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TpT Conference 2017: A perspective from a 50 something Teacher Seller

Hey there! WOW!! I tell you what!! Even though I AM looking forward to beginning a new school year…..

(teachers started back on Friday….it was so very surreal……I think we were all in a daze because we are so used to starting on a Monday and it is still JULY!!)

July is almost over!!

Almost over!!! I tell you!! Where did it go? One day it was here and then….


It is almost gone!!


before this glorious month TOTALLY leaves me….

I want to tell you about my experience at the 2017 TpT conference in Anaheim!!!

I had a fabulous time and I want you to know all about it through the eyes of a 50 something lady like me!

Let me preface this post and warn you that there won’t be me in a lot of pics with other teacher sellers. I’m kind of shy when it comes to taking pics at events like this.

I really don’t know why and I did regret that I didn’t do that!!

So I hope you enjoy the pics I did take!!

The theme this year was: Discover New Dimensions

And that was what I was determined to do!!

Last year I went to the TpT conference for the first time EVER!! I was totally awestruck!! I loved it!!

So when I found out it was in Anaheim this year, I knew that I would need to make arrangements and go back! Dan, Jaden and I are big Disney fans. So to have the opportunity to get to go to Disneyland was one that we just couldn’t miss!!

I love that the TpT team chooses different locations for the conference. That way, it is easy for me to coax my husband and Jaden (my granddaughter) to come along too!

The conference was held at the Hilton in Anaheim! Dan and I have been to other parts of California but never in Anaheim. We really loved this city!!

The weather was awesome and I thought the Palm trees were so much prettier than the ones in FL.

Everywhere we went and being the southern girl that I am, as soon as I opened my mouth to talk, I was asked where I was from. Now let me tell you….

I don’t sound like I’m from way up in the hills, but I do have distinct dialect.

There were a few people who told me how much they loved hearing me talk and that they could listen to me talk all day long!

Now that is the kind of audience I would always love to have!!

We arrived on Sunday and just hung around the hotel and walked around a bit.

Then, on Monday, all of the fun began!!

There was an IHOP just a block away. So we decided to walk over there and eat a nice breakfast. While we were waiting, a lady stopped by our table offering to make a Disney character out of balloons!! Being the awesome grandparents that we are, we let Jaden choose a character for the balloon girl to make.

Can you tell which character this is in the pic??



But this balloon girl had no limits!! She could pump, bend, and knot balloons like nobody’s business! I think she should try out for America’s Got Talent!! I’m sure those judges would be impressed!!

I mean!! Jelly bean!

Dan and I were amazed at her talent!! She could make ANY Disney character…..REALLY…..any!!

She took donations for her craft, so I thought that it was quite worth the $5 I gave her.

When we got back to the hotel, I decided to go on up to the conference area and check in! It was so fun to be greeted by this handsome crew!! They made me feel very special!

I checked in and got my lanyard and nametag.

TpT always gives us some swag, too! This year, it was a gray back pack with a TpT badge on it! I. LOVE! IT!!

That afternoon they had a networking time for different regions. It was a great time to meet sellers from around my parts!! It was led my Shelly Rees and Latoya Reed– We first grouped up by when we started selling on TpT. Then, we grouped up by what state we lived in, and what grade we taught.

The rest of the time we played Share one, Slide One. We had a sheet of paper with 12 boxes on it and in each box there was a different category. Like: PowerPoint tip, Photo-Taking Tip, Favorite Clip Artist. We would find 2 people to give us 2 tips for each category. I really enjoyed meeting some new people and seeing others that I’ve met before. I was totally excited to have met Kim Adsit and to talk to Deanna Jump. I’ve been to Deanna’s conference Get Your Teach On and got to meet her there! When I talked to her this time, she recognized my face and I told her why. I attended the first Get Your Teach On and when I told her, she apologized and said that the first one was not up to par to what she wanted it to be! I told her that I really enjoyed it and didn’t think that at all…..

And I really didn’t!! I loved it!! Deanna Jump is a major inspiration to me, so of course I think that she can do no wrong!!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a TpT Town Hall Live and Breakout sessions with the TpT team facilitating them. I learned about how to create a UTM code and a way to use a graphic organizer for design thinking. All of these things that afternoon were very informative and I really enjoyed getting to know more people!!

That afternoon while I was learning more about being a teacher seller, Dan and Jaden ventured around the Anaheim area and visited Downtown Disney!!


Don’t you just LOVE the palm trees in Anaheim!?!

 I loved entering through this area each day!! It really brought a smile to my face!

TpT really knows how to put on a conference!! I wanted to get my money’s worth so for the next 2 days, I was determined to learn as much as I could!!

There were so many sessions to choose from that I had to really think about why was I here….

What was my purpose in being there?

What did I want to learn from this conference?……

My answers??? I knew that it was time to think about how to use social media better and see what I needed to do to make my store better.

I didn’t have any fancy binders to use for note taking. However, with pen in hand, the 2 items above were my constant companions throughout the conference!!

So I listened to TpT sellers such as Jennifer Kadar from Simply Kinder about building my brand through community, Elizabeth Konechi about making videos, and I got a lot of information from Chris Kesler’s session on creating email lists. I also learned ways to improve my resources by listening to Martha Hach of The Owl Spot and Erin Cobb of Lovin Lit. After I listened to and watched videos of sellers using Instagram Stories, I realized that I need to get out of my shell and try some of my own.


Even though, most of the conference was more for teacher sellers, I also went to a couple of incredible sessions that would help me in my teaching profession. One sessions was about being culturlly responsive. This is a big thing in our county. So I wanted to get as much information about it as I could. Lindsey Nagorski spoke on this topic and how important it is to use it in the classroom. I decided to find her blog and start following her to read and do more when it comes to being culturally responsive.


When I was learning how to be a better teacher seller , Dan and Jaden went to Disneyland!! Disneyland was just a short bus trip away. They honestly could have walked there but the bus tickets were $5 for 2 days, so it was a no brainer to take a bus to and from the park each day. Then, they would come back take a nap and then I would go with them at night! I’m telling you!! This was a dream come true for us!!

The scenery behind me is the boardwalk section in California Adventures.



All I can say is, “WOW!!” Not about JUST Disneyland but also for the time spent at the TpT 2017 Conference!!


I absolutely felt like this whole conference was well worth every penny!!

I felt valued by the TpT team!

I felt happy to have gotten to meet a lot of teacher sellers like me!!

I felt like even though there were many teacher sellers who were young and just cute as buttons with their blonde hair and precious dresses, there were just as many of us who were probably 50 and older and we looked just as cute and had just as much fun as they did!

And most of all I felt like I was inspired to take on another year of being a teacher seller and doing what I enjoy…..

creating resources and selling them through the best online store for teachers ever!!

So at the end of the last day when I saw a few teacher sellers trying to spell the word for the next location of TpT conference 2018, I got really excited when I saw the name of this city…..

Well if you can’t see it here clearly it spells…..

NASHVILLE baby!!……that is not too far from my stomping grounds!!


I know that this 50 something will be back for sure!!

God bless you real good!!