular schedule next week!

When I’m out like that, I realize how important it is to keep my students on a regular routine, because that is what I like as well.

Being on regular schedule in my life is just….well….comforting….and we all like to be comforted….right?!?!

Now I’m here in Five For Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching to not only discuss 5 things but to also give you a chance to feel comforted with a pair of (DRUMROLL PLEASE)

TIEKS!! Yes !

Several of us have gotten together and are offering a giveaway for a free pair of TIEKS shoes!!


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During the month of January, we did a lot of informational reading on Martin Luther King, Jr., penguins, and polar bears. Part of my writing activity for this is to write using a graphic organizer with Can, Have, Are. For Martin Luther King, I made up an organizer using Had, Was, Helped.

After we completed the chart, then the students wrote an informational piece in a mini book.

Here is a picture of the organizer I created for our kindergarten teachers to use with their kinder cubs.

If you click anywhere on the pic, it will take you straight to the freebie to download. Also, in that set is a Had, Was, Helped organizer.

This week, while I was gone, the kinder cubs worked on many things Valentine!! Our focus book was Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane de Groat using the Guiding Readers Series from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills (LOVE them!!) . In this unit, the kids learned about problem and solution in stories. In their writing they connected to the story by writing about a time they did something nice for someone. I love the sentence study in any of the Guiding Readers Series. We talk about the sentence: How many words?, What are the verbs?, What are the nouns?, What are the adjectives?. Then, we chat about the punctuation. Then, they take the mixed up sentence and put it in the right order and illustrate the main idea of it.


For Valentine craftivities they created a Valentine Selfie (from the Guiding Readers February Resource), a Valentine alliteration writing piece, and their Valentine Critter Carriers. When I came back on Friday, my classroom looked just LOVEly!!

I have made these Valentine Critter Carriers for years!

I put them outside the classroom and then on Valentine’s Day, the kids bring their cards and “feed” each child’s critter the card that is for that child.

Then, they take their critter home and open the bag and enjoy all of their cards and goodies they received!!

Click HERE to find my post about how to make these super cute bags!!

One of the math stations this week was to put shapes that were cut for them into a Valentine’s Day picture. I love doing these! However, for kindergarten, it is best if we cut out the shapes for each child and keep them in sets. It is difficult for them to cut out the shapes and take on the spatial relationship work it takes just to put it together! They all did a great job with it this week!!

This resource comes from, Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart! Click HERE to get to this awesome resource.

On Valentine’s Day, I plan on using conversation hearts or a graphing activity.

Even though you have probably seen a million jillion of examples of this graphing activity, I have one that is geared towards kindergarten that is FREE!! Click on the image below to download a free one for your file!!

And now to finish out my FIVE FOR FRIDAY, I want to offer you the opportunity to try for a FREE pair of TIEKS!!

Go to the Rafflecoptor below and enter!! This giveaway will run from February 11-16th!! So go for it!! A new pair of TIEKS would be an awesome gift for YOU or someone you love!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to link up with this fun linky, then please go to Doodle Bugs Teaching: Five For Friday !!

Please enjoy your weekend and I wish for much love to come your way on Valentine’s Day!! God bless you!!

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I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!



WOW!! I honestly can’t believe that today is JULY 1st!!

I know that some of you have only been out of school for a little while.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to rest up from school for a month now!

This past week my son and his wife took a little trip to the western side of Europe and visited Prague, Vienna and Budapest!

Daniel Anna Europe


While they were on their little adventure, being the AWESOME grandparents that we are…….

We kept our granddog named TALMADGE!!


Isn’t he adorable!?! I’ve often told Daniel and Anna that he needs to go to Hollywood and get discovered!!

Believe it or not, he is part Jack Russell, Bichon, and Chihuahua..

I just LOVE his white eyebrows!!

It’s been great having him at our house this week!


Next week, is my annual trip to Wales where people from my church and another church in Mansfield, TX go on mission.

We travel to the southern part of Wales.

There are close to 70 of us going this year!

During the day, we break up into teams and help around different communities.

I’m a part of the schools team. The schools in Wales do not get out for their holiday until a couple of more weeks.

We get to go into local schools and have a 30 minute assembly.

Last year our theme was How to Be a Super Hero. We have the best time going into these schools and ministering to them!

Seeing how schools for other countries operate is a lot of fun and I learn so much!!

Clowns in Wales

Here is a pic of our schools team from a couple of years ago. Our theme that year was Rocks!!

Wales Schools Team


At night the choir part of our team, sing in a gospel program at various churches in the area.

It is an awesome trip for sure!

Choir Singing

We leave on Sunday for this year’s mission trip!!

I’ll share some pictures next week of the trip and I’ll have a freebie from our Olympic Themed Assembly. I think you’ll really like it!!


Now I have ONE LAST plug for my giveaway I have that I posted this past Wednesday.

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Be sure and check out Doodle Bugs Teaching for this linky party! Click HERE to get to it!

I really enjoy reading and commenting on the other blogs that are linked.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


Five For Friday: June 10, 2016


What a week!!

Lots of fun and very busy!!

I’m linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching

with Five For Friday

So….without further ADO!!


Dolly Concert

Last Saturday with my son and daughter in love, Anna, we went on a Mommy and Me field trip to see….

None other than…..GOOD GOLLY!!


MISS Dolly


Oh my goodness!! I had the time of my life. We sang, we danced, we listened to an ICON talk about her life!!

I’m tellin’ y’all, It. Was. Fun!!


Side Hall Kids Week 2016

From Monday-Thursday, I was in charge of 39 second graders as we “Submerged” into God’s word during VBS (Vacation Bible School)

It had an underwater theme with us pretending to be in a submarine. Can you tell that I made the doors to look like the doors of a submarine and there are skin divers in the “water” right outside of the submarine.

I mentioned it last week, but here are a few more pictures. I’m planning on blogging about the adventure this weekend. The kiddos loved the decorations and they took such pride in them!

We had a great week!!

Skin Divers Kids Week 2016






On our last day of VBS, my awesome team gave me this sweet card and $50 in Dunkin’ Donuts giftcards.

I’m set for the summer!!

I used the card first thing this morning!




Any of you have an idea of what this pic is all about?

Give up!?!?

I decided to clean out my glue sponge containers and the sponges.

I decided in mid year to start using glue sponges in containers and I promise, I will continue to use them.


I felt like I just couldn’t leave them the whole entire summer without cleaning them.

They didn’t look or smell bad at all, but I still felt like I needed to do it.



I always get FB posts with T-shirts that have fun quotes on the front.


I couldn’t resist this one!!

You never know what a teacher might do when he or she is on vacation,


just like the shirt says…


Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching

This is always a fun linky party!!

Be sure and participate!!




Five For Friday: June 3 First Full Week Off!!

fiveforfriday2_thumb[3]It is five for Friday time, y’all!! I am here linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I always enjoy doing this and most of all I get to look at other bloggers in the linky party and see what is going on in their world!!



Here are my before and after pics of my new Hibiscus. “Before and after what?!?!”, you may be asking….


We honestly love to look at the deer in our backyard and trust me we have a slew of them, but when they get near newly blooming flowers and CHOMP them down to the NUBS!!…… I get slightly agitated!! I have pots of Marigolds around this one (they won’t eat Marigolds), but I guess they aren’t close enough, because every morning we look out our kitchen window and I’m telling you what, that plant is not getting bigger….

it is getting smaller and


I need to figure out some organic way to make this not happen….any ideas??


Doodle Bugs paper jpeg

I LOVE to order products online! Especially from teachers who  have side businesses like Doodle Bugs Paper. Yes, the one and only Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching! I saw these patterns from her store and I ordered them for me and my granddaughter Jaden. Jaden can’t find too many things with her name on it, so I thought she would enjoy some special note cards and she loved these!! Kacey boxes them up so nicely and they came in a fun bright pink package. I love that kind of special treatment!! It really puts a different spin on the My Favorite Things song and the part that says, “BROWN PAPER PACKAGES, TIED UP WITH STRING”. I mean, I’m right there with Julie Andrews and her favorite things for sure!



I am determined to get some teacher and teacherpreneur professional development in this summer!!

My husband (Dan my man), read that if we attach something that we want to become a habit to something we normally do everyday, that we can have more success in making that something a habit. Am I making sense here?!?

Like if you want to exercise for a few minutes everyday, do it right after you brush your teeth and it will become a habit as well.

Well, during the summer, I really make it a habit to read my Bible right after I get up in the morning (after I’ve brushed my teeth) and work on a Bible study (my favorites are anything by Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer). Along with that I am going to take time to read my summer learning books as well, and HOPEFULLY that will become a habit!

I LOVE Growth Mindset!! I want to learn so much about it. A great way for me to start is through the book, Mindset written by Carol Dweck.

I was so excited to see that there was going to be an online book study about it. ,,,,,,,

OH WOW!! I see where my true geekiness is setting in…sorry!

If you are interested, check out the blog from Greg of Kindergarten Smorgasboard or Abigail of Kindergarten Chaos and get in on it. I’m super excited about it! Can’t wait to here what their guest bloggers will have to say about the different chapters.

Also, I am fan of the Periscope app!! I love it!! I can work on my computer and listen to someone and learn so much from people that I wouldn’t normally see often. Last week, Jen from Hello Literacy…..I just love her!!…., showed and talked about some of her professional must reads for the summer. One book that piqued my interest was Choice Words by Peter Johnston. I ordered it through Amazon and got it quickly. I’m really wanting to improve the way I speak to my little kinder cubs. I want to learn how to use the way I talk to them to help build emotionally and relationally healthy learning communities in my classroom. This book will help me do that.

I just began reading both books today and I have already begun marking in them and making notes.


I talk often about getting my TEACH on!! A phrase I got from my favorite, Deanna Jump!!

Well this week….

I am getting my VBS ON!! That’s right VBS! Vacation Bible School!!

For 1 week during the summer, I get the opportunity to minister to about 30 to 40 2nd graders through VBS. Our theme for this year is called, Submerged: Finding Truth Below the Surface….it’s an underwater theme with a submarine.

Anyway, I’ve been working on our schedule and how we are going to teach the lessons and do some fun and engaging activities as well. I’ve also been putting up the decorations for it. Now I always tell people that the decorations are just the skeleton of what really happens for us in VBS. The MEAT is the part where we build relationships with these kiddos while we teach them some Biblical truths. There is no doubt about it!

However, I like to work on the decorations because it is fun for me!! It is always a challenge, but if the truth be told, I like challenges and I always learn from them….. and I try to help others, by blogging about it and pinning it.


Our room is suppose to mimic the inside of a submarine. The room I use is quite large and has 6 large windows. My husband and I came up with the idea of making each window look like a rectangular porthole looking out into the ocean.

Here is the result:

Submerged Porthole

We created a 3d ocean scene on blue paper. Then, we taped that on the window. Next, we took 40″ wide cellophane paper and taped that in front of the ocean scene. Then, my husband drew out and cut from orange butcher paper the porthole outline and then Jaden glued black dots to make it look like the edge of a porthole. We are going back today and make 5 more of these!! Yikes!!



And this is what the outside of the room looks like. The wall was already blue (so glad!!). During the week my husband and Jaden created these cutie patootie divers and brightly colored fish. We took those and created an underwater scene with them. Now, I’m not quite finished here! I want to add some coral and some special signs on it.

Now, it’s time for me to get ready and get back to the church!! I have quite a bit to do to finish for VBS…which by the way begins on Monday!!…..but with the help of the Lord and my family, it will get done!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Don’t forget to link back up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and post YOUR Five for Friday. Click HERE to get there.











Five for Friday: May 27, 2016


Hello! I’m here linking up with my favorite linky Five For Friday. Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching!

I have to preface my post with saying that I’m cheating …..

just a little……because…..

some of my posts here are from last week, but I’m telling you what!!

Last week was a wild week for sure and now that I’m into my 2nd day of summer vacation, I can sit back and reflect on last week’s happenings.


Last year, I was reading from one of my favorite bloggers Elizabeth from Kickin It In Kindergarten and she posted about her Vowel Surgery Day!! Click HERE to see that post if you’re interested. I just had to buy her product, but I NEVER had time last year to try it out. So….when I started my 2015-16 year off, I knew one of the things I would take time to do was Vowel Surgery Day. Well….we did it and it was soooooo well worth the effort!! It was totally satisfying for me to have an activity that day, that would be fun and yet VERY engaging for my kinder cubs. Another thing that I loved about it, was the fact that I was able to pull some 5th graders in to help as well. No that is not a 5th grader behind me in the pic. That is my awesome parapro, Mrs. Hartley. The 5th graders were at the other stations. I loved my little make shift FES Hospital!!



We did vowel surgery last Tuesday, because Monday was our field day. Well, I just couldn’t leave math out…

I mean….all that attention to VOWELS….

NUMBERS had to be right up there as well….


I created a resource called EQUATION EXCAVATION!! So the kinders got to be doctors of another type on Wednesday….


Now this day was a little messier than the vowel surgery day, but again…

it was well worth the effort!!

I got 4 different sensory bins ready and the answers to math equations were buried in each bin. The helper, would show a subtraction or addition number sentence and that paleontologist had to locate the answer in the bin. I used dinosaur names for each station….like T Rex Tens and Stegosaurus Subtraction. I also had a station called Brontosaurus Bump It. This is the station where they would “rest” from all of their excavations and play a game of Bump It and eat none other than….DINOSAUR FRUIT SNACKS!! Click HERE to get my resource if you are interested!




File_000 (92)

And here is our rendition of the grass critters you see on Pinterest. We did these on Thursday afternoon after our big end of the year celebration. That is one of my favorite times of the year. When the parents get to come see our little program in the classroom and marvel over how much their precious one has grown!! Lots of tears were shed at the end. It really pulls at the heartstrings for sure!! BTW….we do this on the day before the last day of school.

I posted about the way I do my End of the Year Celebration last year, so feel free to click HERE to see what we do.


File_000 (93)

We had 3 postplanning days…

A local church provided lunch for us on the last day. They had a wonderful pavilion and had hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixins for us….

not to mention TONS of desserts!! Then, when we left, they had the cups as a gift for us to take home. It was such a nice way to end our school year!


HOWEVER!! Because I honestly didn’t plan out my last week with my kiddos very well…

I mean…

Vowel Surgery and Equation Excavation took up a lot of my time…..

I needed to go back to school that afternoon and make sure I had put away everything that I was told to put away.

And y’all…..

it was quiet……not a good quiet….but a sad quiet…..

believe it or not….I was missing my Kinder Cubs!!…I promise!! …..I really was….I had a grieving moment for sure!!

So I posted this pic on Instagram…

File_000 (94)

With this comment:

Well….another year done! All things put on the back counter ….piled high!! It’s such a bittersweet day!! So ready for summer vacation but I’m going to miss my sweet and precious Kinder Cubs of 2015-16!! Great will happen here again August 8th!! Stay tuned!!

And that about sums it up!! Be sure and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. I always LOVE reading the posts from it!! Have a great weekend!!

Five For Friday: Earth Week


It’s time for me to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! I love to take time and be a part of this linky party! What fun!


File_000 (65)

On Monday, I began my Earth Day unit with the cartoon original of The Lorax. I love these old Dr. Seuss originals!

Since we had already had a Dr. Seuss week, the kinders were quite aware of what the cartoon was going to be like, so they were all excited to get to see it!!

I waited until the afternoon to show it and then when it was time to pack up, I gave each kinder a bag of Trufulla Seeds.

File_000 (66)

I had them all look at the quote and I talked to them about how crucial it was for them to realize the importance of taking care of our Earth and that was what we were going to learn about the rest of the week.

Now, I found a picture of this on Pinterest, but the picture didn’t link me to a printable.

Because I REALLY wanted to make this bag topper, I quickly made one on Sunday evening.

Please click HERE to get to my post on Monday so you can get a bag topper freebie!


This past Friday, we had a big event that our PTO is charge of called a Spring Fling. I’m sure many of you have something like this at your school. Part of the Spring Fling is the big Silent Auction of Spring Fling Baskets.

My families did a great job helping me fill up our “Welcome To My Garden” basket.

File_000 (74)

This basket was so heavy, I had to get a rolling cart to carry it down to its resting spot.

When I last checked, someone had bid $50 for it. It was worth $100, so that person got a great deal on it!!

I love to help our PTO out on things like this! They truly try to help our school out so much!!

File_000 (75)


File_000 (76)

For the Art Smart project this week, the Kinder Cubs made an I Love My Earth mobile. As I researched something to do this week for my Art Smart center (I do this during my literacy center time.) I found this on…

yes you guessed it….


However, as I worked through it this week, the one I found was too much for my Kinder Cubs to pursue.

Therefore, I modified it a bit.

Here is a quick tutorial on it:

  1. paper plates- watercolor the back of it blue (they did part without supervision)

2. Once it has dried, sponge paint green tempera paint to look like land on earth. (yes this needs supervision)

3. Brainstorm ways we take care of the Earth and write the ways on an anchor chart.

4. Then, give them each 2 cut out hearts from white cardstock (I traced 2 to a page and cut them out)

5. Then, they draw 2 different ways that can take care of the earth.

6. They can write 1 word or phrase or sentence to describe it on each heart. (We just simply ran out of time, but I will probably have them do this when we come back on Monday)

7. Using blue and green construction paper hearts that were cut about an inch bigger than the white ones, the students glued one on each white circle.

8. Then, I hole punched holes in the areas that you see in the above picture and took about a 3 inches of yarn to tie it all together to form the mobile.

Don’t you think they are cute!! They really added some color to the classroom and I loved all of the different pictures they drew on their hearts!!

File_000 (77)


Last week for my birthday, my biological kids and their sweet spouses gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer.

Oh. My. Goodness!!

Where has this thing been all my life!! I could not BELIEVE how awesome this apparatus is!

I could not get over how easy it was to mix my cookie dough and how I didn’t even need to put a spatula in it to make sure it was getting all of the dough that clings to the bowl.

All I can say is….


File_000 (78)

What I made with this awesome contraption, were my Earth Day cookies.

I found the recipe HERE TRUST ME!!

These babies are super duper easy!!  You just use sugar cookie mix from a bag, put blue food coloring in one batch and green food coloring in another batch and roll a little of each color in your hand, pop them on the cookie sheet and let them bake and



Here are how mine turned out.

File_000 (79)

When I was rolling the 2 colors together, I found that if I kind of folded the dough over, the cookies turned out more Earth like than just half green and half blue.

As part of our Earth Day unit, I showed Wall-E. This movie has such deep meaning to me and it really speaks to the kids. Now, there is no way their brains can handle this movie all in one sitting.

So, I showed 30 minutes of it on Thursday afternoon and then the rest of it on Friday afternoon.

After the movie, we took a pledge to take care of the Earth.

As part of the celebration I gifted them with an Earth Day cookie and a reusable Earth Day bag from Publix.

File_000 (80)


File_000 (81)

For our April Home Projects and to lead into our insect unit for next week, my kinder cubs create a Butterfly Design using reusable and recyclable objects. I show pictures from last year and then we talk about symmetry. We send them home with a butterfly silhouette of their color choice. Then, on Earth day they bring in their finished product and do their presentations. I am always amazed at the different butterflies that come back!!

Well….that is it for this week’s Five For Friday!

Oh I do hope you will participate and link up with

Doodle Bugs Teaching for this link up!!

Now, I’m headed to get a much need mani and pedi as I prepare to attend a TpT/Blogger meetup in North Atlanta .File_000 (82)

In honer of this meet up, feel free to step into my TpT store to get my resources for 20% off today and tomorrow!!

Linda Groce- Linda’s Learning Loot

Have a great weekend!!

Five For Friday: Getting My Teach On {March 11, 2016}


File_000 (22)I’m taking time today to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday.

I always have a good time sharing on this link up and reading what other people have been doing this week as well.

My week was a little different than usual.

It started with my family and I boarding an airplane on Saturday and making our way to Orlando, Florida.

Nope…..not to see Mickey Mouse….even though we absolutely love him at the Groce household…

We went so I could see another icon in her own right….


Yes!! I got to hear Deanna Jump and learn from her conference called “Get Your Teach On”.


File_000 (23)

We arrived at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center. It was F-U-N!! The hotel is attached to a HUGE mall! We had a great time shopping, eating, and just enjoying some time together!

File_000 (24)

This is Jaden enjoying herself around the mall and outside the hotel.


Then, on Sunday, we went on a little field trip to the Crayola Experience. Being the kindergarten teacher that I am, I loved looking at how crayons are made and all the history behind Crayola Crayons. We loved all of the artsy areas where you could do all kinds of art projects using crayons. We did stuff like creating something on a computer and it got projected onto a screen to spin art with melted crayons. File_000 (26)There was an area where you could create a label and wrap it around a crayon of your choice. I ended up making a crayon for each of my students to have them a little gift when I got home.

File_000 (27)


 In case you might be interested, you can click the pic above to get to the website for Crayola Experience. Divider-3_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2_thumb

Then, it was THE DAY!! The day I tell you….

File_000 (28)When I got to GET MY TEACH ON!!

Dan and Jaden went to Universal Studios for the day.

But, boy!! I didn’t mind that I was missing Universal….by being here, I was SO in my element!!

Even though, I was all by myself! I mean….. really!! I honestly didn’t know a SOUL there, but it was fine. I knew I would have fun anyway.

I found a seat that was fairly up close…

I didn’t want to seem too teacher geeky…..

and I made some small talk with some new found friends…..

And then……

Lights! Camera! Action!

Deanna Jump came in and she was BRINGING IT!

File_000 (29)

Ok…I know….not the best picture….

but I had to get a picture of her in the chair. She was so concerned that the people in the back couldn’t see her, that she stood in that stinkin’ chair most of the day!

Don’t you love it! She was concerned about everyone else all day. Wanting to make sure we were all happy and learning something!


File_000 (30)

I have to tell a funny on me concerning this picture. When we had our first break, I was getting back just a tad bit late. So as I walk by the little photo op area, I think to myself, “I’ll just take this time to take a selfie right here….right QUICK.” Since I was trying to hurry, I grabbed a sign to hold that I THOUGHT said, “TOO COOL!”

Well, this real sweet lady walked up and offered to take my picture and I was thrilled. So I stood there and she took my picture. Then, I offered to take one of her. I put my sign and boa back up and she picked a boa and a sign to use while I took her picture. I thought, “I’m surprised she didn’t get the sign I had because I thought it was TOO COOL!” Anyway…I took her picture and we talked for a few seconds and then we both went back into the conference room. She was sitting further back than me.

When I sat down, I just HAD to look at my picture….and

I let out a GASP…..OH. ME. OH. MY.!

I was standing there in the picture…

As pretty as could be…..

with my thumb up…..

holding a sign that had written on it……

are you ready for this?!?!

NOT COOL!!…the sign did not say TOO COOL… said NOT COOL!!

Y’all! That is the story of my life….I get in such a rush over things that sometimes I overlook some KEY details….

Talk about being embarrassed !

I wanted to get up right then, and find that lady and tell her that I had misread the sign!! I never saw her the rest of the day.

Oh well…..I wonder what she said about me afterwards… tellin’!!


File_000 (32)

Bless. Her. Heart.

During every break, Deanna was like Cinderella at Disney World with a line of girls waiting to get their picture taken with her. And I can say proudly that I was one of those girls!! I truly could not let the opportunity pass me by. I just HAD to get a picture taken with her. I mean I might not ever get that chance again!! I also got the nerve up to tell her how much I appreciate her resources on TpT and how those resources helped so much when I began to teach kindergarten. And what an encouragement she was in general! She gave me a big hug and her super nice husband took the picture.

It TOTALLY made my day!

I left the conference rejuvenated and encouraged to continue to

GET MY TEACH ON with my little kinder cubs and to not be afraid to

BRING IT to the classroom

so that I can keep them engaged while bringing rigor and relevance to the classroom….

that sounds pretty cheesy…I know….but for me….it is true!

This quote says it all for me:

File_000 (33)

And what a fun and rewarding job it is! Now I didn’t say it was easy, but it is fun and rewarding!

If you get the opportunity, try to get to Deanna’s conference for 2017. It will be in Dallas. I promise you won’t regret it!!

Now be sure and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Enjoy your weekend!! And be sure and GET YOUR TEACH ON!! Better yet…..let me know some ways that you GET YOUR TEACH ON. Talk to you soon!

Five for Friday: {Linky Party- March 4, 2016}



You put Leap Day and Dr. Seuss Week together and get ………………


However, I do it to myself! I want these kinder cubs to have a fun and engaging week. Therefore, I plan all of this and then my Friday, I crash on my sofa when I get home and I don’t move for several hours.

Does anyone else do that?

Please appease me and say that you do?!?!

To show what this crazy week was like, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching  This post gives a glimpse of some of the events that happened in and out of my classroom.


File_000 (14)

I spent the weekend researching and making a resource to use with my Kinder Cubs for Leap Day. The last time I taught on Lead Day, I was teaching 1st grade. Therefore, I didn’t really have much to appeal to the kinders. This year, I put a free resource in my TpT store. Please get it HERE if you would like to save for the next time. Remember 4 years from now will be here before you know it!! In the packet I included some coloring sheets, a Leap Day reader, a social studies activity the emphasis on past, present, future, and some math counting sheets. In the collage above, I found a cute frog puppet with a leap year poem to glue and put on the back.

CLICK HERE to see a short video of our origami leap frogs in action. I don’t have a good pic of what they looked like.

File_000 (16)

We ended the Leap Day Celebration with Leap Frog Floats. These were so easy peasy!! I bought store brand lemon lime soda, lime sherbert, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and vanilla frosting…..BTW, the last 3 items  were leftovers from the week before when we created Washington and Lincoln cookie faces. My parapro “glued” the mini chips onto the mini marshmallows using the frosting. To assemble the float, you just put a couple of rounded scoops of the sherbert in a small clear plastic punch cup, then add enough soda to not cover up the sherbert. Then, we gave the kinders 2 frog eyes and a straw and spoon and they loved them!! They were so quiet and don’t think 1 child disliked it at all!! Next time, I will use red straws, so it will look like a tongue. Of course, I had to save some for us to have as a family that evening. Dan and Jaden were slurping away on this tasty treat!!


And now for Dr. Seuss!! I stayed late on Monday and turned the room into kind of like a Seussville. I had the book display covered in Dr. Seuss books. I found some bulletin board displays from Really Good Stuff and mounted those onto my dry erase boards. I set out manipulatives like erasers for them to use to pattern during morning routines. I put out all of my stuffed characters (these are treasures for sure!!) with the books they that match them. I had matching card games that I located in the $1 bin at my friendly Target.

These kinders were in awe when they walked in that morning. In fact, that morning, I had to change my Daily Five routine and just let them get books and stuffed characters and enjoy!! I loved it!!



Now, if there wasn’t already enough to do, our grade levels had to come up with a spring display on our doors that related to our Habit. We are a Leader in Me school and we teach the 7 Habits of a good leader. We got plenty of notice about this, I just didn’t take the time to get ours finished until this week…..see… crazy!!

Our habit to focus on was “Begin With The End In Mind”. Our grade level chair thought of using the sequencing of the Little Red Hen. We kept the decorative doors that we used in the winter and turned them into spring. My husband painted the Little Red Hen scenes. I think the finished result was so pretty!!

File_000 (18)

Here’s a close up of the way the flowers were done.

File_000 (19)

I stayed late that day completing my door and getting the signs ready. Whew!! Now we are ready for the spring!

Then, that night Jaden and I went to a Wilton’s cake decorating class at Joann’s. We had a lot of fun, but I’m telling you, I was whipped by the end of that day!!



On Wednesday, March 2…..

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, we get out the hats. Don’t they look precious. We continue with our literacy and math centers for the week and have a Cat in the Hat healthy snack.

File_000 (20)

File_000 (21)


The next day, we had spring pictures!! I’m telling you…..the week of C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!

File_003 (1)

I just had to show this collage, because every one of my kinder cubs were looking mighty spiffy that day!!! This is just a few of them!!


And then came Friday!! Friday, Friday……YES!!

That morning my focus was on Green Eggs and Ham. And I did cook Green Eggs and Ham. Only a handful of kinders didn’t like it, but the majority did and they asked for more!!

After lunch that day, we did a lot of Seuss writing.

They wrote rhyming words on a hat and then wrote a rhyming sentence. They wrote a sentence to go along with their CAT IN THE HAT Art Smart activity they worked on during the week.

Then, they did a response sheet on where they would eat green eggs and ham (I forgot to take a pick of that!! Oops!!). But here is a collage of the other 2 writing activities.

File_000 (17)

Then, after recess, they watch a DVD of the OLD Dr. Seuss cartoons. If you find those in a store, GRAB. THEM. UP. I’m telling you they are treasures and the students absolutely love them!!!!!

Then…..for our SEUSS WEEK Finale……….we had a GRINCH CAKE WALK!! Yes a GRINCH CAKE WALK!! I made cupcakes the night before (using my new skills of cake decorating and decorated the cupcakes to look like Thing 1 or 2). The students walked around on the Grinch footprints. When I called out the equations, the child that was on that one got to go get a cupcake and sit down and eat. The last child standing got extra CUB CASH to put in her prize money cup. They loved this! Also, in the collage below is a math activity we did called: How many cats are under the hat? They loved it and it was a great way to teach missing addends!!

File_002 (2)

File_001 (2)

Also click HERE to see a short video clip of the kinder cubs in action playing the game!

As we packed up that day, the kinder cubs got to choose a little Dr. Seuss notebook(got these on sale from REALLY GOOD STUFF), a pencil and a eraser. They were thrilled!!

Now, I am about to head to Orlando to attend Deanna Jump’s Conference: Get Your Teach On!!

I’m so excited!!

Please let me know what you did this past week and be sure and link up with

Doodle Bugs Teaching for this FUN Linky Party!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Five For Friday Sept. 25th, 2015

fiveforfriday2_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2IMG_2138[1]Here I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

It has been such a fun week centering all of my teaching around APPLES!!

I don’t know why I love this unit so much?!

It may be because it puts me in that nice autumn fallish mood….

It may be because I love to eat apples….

Or maybe because I’m a teacher and it’s just kind of part of my genetic make up??

Well…..whatever it is…..I love it and I think my students have fun with it too……and they learn a lot as well!!

Divider-1_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2_thumb[2]I did have a slight problem this year….not huge but a slight one….I couldn’t find my unit file for apples. Ok..maybe that was a huge problem, since I only had about 2 days to plan what I was going to do.

I have so many expandable folders with the word apples on it and yet I couldn’t find even one!! So I decided to do some research….meaning….I pulled up Pinterest….

I found some great pictures along with ideas that I used to make the week really special.

As part of my literacy centers, I have a center called ART SMART.

 I found this pin of a really cute poem with a craft idea to go along with it. I thought that would be great, so I clicked on the picture and found out that the idea is from Deanna Jump’s Apple Math and Literacy Unit.

Apple Poem

I certainly just HAD to buy this terrific resource…..since I’d lost my Apple unit folder!!

To start off the unit, I used a precious book from the unit that Deanna wrote called, Who Took the Apple? I just loved it! I showed the book on my screen and then I had the kinder cubs complete the sheet that goes with it to create a class book. They loved it!! I put a link in for this unit above with Deanna’s name and the name of her unit. You should really check it out! I’ll reference it throughout this post. Oh….and yes….we did the poem above and it was perfect for my Art Smart Center.


I just need to go ahead and say that I am going to sound like a Deanna Jump groupie throughout this post….but she’s got some good stuff going on!

I am a major fan of hers and DeeDee Wills Guiding Readers Monthly Resources. I began using them last year in January and I knew these were going to be a keeper for me! What I love most about these monthly units is that they teach comprehension skills very explicitly and easily I might add. Everything points back to common core standards and learning targets that fit with kindergarten and first grade. They don’t leave you hanging wondering how you are going to teach these skills. Easy ideas are given for both k and 1 and as you get used to the routine of each daily plan it is really easy to prepare and prep.  Then, there are different writing activities throughout the lesson. Also, each lesson brings out particular vocabulary that is found in the book and you can do little activities to go along with the vocabulary. And if that isn’t enough, they have lots of phonics no prep activities that I use as well. I printed all of the comprehension skills posters and the alphabet posters too. In their Guiding Readers Set 2 August/September Unit there is a lesson plan using Betsy Maestro’s non fiction book:  How Do Apples Grow? Deanna is a pro with teaching kids about Schema and New Learning. That is the way I like to teach when I’m using nonfiction books. This picture shows a little sample of what we did using the book.

Apple pic 1I made a rather sloppy anchor chart that shows their schema and their new information learned from the book. What I love is that most of the students understood that their schema plus their new information equaled new learning for them. As you can see from the 2 drawings, 1 child wrote that the trees help the apples grow and the other even though he didn’t use words I understood he was expressing that his new information was that insects help make the flowers make fruit. By the way, this book really puts in details the “birds and the bees” as far as flowers making fruit. I paraphrased a lot of it, so it wouldn’t sound like I was trying to teach something else…..if you get my drift……

Divider-3_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2_thumbApple Pic 2My math centers this week were all apple related. The kids worked on Spinner Math with apples, counting apples and writing the numbers on a work mat, interpreting a graph of their favorite type of apple, and creating this apple glyph….yep….the glyph is from Deanna Jump’s Apple Unit. For kindergarten, glyphs are a great visual to discuss what is the same or what is different about each other. After each small group completed their graph, I would hold up 2 of the glyphs and at first I would model by telling them my “noticings” about the glyphs and then I would hold up 2 more and get them to think and tell me some of the their “noticings” about the glyphs.

Divider-4_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2_thumb[1]Apple Pic 3On Monday afternoon during our science time, we used our 5 senses to observe a yellow, red, and green apple. The kinders took their science journals and drew pictures of the apples and wrote describing words about the apples. Then, they tasted each kind of apple and we graphed which type was their favorite. Then, we recorded the results on the little poster. Notice the journal on the right……that little kinder used arrows to point to her favorite apple. I thought that was great!

On Tuesday, to introduce maps and globes for social studies, I read How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman and using a large map, I took pictures of the ingredients and taped them to the different places that are mentioned in the book, on the map. Then, after I read the book, I had an apple pie, and gave all of my little kinders a taste.

Divider-5_thumb3_thumb2_thumb7_thumbThis is how I work my science and social studies time block. I teach a whole group science lesson on Monday, and a whole group social studies lesson on Tuesday. I love to integrate science and social studies into my reading and math. However, I think it is important to explicitly teach lessons in these areas even in kindergarten. Then, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, we have SSS time. SSS stands for Science Social Studies Stations. We TRY to get 2 stations in on each day. If I only do 1, I have some time built in on Fridays to finish them up.

This week here were my stations:

Social Studies Station 1: A map of the world for each student. They colored the land areas green and the water areas blue. Basic but it gets them noticing what a map looks like.

Science Station 2: We were also finishing up our Five Senses Unit with an interactive book.

Social Studies Station 3: I read a book about Johnny Appleseed during a read aloud time. Then, the students colored and glued pieces to make a Johnny Appleseed Puppet. There are many patterns for this but my favorite is this one:

Apple Pic 4Click HERE for the free pattern for this Johnny Appleseed Puppet.

On Friday, they glued a song to the back of their Johnny Appleseed puppet.

Click HERE for a copy of the poem.

Then, I videotaped them singing the poem so I could share it with my Class Story on Class Dojo. They were precious!!

Here is a collage pic of my cutie pies with their puppets:

Apple Pic 5Science Station 4: Labeling parts of an Apple-(I saw this activity idea on Pinterest) I took an apple and using a divided plastic serving $1 platter, I cut each part and made a label and placed them in the platter. I took time for the small group to touch each part and then label their own recording sheet. They were very engaged throughout the activity. Of course, they got to eat the rest of the apple that I didn’t use.

Apple Pic 6Click HERE for a copy of the recording sheet.

To complete our unit and my science unit, we did a STEM activity with sink and float. I did this activity last year and the students loved it and learned so much!! You can see that post HERE.

apple pic 7The one thing I did differently this time was instead of the kinders designing a boat of their own to float, I let them make apple boats….in small groups of course…… and they explored with them in the bin of water I used for the sink and float activity. They loved this activity and took their apple boats home.

apple pic 8To find a more detailed example of the apple boats click HERE for the pin.

I know this was a HUGE post, but I wanted to share our week with you in case you needed some new ideas of your own. Hope your week is appleicious!!