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My First Year Journey as a Kindergarten Teacher

first day kindergartenHi, y’all! My name is Linda Groce and this is a picture that was taken of me on my first day of kindergarten….hmmm… a teacher of course from this year…..which was in August of 2013. I’ve been a teacher for 16 years, but this was my first year as a kindergarten teacher. My joke to everyone was that I just keep getting younger every year! Well, now after 1 year under my belt, I think it is time to start telling about this adventure! And adventure or wild journey is definitely the best way to describe it! As I’m just trying to figure all of this blogging stuff out using WordPress, I hope it will get better and will be LOADED with information to help any educator out with their craft. Since I’m beginning this after my first year with 22 sweet kinders and a paraprofessional…..oh yea……and kindergarten parents to boot, I think I’ll just go backwards through the year and blog about interesting and funny things we did throughout. So please come back and maybe this blog can be a summer hit for you!!

Now if you are curious about how I made the frame above and how I used it on the first day, read on! I was able to get the wooden frame and letters from Michael’s. Since we are the Tiger Cubs, I found some paws and a little tiger cub to add to it. I spray painted the frame purple (this color just matches my color scheme in my classroom). The top letters were spray painted in a teal blue. Home Depot was the best place to find spray paint. This store had a lot of colors to choose from! The bottom letters were already white with glitter. So I just left them like they were. I hot glued everything on the frame. When I took pictures of my students, I hung a sheet of orange butcher paper on my white board and the students stood in front of it. The pictures turned out so cute!! I’m printed the pictures at Walgreens (just a convenient place for me to go) and I mailed a note to the parents and told them how excited I was that their child was going to be in my class and that I was excited to be their kindergarten teacher. I got great feedback from the parents about this and it was a great way to show them that I care.