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My Dad Rocks!: A Gift for Father’s Day

Well hello there!

For  the first time in forever, (have you got the song in your brain now…yea.. me too!!), I decided it was time that I made sure my kinder cubs gifted their dads before the school year was over.

I’ve always felt that my dads got a bum rap when it came to their special day….

but not this year!!


Since my thematic instruction was based on summer activities and we were also studying rocks, I would incorporate a craft that my kiddos could make for their dads for Father’s Day!

Now, for a little sideline here….

I love to help the kids make this special gift for their moms for Mother’s Day:


The moms in my class absolutely love it!! If you haven’t seen this before click HERE to see the post I wrote with instructions if you’d like to know.



back to the dads…

I searched and searched on Pinterest. I knew I wanted to use something with a picture of them incorporated in it. Then I found a post, that used the phrase: My Dad Rocks!! Click anywhere on the picture below to get to the post from Mommy Moment to find out how to make it! It’s really nice!! Don’t you think??

This DIY My Dad Rocks picture frame is the perfect DIY Father's Day Gift that dad could proudly display on his desk at work.

So, I used this craft to get my inspiration for a kid friendly Father’s Day craft.

I just loved it and I think my teacher’s aide loved it even more.

My kinder cubs had a great time making a special frame for their dad.


Now if you’d like to try this in your classroom or at home……

Here are the instructions to make the frame and also how I took the pictures:

You need to give about 2 days of drying time to make this correctly.


1 wooden frame that will hold a 4×6 inch picture ( I found mine for $1 at Michael’s)

Acrylic paint- I chose brown and gray that I mixed together to get a dark taupe look. (Honestly, it really didn’t change color that much.)

Tacky glue- that is the type of glue that really works best (you can find it at Walmart or any craft store. It is in a brown bottle.)

Small craft sticks- for the students to use to spread the glue

Aluminum pie pan- I used 2

Decorative Rocks (I bought 2 bags at Michael’s for $4.99 each. I took out any rocks that were really large. )

1 Chalkboard with the words: My Dad Rocks written on it with chalk (I found a decorative one at Michael’s that cost me $10 (with a 50% off coupon)

Blue Butcher paper for the picture background


How to take the pictures:

I wrote My Dad Rocks! On the chalk board sign. Writing the statement on the sign, took about 3 tries for me to get it JUST RIGHT! Next, I took a long strip of this pretty blue butcher paper and hung it on my dry erase board with magnets. Then, I had the student sit on a low shelf unit that I have in front of the board. Next, the student held up the sign and once I had the picture scene the way I wanted it, CLICK went the button(probably not the right word…) on my cell phone for a nice photo.  I love to use Walgreens  to develop  my pics because I can always find a good coupon to use.

NOW for the prep work:

These type of wooden frames come with a dowel rod to use to make the frame stand up on its own. I opened each frame, taped the dowel rod to the back of the frame and wrote the child’s class number on the back.

Next, I covered my work space with butcher paper that we reuse for painting projects.

Finally, I mixed the 2 paint colors together in aluminum pans. I set out craft paint sponges.

That was about it for the prep work.


On to the fun part…..

Once the kinder cubs put on a painting shirt, they went to town on the painting!

We waited a day for the frames to dry before we glued the rocks on the frame. However, the paint really dries fast. So there is no need in waiting an entire day. A couple of hours should work.

We also decided to wait and put the photos in after the frames had the rocks glued on them. It would have been easier to have done that before the rocks were glued on, but glue would have DEFINITELY gotten on the pictures.


It was time to glue on the rocks.

For the prepping of this step, I put the rocks in paper plates. I really made sure that there were no big rocks in the plates.

Then, I poured TACKY glue onto small paper plates with small craft sticks set beside each plate.

Once the students sat at the workspace, they each took a craft stick and started putting glue on each space of the frame where they wanted a rock and placed the rock gently on the frame. I didn’t limit them to the number of rocks to use, but you can certainly do that. Of course in kindergarten, we had to demonstrate how to glue the rocks on the frame, and we stayed nearby to help. We noticed that if you push the rock too much into the frame, the glue would spread around the edges and not stay right underneath as well, so don’t push the rock down too much. We made sure they used a lot of glue!

This pic shows how I placed the rocks on the frame as a visual for the students.

No gluing has been done yet!

It took about a day for all of the frames to dry before we began to put the pictures in for display. Some of the rocks did “pop” off, but we just had tacky glue or a hot glue gun ready to fix it.

Here are the results:

During the last week of school, each kinder cub took his or her picture frame and wrapped it in gift wrap paper.

They were so proud of their gift for their dad!


This is a project I will now incorporate into the end of my school year!

I’m going to send a message out to my class dads and see what they thought of their gift!

I hope they will consider it a treasure!!

Be sure and give your dad or special father figure a hug this weekend!

God bless you!!

Mother’s Day Gift in Kindergarten- Oh the choices!!

File_000 (85)

Y’all! I tell you what!!

You pull up Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook

And I mean jellybean!!

You can find all kinds of gifts to craft for Mother’s Day!!

All kinds!!

Well for the past ummm…..100 years…..ok maybe not 100 but at least 6……..

I have done my tried and true tile picture.


It is cute. Let’s face it…

You put a kindergarten face on almost anything and you have CUTE!

No doubt about it!!

But this year…..

I had my supplies for my Mother’s Day craft ready for Monday

and…..(Please tell me you do this!!! It will make me feel better!)

I changed my mind!!

I did, I changed my mind, and went with another project for Mother’s Day!!

There I was at Michael’s on Sunday night…

getting my supplies that were needed…

pulling out every coupon I had….

had my husband in line so I could use another 40% off coupon

and got the items I needed for this:

File_000 (85)

Ok! You’ve got to agree!

This was so worth me changing my mind and switching to my tried and true craft to this!!

I saw it on a FB group that I’m in…

and I couldn’t help myselft….

I just HAD to do it!

We have had such a busy week, but this sweet gift was a priority, and


They are completed…finished….I tell you!

So here is how I got them done:

First thing. The supplies:

I bought 8 x 10 inch canvases at Michaiel’s (they were 10 for $11 with a 40% off coupon and my teacher discount)

acrylic paint in SKY BLUE

Some sticker hearts, scrapbook paper, a heart hole punch (just punch out some heart from the paper)

Mod podge- I had some handy- It is not super cheap, but it will last.

Some Happy Mother’s Day stickers- I found some cute ones, but I also bought some shaped colored labels and a stamp that said Happy Mother’s Day . I stamped that onto the shaped colored labels. Michael’s has a HUGE paper section with tags, and stuff like that.

Pictures of each child, cut out: Each child stood in front of blue butcher paper just like shown. They pretended to blow. Then, I had them developed and cut out each child.


Each student uses a foam brush and taps sky blue paint on the entire canvas. They don’t brush stroke it. That is not as pretty.

Let it dry

The next day, each child will use a foam brush and paint Mod Podge on the canvas.

Next position the cut out picture and put down while the Mod Podge is still wet.

Next, start placing the hearts on the canvas to make it look as if the child is blowing the hearts out of his/her mouth.

Then, go over the hearts with Mod Podge

They can do all of this themselves, but they need to be supervised!!

Then choose a sticker to use to embellish the painting….


there you have it!!

A CUTIE PATOOTIE gift for your students’ mothers on Mother’s Day!!

It is a little expensive, but they were so worth it!!

One child today said, “Wow! My mom is going to love this!!”


worth it!!

Absolutely worth it!!

I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!!

Five for Friday (Linky Party May 8, 2015

fiveforfriday2_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2It has been awhile since I’ve been able to blog. I have allowed other life happenings get in the way, and I just can’t seem to get it all done. April was a busy month because along with my teaching, I am a wedding coordinator and I directed 2 weddings along with having meetings with other brides about their upcoming weddings. Oh yea….I also helped host a bridal shower. It is not easy juggling all of this but I find joy in helping these wonderful brides and grooms prepare for their big day.

I think it is time that I get involved with this linky party that Doodle Bugs Teaching provides. It is great to see all of what other teachers do in a week and the ideas are always pretty awesome! So I hope that you find my Five for Friday useful!!



Our school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week every day! It was a fun a festive week!! We received lots of cards, flowers, balloons, candy, chocolate, and food!

My AP at my school asked if I would make a sign for one of the days where the administration brought in Munchkins for us. Click here to get the PDF free to use it you’d like. The graphics are by Whimsy Clips. The border is by Tracee Orman. The dot font is from Kimberly Geswein Fonts and the pink and orange font is from Teacher Karma.




Go Noodle has been a wonderful resource for me this year. With only 10 days to go, the kids are getting so excited about SUMMER!! These quick brain breaks make it a great way to transition to other activities. I have found that if I just keep the site up on my computer, then it takes less than a minute to find a Go Noodle Movement Song to do and turn the projector and we are ready to GO NOODLE for a minute or two. It’s not just a resource for rainy days. You can find little 1 minute snippets that can help make your day even more engaging.



Here is a pic of what we do for Mother’s Day in our class. One of our sweet art teachers from a while back had our students make these for Mother’s Day. After she left, I just continued to do them. I’ve made them for years and I think they are so cute and a nice keepsake for sure!

They are super easy to make. Here’s how. I usually do this as a small group activity, but this week I was able to get it done as a whole group. I considered THAT a miracle from the Lord!! :):

1. I buy tiles from Lowe’s or Home Depot. These were really nice! So I spent 88 cents on each. However, you can get 12 x 12 99 cent tiles there and have them cut them in fourths for you and that would save money. I just really liked these and I was willing to pay more for them. They had a nice curved corner and were heavier than the cheaper kind.

2. I get old magazines and cut up as many letters to spell I LOVE YOU that I need for my class. I put each set of letters in a baggy and label the baggy with the letter that is in that baggy. Remember that you can turn lowercase n’s upside down to make u.

3. Each child takes a tile and writes his/her name on the back. I get cheap sponge paint brushes and Mod Podge. I pour the Mod Podge in a paper bowl or on a paper plate. The children take the paint brush ( I find that sponge type are better, because the bristles in a regular paint brush can come out and get stuck on the tile.) and dip it in the Mod Podge. They spread it on the tile. Then, they take 1 letter at a time and place each letter on their tile to spell I Love You. I usually paint over the letters with the Mod Podge, so the letters won’t move as they are doing this process.

4. Then, I take a picture that has been taken and developed and I cut it to fit the tile. The child spreads more Mod Podge on the area and we place the pic on top. Then, they spread Mod Podge on the entire tile.

5. We carefully move the tile to a drying area and allow them to dry. It only take about 3 hours for them to dry completely where they won’t stick to anything.

6. We get foam pieces. This year we used heart shape foam pieces and we put 1 in on each corner of the back of the tile. I like to do this to keep the bottom of the tile from scratching furniture once they get home.

7. After they have dried and we have put the foam pieces on the back, we wrap them in bubble wrap. Then, we put them in a gift bag with a handmade card stapled on the outside and they are ready to take home……safe and sound…at least that is our hope and prayer!


This week, we studied insects. What fun it was! Every year, I buy caterpillars from Insect Lore and the kinders get to see metamorphosis in action. Five butterflies hatched and we released them on Friday by our school garden. Four of them flitted off into the sky, but one decided to land on some of the vegetation in the garden and I was able to grab a picture before he/she flew away.


May 8th was National STEM Day

Our grade level chair suggested that we as a grade level celebrate National STEM Day by having each kindergarten teacher teach a different STEM activity and the kinder cubs at our school would rotate to each one. We decided to add the A in STEM so we could get the art in there as well. There are 4 of us all together, so we started at 8:30am and rotated every 20 minutes. It was such an awesome morning!! The students had an absolute ball and it was a nice change of pace for all of us!!

My activity was Sink and Float. I found a blog on how to best do it and it also had a terrific chart that I could download and use. Click here to see the blog and get the free download.


For the Science we predicted and tried out which fruits would sink, float or both. As you can see here, I took a large clear bin I had on hand and filled it with water. I gave each child in the class their own blueberry, strawberry, and grape to put in the bin of water. They loved watching what each fruit did. Then, I took the apple and put it in the water. Finally,  for a more dramatic ending to the experiment I gently dropped the cantaloupe in the water.  The kinders went crazy when they noticed that the cantaloupe floated and did not sink.


For Technology and Math, I posted the chart on our projector that is connected to my computer.  After we took a vote, we circled the prediction that had the most votes for each fruit.


For Engineering and Art. I gave each child a ball of clay and they built a boat that would float. This was not easy. Once 1 or 2 children got their boat to float, we had them share with the others on how they got theirs to float. Therefore, there was lots of conversation happening throughout the process.

Yes! It was messy!

Yes! There were a couple of kinder cubs who cried because they couldn’t get their boats to float.


Yes! It was all worth it!

It was a great learning experience. If I had done this in my classroom with just my class, we would have recorded all of this in a science journal or just on paper.

Well…..this was my Five for Friday! I hope you found something here that you can use for your class.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Be sure and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for your Five for Friday!