I tried the Chick-fil-A Mealtime Kits. Here Are Six Observations.

Guest Post Alert! My son, Daniel, is home for six weeks on Parental Leave, caring for our first grandson who was born in May. Daniel loves to cook as much as me. He tested out the new Chick-fil-A Mealtime Kits and wrote the post below based on his experience. As a busy teacher and a working mom / grandma, I love to find new, tasty and quick meal options for those tough week nights! I hope you enjoy hearing from Daniel!

Chick-fil-A introduced Mealtime Kits on August 27 in Atlanta. Customers can purchase meal kits that serve two people for $15.89 at participating locations. Current offerings include Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken Parmesan, but the company says it will offer Dijon Chicken, Pan-Roasted Chicken and Chicken Flatbread in the future. This is a fantastic and innovative idea from the fast food chain, allowing them to compete with growing brands like HelloFresh, Blue Apron and countless other meal delivery services. The only difference is that instead of worrying about when your mealkits will arrive at your home, you can pick these up at your local Chick-fil-A any time of day.
I tried the Chicken Enchiladas this week. Here are six observations from my experience!
1. The packaging and instructions look fantastic.
Mealtime Kits come in a cardboard box with a recyclable cardboard pan holding the ingredients. The recipe card is colorful and extremely clear — it reminded me of HelloFresh. Some contents were familiar, like the Creamy Salsa I love on Chick-fil-A’s Southwest Chicken Salad, but most of the ingredients were not, like pre-packaged enchilada sauce. If it wasn’t for the branding, I don’t think I would have known this was from Chick-fil-A.
2. The Kits are fresh.
Ingredients are individually bagged and fresh. In fact, we bought the kit on a Tuesday and needed to use it by that Friday. The vegetables are not pre-cut, but the meat is pre-marinated.
3. The cooking process was easy, but it was complex enough that I felt accomplished at the end.
The primary tasks were: cutting three small peppers and an onion, cutting chicken into 1-inch pieces, stovetop cooking, mixing, filling and rolling the enchiladas and topping everything off with creamy salsa. The rice included in the kit is par-cooked, requiring just three minutes of heating time.
4. It took me about 45 minutes. 
This is 15 minutes more than the 30-minute cook time the company advertises, but my 45 minutes included about 15 minutes in the oven. Here’s how it broke down: 8 minutes to prep the ingredients, 13 minutes to cook the enchilada filling, 5 minutes to roll the enchiladas and 17 minutes in the oven.
5. The meal could probably feed three people.
Although two of us ate the entire meal, you could easily divide the four enchiladas between three people. You could also purchase two kits and cook everything at the same time. I don’t think this would impact the cooking time; you would just use a bigger baking dish.
6. It’s Chick-fil-A. Of course it was good.
The end result was truly delicious, albeit like nothing I have tasted from Chick-fil-A before. With fresh ingredients, pre-marinated meat and easy-to-follow and accurate instructions, these enchiladas were takeout quality.
I plan to try the Chicken Parmesan soon. For less than $8 / person, I highly recommend the Chick-fil-A Mealtime Kits on a busy weeknight or lazy weekend at home.

All About Me Printable Book: Favorite Year Long Read

At the beginning of every school year, students come into your classroom a little scared. Why?! Mainly because they don’t know many of the classmates around them. So I find it very important to begin the school year working through a unit where they learn about each other. As they learn about each other, I then sneak in a very special book they get to create called: All About Me…..I know really original….right?! Well this little powerful, engaging book ends up being their most favorite year long read!!
Let me show you how I do it!!

Monthly Home Project

Every month, I have a special home project that the students complete…..guess where?!…..YEP!……at home. For September, the special home project is to create an All About Me book. First, I show them a sample by presenting my book. BTW- my book gets left in the special basket all year for their reading pleasure (more about that further down!) !! They love it!!

Next, I send a special note about it with copies of the pages and a deadline on when to return it. I send a picture of my book through Class DoJo so they can see an example.

Then, the students return them back to me as loose pages that are clipped together. They can add stickers or stamps to them, but I request that no glitter or 3D type item be placed on them, because they will get laminated…….

so therefore…

glitter and 3D stickers just don’t work well through a laminating machine.

What I Do As They Are Returned

As each set gets returned back to school, I get colored paper and mount each page on that colored paper . I trim it down to show about 1/2 inch all around each page.

As you can see on my sample pages, I used purple paper to mount each page.

Once each page is mounted on the colored paper, I laminate each page. Now these pages are not 8 1/2″ x 11″. Therefore, I usually have to cut around the pages to get the excess laminating off each page. Finally, I bind each book using our school binding machine and binding combs. Now, if you don’t have that at your school, just simply punch holes and bind using ribbon or yarn.

How Do I Use These Book Throughout The Year

As each book gets completed, I give each child an opportunity to present his or her book to the class. You should just SEE the look on their little faces. I tell you what!! They are beaming with pride!!!!

Then, I put all of the books in a special basket and it stays in my reading center all year long!

On the last day of school, I send each child’s book back home. I tell the students to be sure and take very good care of it because it is a treasure!!

What Happens With the Kiddos Who Don’t Complete a Book?

Easy peasy!! I just take some pictures of that child around the school. If he or she has a sibling or 2 around the school, I make sure to take a picture of them, too. Then, we work together and get it completed. That way, no one gets left out of this project!!

How do I get this resource?

Would you like to get this resource?

Just click HERE

And you will find what a great value it is in my TpT store!

It says that it is just right for kindergarten but now that I’m teaching 1st grade, it fits perfectly for 1st grade as well.

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope your school year is off to a great start!!

Thanksgiving Feast 2017

Hello there!

What a joy it is to be on my Thanksgiving Break! I hope you are getting to rest this week as well!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is time for me to reveal my table decorations for this year.

We had our annual feast last Wednesday and it was quite successful! I can’t ever let this day go by without putting some cute decorations on our table.

For the past 2 years, I have made sure that my table decorations have items on them that the families can take home. I knew that I wanted to make turkey handprint paintings but I wanted to do them a little differently this year.

So off I went to my favorite craft resource site…..Pinterest!

I found instructions to make these….

The entire project was a little more time consuming than making the handprints on potholders. However, the results were well worth it!

Click HERE to find the instructions on this cute turkey display. The instructions came from Stacy at “Things to Share and Remember”. Two things I did differently: 1. I didn’t make a name card to glue on the front. (I just ran out of time!) 2. I used a rectangle cut from a brown paper lunch bag for the back piece instead of cardboard.

Do you notice the pumpkins in the picture?!? They were my favorite!!! I. LOVED. Them!! These decorations were very easy! However, they can be costly. They were well worth it for me, though. Can you guess what it is giving the pumpkin effect? It is a roll of toilet paper. The single roll of paper that you buy.

Of course…..

that makes me wonder who buys single rolls of toilet paper?!?!


The picture above shows the one I made at home. Click HERE to get the instructions for these. I found them from Montserrat. Her blog is called Cranial Hiccups. My pumpkins look a little rounder, because I wrapped some tissue paper around the toilet roll before I covered it with the fabric.

Here are 2 of my little kinder turkeys enjoying themselves on our feast day!!

You may have noticed the little cards on the table. What I do there, is this:

I find out what every kinder is thankful for and why. Then, I type that on a template. Next, I take pictures of each child using some really cute photo props I found for free!! Then, I put the pics on the template as well. Next, I print them in color, and laminate them. They fold easily. One of my teacher friends mounted hers on colored cardstock and that element added some depth as well.

These photo props are so cute! There are several to choose from. Click HERE to get your own Thanksgiving photo props.

Click HERE to download my template for the cards.

One last thing before I leave today…..

I have a thankful turkey that the Kinder Cubs do as a home project. It is so sweet! I cut out turkey feathers using black poster board. Then the students take them home and decorate them to show what they are thankful for.

Here are a couple of pictures:

What thrilled me this year was that each kindergarten class had their own Thankful Turkey. They looked awesome displayed in our hall!

Well Thanksgiving is almost upon us……

I have so much to be thankful for and  I hope that you will find much to be thankful for as well!!

God bless you REAL good!!

Solar Eclipse Day…What’s a Teacher To Do??

Hello there!!


This post is going to start with confession time…..

I just need to get it out there to clear my guilt and I do hope I’m not the only one in kindergarten teacher land who did this! So here goes:

First of all- I didn’t even know there was going to be a Solar Eclipse until the middle of June.

I’m not a syfy kind of woman…

except I do enjoy watching Face Off on the Syfy Channel….but I don’t believe in Aliens…..

so space is not really my thing….

I personally enjoy keeping my feet planted on Earth…..except when I’m travelling in a jet.

Second of all- I had other things on my plate this summer where my mind did not even come back to Solar Eclipse Day! I mean…. I had Vacation Bible School, STEAM team meetings, workshop on learning about Monarch butterflies, a mission trip to Wales, TpT conference, the beach, and not to mention completing a remodeling project in my house. I enjoyed every second of these fun activities for the summer. ….

But THEN……

Preplanning began


I went to a meeting of all of the Science Curriculum Lead Teachers in our county and the words SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY came up in a discussion.


It was a MAJOR discussion!!

like- What are we doing that day? Is there a plan for school to be cancelled? Is there any talk of our school day been extended? How much will our area be in the solar eclipse? Has anyone bought glasses for viewing the Solar Eclipse that day?

I’m telling you, It was stuff that I had not EVEN thought about!!

And I tell you I was slightly numb from it all……I thought…..

“YIKES!! This is a pretty important day!

But then to settle my whirling brain, I thought, ” However, it doesn’t actually happen until around 2:30pm in my neck of the woods and it will only be a partial eclipse for us, and my kinder cubs will be on a bus, or car going home. So I’ll just order some solar eclipse glasses for my class as a gift. I’ll attach a note about what they are for and I’ll be good.”

At that point my problem was solved, except I had not ordered glasses yet, but I least had a plan and I was good! I went on through the rest of my week with school meetings and preparing my class for Meet the Teacher Day and for the first day of school. And that is what I did…..

Until a week later!!

And Oh….but WOE was ME….and a few hundred or maybe thousands (I’m not really counting) more teachers in my county.

It became OFFICIAL!!

Our district was extending the school day on August 21st to keep the students safe while the Solar Eclipse was happening! And on a good note, the county school system was going to provide proper solar eclipse glasses for the event for every child and staff in our schools!!

WHAT?!?! An extended day?!?! Oh no?!?

School has JUST started and my brain can only handle the beginning of the year stuff for kindergarten!! I mean….

We’ve only been in school for 5 days!! FIVE days I tell you!!!!

Now I’ve got to add Solar Eclipse Day on top of  just getting my act together with a new set of super sweet kindergarteners?!?! Oh WOW!! What was I to do???????

After I slept on it and rested last weekend, I calmed down…..

I calmed WAYYYYYY down….

I knew I could make this work for me and my new set of kinder cubs. This WAS going to be a very important event for our country and I wanted my kinder cubs to understand and experience it. That is what my job is and I’m very passionate about engaging and helping my students understand the world around them.


Here is the last part of my confession….

I am sitting here on a Saturday morning.

I just wrote up my plan for Monday’s event. Yep…..I haven’t had time to fully think about it until I sat down early this morning and researched activities for the Solar Eclipse and what it was I am going to do!

Therefore, I thought, why not share it with you in case you are trying to figure out your day as well!!

So here you go!!

Songs and Videos

During snack on Monday, I plan on showing a short video about the solar eclipse. I found one through PBS Kids using one of their shows:

At first, I was questioning this 12 minute show’s relevance to the solar eclipse, but then about 1/3 of the way through you see the solar eclipse come into play. It even discusses why we should never view the solar eclipse with our naked eye and they create a pin hole box viewer when they get ready to observe the solar eclipse. The students are very familiar with this PBS show, so I know they will be engaged watching it. If you would like to view it too, just click the logo above to get to the video.


I love to incorporate songs in as many subjects as I can. As I was looking for a video to watch on Monday, I came across a cute song that has a catchy little chorus throughout just  using the words solar eclipse. It’s more like  a rap until you get to the chorus part, but I think it will still grab my students’ attention.  It also helps children not be so fearful of what the solar eclipse is.

Just click below to get to it.

Center Time!!

Within our county, we were sent many online resources to help with our instruction during Solar Ecplipse Day. I appreciate all that our county does to help us meet the needs of our students!!

However, being the blog, Facebook Teacher Group and TpT lover that I am, I found a resource that I decided would help me tremendously on Monday.

So here is a plug for one of my favorites…..

Simply Kinder, Jennifer Kadar!!

Thanks to awesome Simply Kinder for providing a super resource that is inexpensive with quick and easy resources for me to prepare and use on Monday!! There are several components to pick and choose from that will suit your instructional style and needs while your kiddos learn!

You can click any of the pics below to get straight to the resource!!

Since our day will be extended on Monday by 1 hour, I will have time to incorporate Science Small Group Stations that afternoon.

I have 16 students so I will have 4 groups of 4 students.

My center will be a reading lesson, using the Simply Kinder solar eclipse book that is included in her solar eclipse resource.


My paraprofessional will facilitate a math graphing center using Simply Kinder’s Solar Eclipse Count and Graph and Yes! It is a part of that resource!

Because these kinder cubs have only been in school for 10 days, there will be parameters on how they are going to complete this. My parapro will only give them 1 crayon at a time. She will have them color each group with only 1 color for each object. The colors will be green for earth, yellow for sun, and gray for moon.She will have them count each object in a group and then show them how to count that same number using the bars going from the bottom to the top of the bars. Then, she will draw a line across the top of the last bar in the number. That will give them a visual of where to color the bars. Then, they will color each set of bars to create the bar graph.

For an extension, I can have them write a sentence I see ________ moons, etc. or I think it would be great to have them count all of them and see what the total number is and compare it to the total number of bars that were colored.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my newbies will get this!! At least it will be great exposure to counting and comparing numbers.


Now….there will be two independent centers. At this stage of the game or year that is, it can be somewhat tricky when it comes to preparing an independent activity that won’t cause frustration or lots of “Teacher, teacher, I don’t know how to do this!” among my kinder cubs.

So one of the independent centers will be this Solar Eclipse Craft from Simply Kinder’s resource:

I didn’t really think of this as a craft. It is more of a model of  what will happen during the solar eclipse.

Now you may be looking at this and thinking, “How in the world are kindergarten students going to do this independently?”

Great question!!

And I am going to give you a crazy and obsessed kindergarten teacher answer.

My family and I are going to cut out the pieces and put the craft together. I know!! Crazy?!?! But I really think it will be worth doing!

All the students are going to do is color it. Perhaps they may get BORED with this!! But I think they will enjoy doing that and then they can manipulate the moving moon to mimic the solar eclipse. I will get out colored pencils along with the crayons for this. Again, because I want this to be realistic, I will only have out the colors of crayons and/or colored pencils that will make it more of a realistic model. I am going to glue the sun that is attached to the black paper on the back of the Earth. The moon will be the only movable piece.

Now for the other independent center…

I needed to have another math center because technically the time that I am doing these centers is during my math block.

So, I created a counting math activity with a solar eclipse theme. And I am offering it to you for FREE!! So please go to my TpT store and download it. Click the pic below to get to my store and download it for FREE!!

After the centers are complete, we will color and put together a special solar eclipse hat that is also in the Simply Kinder Resource. I keep debating about this, because we are making hats each day for our Alphabet Action Time….so we’ll see!!

Then, I will talk to the kids about safety outside. Around 2:25 we will begin to make our way outside to the front of our building. The front of building will not give direct access for our little ones to see directly into the sun. That is being done on purpose. We really don’t want any eye injuries that day.

While we are out there, I plan to get the kids to use their senses to find out about the Solor Eclipse. Then, when we come back in, I will have them draw a picture of what they noticed while they were out there watching.

Last but not least, I plan on sending home mini MOON Pies and Capri SUNS as a little gift for making through the day!


Now I feel so much better!! My day is planned and now it is time to get it all prepared. YAY!!

For the kindness you’ve shown by reading this post, I have a giveway for you. Please enter the giveaway below to try for a $10 TpT giftcard. There will be 1 fortunate winner. The deadline is 12 am Monday morning.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I would love for you to tell me what your plans are for Monday, August 21st…..I mean…..

It IS a BIG deal….don’tcha know??

Enjoy it!


I hope God blesses you real good!!

TpT Conference 2017: A perspective from a 50 something Teacher Seller

Hey there! WOW!! I tell you what!! Even though I AM looking forward to beginning a new school year…..

(teachers started back on Friday….it was so very surreal……I think we were all in a daze because we are so used to starting on a Monday and it is still JULY!!)

July is almost over!!

Almost over!!! I tell you!! Where did it go? One day it was here and then….


It is almost gone!!


before this glorious month TOTALLY leaves me….

I want to tell you about my experience at the 2017 TpT conference in Anaheim!!!

I had a fabulous time and I want you to know all about it through the eyes of a 50 something lady like me!

Let me preface this post and warn you that there won’t be me in a lot of pics with other teacher sellers. I’m kind of shy when it comes to taking pics at events like this.

I really don’t know why and I did regret that I didn’t do that!!

So I hope you enjoy the pics I did take!!

The theme this year was: Discover New Dimensions

And that was what I was determined to do!!

Last year I went to the TpT conference for the first time EVER!! I was totally awestruck!! I loved it!!

So when I found out it was in Anaheim this year, I knew that I would need to make arrangements and go back! Dan, Jaden and I are big Disney fans. So to have the opportunity to get to go to Disneyland was one that we just couldn’t miss!!

I love that the TpT team chooses different locations for the conference. That way, it is easy for me to coax my husband and Jaden (my granddaughter) to come along too!

The conference was held at the Hilton in Anaheim! Dan and I have been to other parts of California but never in Anaheim. We really loved this city!!

The weather was awesome and I thought the Palm trees were so much prettier than the ones in FL.

Everywhere we went and being the southern girl that I am, as soon as I opened my mouth to talk, I was asked where I was from. Now let me tell you….

I don’t sound like I’m from way up in the hills, but I do have distinct dialect.

There were a few people who told me how much they loved hearing me talk and that they could listen to me talk all day long!

Now that is the kind of audience I would always love to have!!

We arrived on Sunday and just hung around the hotel and walked around a bit.

Then, on Monday, all of the fun began!!

There was an IHOP just a block away. So we decided to walk over there and eat a nice breakfast. While we were waiting, a lady stopped by our table offering to make a Disney character out of balloons!! Being the awesome grandparents that we are, we let Jaden choose a character for the balloon girl to make.

Can you tell which character this is in the pic??



But this balloon girl had no limits!! She could pump, bend, and knot balloons like nobody’s business! I think she should try out for America’s Got Talent!! I’m sure those judges would be impressed!!

I mean!! Jelly bean!

Dan and I were amazed at her talent!! She could make ANY Disney character…..REALLY…..any!!

She took donations for her craft, so I thought that it was quite worth the $5 I gave her.

When we got back to the hotel, I decided to go on up to the conference area and check in! It was so fun to be greeted by this handsome crew!! They made me feel very special!

I checked in and got my lanyard and nametag.

TpT always gives us some swag, too! This year, it was a gray back pack with a TpT badge on it! I. LOVE! IT!!

That afternoon they had a networking time for different regions. It was a great time to meet sellers from around my parts!! It was led my Shelly Rees and Latoya Reed– We first grouped up by when we started selling on TpT. Then, we grouped up by what state we lived in, and what grade we taught.

The rest of the time we played Share one, Slide One. We had a sheet of paper with 12 boxes on it and in each box there was a different category. Like: PowerPoint tip, Photo-Taking Tip, Favorite Clip Artist. We would find 2 people to give us 2 tips for each category. I really enjoyed meeting some new people and seeing others that I’ve met before. I was totally excited to have met Kim Adsit and to talk to Deanna Jump. I’ve been to Deanna’s conference Get Your Teach On and got to meet her there! When I talked to her this time, she recognized my face and I told her why. I attended the first Get Your Teach On and when I told her, she apologized and said that the first one was not up to par to what she wanted it to be! I told her that I really enjoyed it and didn’t think that at all…..

And I really didn’t!! I loved it!! Deanna Jump is a major inspiration to me, so of course I think that she can do no wrong!!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a TpT Town Hall Live and Breakout sessions with the TpT team facilitating them. I learned about how to create a UTM code and a way to use a graphic organizer for design thinking. All of these things that afternoon were very informative and I really enjoyed getting to know more people!!

That afternoon while I was learning more about being a teacher seller, Dan and Jaden ventured around the Anaheim area and visited Downtown Disney!!


Don’t you just LOVE the palm trees in Anaheim!?!

 I loved entering through this area each day!! It really brought a smile to my face!

TpT really knows how to put on a conference!! I wanted to get my money’s worth so for the next 2 days, I was determined to learn as much as I could!!

There were so many sessions to choose from that I had to really think about why was I here….

What was my purpose in being there?

What did I want to learn from this conference?……

My answers??? I knew that it was time to think about how to use social media better and see what I needed to do to make my store better.

I didn’t have any fancy binders to use for note taking. However, with pen in hand, the 2 items above were my constant companions throughout the conference!!

So I listened to TpT sellers such as Jennifer Kadar from Simply Kinder about building my brand through community, Elizabeth Konechi about making videos, and I got a lot of information from Chris Kesler’s session on creating email lists. I also learned ways to improve my resources by listening to Martha Hach of The Owl Spot and Erin Cobb of Lovin Lit. After I listened to and watched videos of sellers using Instagram Stories, I realized that I need to get out of my shell and try some of my own.


Even though, most of the conference was more for teacher sellers, I also went to a couple of incredible sessions that would help me in my teaching profession. One sessions was about being culturlly responsive. This is a big thing in our county. So I wanted to get as much information about it as I could. Lindsey Nagorski spoke on this topic and how important it is to use it in the classroom. I decided to find her blog and start following her to read and do more when it comes to being culturally responsive.


When I was learning how to be a better teacher seller , Dan and Jaden went to Disneyland!! Disneyland was just a short bus trip away. They honestly could have walked there but the bus tickets were $5 for 2 days, so it was a no brainer to take a bus to and from the park each day. Then, they would come back take a nap and then I would go with them at night! I’m telling you!! This was a dream come true for us!!

The scenery behind me is the boardwalk section in California Adventures.



All I can say is, “WOW!!” Not about JUST Disneyland but also for the time spent at the TpT 2017 Conference!!


I absolutely felt like this whole conference was well worth every penny!!

I felt valued by the TpT team!

I felt happy to have gotten to meet a lot of teacher sellers like me!!

I felt like even though there were many teacher sellers who were young and just cute as buttons with their blonde hair and precious dresses, there were just as many of us who were probably 50 and older and we looked just as cute and had just as much fun as they did!

And most of all I felt like I was inspired to take on another year of being a teacher seller and doing what I enjoy…..

creating resources and selling them through the best online store for teachers ever!!

So at the end of the last day when I saw a few teacher sellers trying to spell the word for the next location of TpT conference 2018, I got really excited when I saw the name of this city…..

Well if you can’t see it here clearly it spells…..

NASHVILLE baby!!……that is not too far from my stomping grounds!!


I know that this 50 something will be back for sure!!

God bless you real good!!

My Dad Rocks!: A Gift for Father’s Day

Well hello there!

For  the first time in forever, (have you got the song in your brain now…yea.. me too!!), I decided it was time that I made sure my kinder cubs gifted their dads before the school year was over.

I’ve always felt that my dads got a bum rap when it came to their special day….

but not this year!!


Since my thematic instruction was based on summer activities and we were also studying rocks, I would incorporate a craft that my kiddos could make for their dads for Father’s Day!

Now, for a little sideline here….

I love to help the kids make this special gift for their moms for Mother’s Day:


The moms in my class absolutely love it!! If you haven’t seen this before click HERE to see the post I wrote with instructions if you’d like to know.



back to the dads…

I searched and searched on Pinterest. I knew I wanted to use something with a picture of them incorporated in it. Then I found a post, that used the phrase: My Dad Rocks!! Click anywhere on the picture below to get to the post from Mommy Moment to find out how to make it! It’s really nice!! Don’t you think??

This DIY My Dad Rocks picture frame is the perfect DIY Father's Day Gift that dad could proudly display on his desk at work.

So, I used this craft to get my inspiration for a kid friendly Father’s Day craft.

I just loved it and I think my teacher’s aide loved it even more.

My kinder cubs had a great time making a special frame for their dad.


Now if you’d like to try this in your classroom or at home……

Here are the instructions to make the frame and also how I took the pictures:

You need to give about 2 days of drying time to make this correctly.


1 wooden frame that will hold a 4×6 inch picture ( I found mine for $1 at Michael’s)

Acrylic paint- I chose brown and gray that I mixed together to get a dark taupe look. (Honestly, it really didn’t change color that much.)

Tacky glue- that is the type of glue that really works best (you can find it at Walmart or any craft store. It is in a brown bottle.)

Small craft sticks- for the students to use to spread the glue

Aluminum pie pan- I used 2

Decorative Rocks (I bought 2 bags at Michael’s for $4.99 each. I took out any rocks that were really large. )

1 Chalkboard with the words: My Dad Rocks written on it with chalk (I found a decorative one at Michael’s that cost me $10 (with a 50% off coupon)

Blue Butcher paper for the picture background


How to take the pictures:

I wrote My Dad Rocks! On the chalk board sign. Writing the statement on the sign, took about 3 tries for me to get it JUST RIGHT! Next, I took a long strip of this pretty blue butcher paper and hung it on my dry erase board with magnets. Then, I had the student sit on a low shelf unit that I have in front of the board. Next, the student held up the sign and once I had the picture scene the way I wanted it, CLICK went the button(probably not the right word…) on my cell phone for a nice photo.  I love to use Walgreens  to develop  my pics because I can always find a good coupon to use.

NOW for the prep work:

These type of wooden frames come with a dowel rod to use to make the frame stand up on its own. I opened each frame, taped the dowel rod to the back of the frame and wrote the child’s class number on the back.

Next, I covered my work space with butcher paper that we reuse for painting projects.

Finally, I mixed the 2 paint colors together in aluminum pans. I set out craft paint sponges.

That was about it for the prep work.


On to the fun part…..

Once the kinder cubs put on a painting shirt, they went to town on the painting!

We waited a day for the frames to dry before we glued the rocks on the frame. However, the paint really dries fast. So there is no need in waiting an entire day. A couple of hours should work.

We also decided to wait and put the photos in after the frames had the rocks glued on them. It would have been easier to have done that before the rocks were glued on, but glue would have DEFINITELY gotten on the pictures.


It was time to glue on the rocks.

For the prepping of this step, I put the rocks in paper plates. I really made sure that there were no big rocks in the plates.

Then, I poured TACKY glue onto small paper plates with small craft sticks set beside each plate.

Once the students sat at the workspace, they each took a craft stick and started putting glue on each space of the frame where they wanted a rock and placed the rock gently on the frame. I didn’t limit them to the number of rocks to use, but you can certainly do that. Of course in kindergarten, we had to demonstrate how to glue the rocks on the frame, and we stayed nearby to help. We noticed that if you push the rock too much into the frame, the glue would spread around the edges and not stay right underneath as well, so don’t push the rock down too much. We made sure they used a lot of glue!

This pic shows how I placed the rocks on the frame as a visual for the students.

No gluing has been done yet!

It took about a day for all of the frames to dry before we began to put the pictures in for display. Some of the rocks did “pop” off, but we just had tacky glue or a hot glue gun ready to fix it.

Here are the results:

During the last week of school, each kinder cub took his or her picture frame and wrapped it in gift wrap paper.

They were so proud of their gift for their dad!


This is a project I will now incorporate into the end of my school year!

I’m going to send a message out to my class dads and see what they thought of their gift!

I hope they will consider it a treasure!!

Be sure and give your dad or special father figure a hug this weekend!

God bless you!!

Five for Friday: New Things I Tried for Dr. Seuss Week

Hello there! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching: Five for Friday to come up with my 5 new “things” I tried for my Dr. Seuss Celebration with my kinder cubs. We only got to celebrate for 2 days this year, but that is ok. Those 2 days were jammed packed with lots of fun learning that I hope they will not soon forget!!

Decorations! I decided this year to set the tone for our Dr. Seuss celebration with more decorations in my room! It is amazing how a few ceiling party streamers can just brighten up any kind of celebration! I just added some Seussy Pennants and signs on the dry erase board to add a little pizzazz. One of my students has a mom who teaches a couple of doors down from my classroom and he ran out of the classroom telling his mom that she just HAD to come and look at the classroom! It was full of Dr. Seuss!! My day was made!!

My morning routine activities are not new, but I just wanted to show pics of the sensory bin, and the books on my display. The stuffed animals and books just really drew the kids in on Thursday morning. After they unpacked that morning, they had the choices to write words on Seuss style dry erase boards, play in the sensory bin and match numbers, or read with the stuffed animals. Reading with the stuffed animals was practically unanimous!! No one even touched the sensory bin!!

Now doesn’t this pic just make your teacher heart go pitter patter!?

And this was happening around 7:30am!! WOW!!

The two older girls are my 5th grade tutors who come in every morning before the tardy bell rings to help my students with their academics.

They got right in on it all and had a blast!


I absolutely LOVED these photo booth props that I bought at Party City!! They are very high quality! I will for sure use them for next year!!

By the way….

As soon as they unpacked that morning, I had each one pick a couple of props and I started taking the pics. That way, the day wasn’t wasted by taking pics. Done and done!!

A friend of mine forwarded the directions for these fruit kabobs. After we watched the original cartoon of The Cat In The Hat on DVD. I knew this little snack would be a great activity for the kids. I made this into a “LOOSE” STEAM activity. Their problem was to make a CAT IN THE HAT fruit kabob with the parts they were given. The above pic gives the examples of the finished product. I gave them food writers to share, so they could draw on the cat in the hat face. They had already completed a Cat In The Hat directed drawing that morning. Therefore, they were familiar with how the face needed to look. Also, I put a picture on the screen to use as a model. The kinder cubs were so excited to do this and they had a great time from start to finish!!

After they ate it, they had to get their science journals and draw the kabob and label the parts of the snack. Click HERE for the directions for the Fruit Kabobs.

Last weekend while I was getting everything ready for the week, I came across a blog post in Bloglovin’ from Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten .

She had lots of ideas for a Dr. Seuss celebration that I just absolutely loved!! Because Party City had given her some Dr. Seuss party goodies, she gave a free Dr. Seuss resource to her readers. Click the name of her blog above to get to the post with the freebie. One idea she had was to put her Fox rhymes in cute socks and the students would match rhymes. She also made green eggs using Wilton’s Candy melts in white and green. I decided to do the same thing and the kids loved it!

Also, the middle pic shows one of my students holding up a Dr. Seuss quote poster that I bought at Target last year. I had 4 different posters. So I decided to have each kinder pick one to have a picture made with it. I’m thinking about making cards out of each pic and mailing it to their parents.

This year, I found these precious Dr. Seuss outfits at Target! Target has got it going on when it comes to Dr. Seuss!!

This is my grandgirl Virginia showing off her cute dress on Dr. Seuss day.

My daughter was so sweet to make sure that Virginia wore the jumper that day!!

Isn’t she precious??

Well that is it for my Five For Friday. Hope you enjoyed reading through it! Please hop on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching , to link up with Five For Friday. Enjoy your weekend and I hope your week will be a blessed one!!

Being a Good Steward

Last week I was at my BFF’s house where we meet with other friends for a Bible study. We were talking about faith and one of the ladies started talking about some issues she was dealing with right now with her autistic daughter. We were all sitting there encouraging our friend and one of the other ladies told her that God has handpicked her to take care of this girl. My sweet friend said with tears in her eyes, “Yes, I have always known and believed that God gave me _______________ as a gift, but I always want to make sure that I’m a good steward over her.”

That really struck a chord with me that night….

She wants to make sure that she is being the kind of steward she needs to be over her daughter!!

A good steward?! I have never thought about being a good steward when it comes to people God puts in our path.

Now a steward or stewardship defines our practical obedience in the administration of everything under our control, everything entrusted to us.

In other words, a good steward is one who takes care of everything they have and this includes people!!

Ok…so these adults above me are my kids with their spouses that God handpicked for me to take care of…..from their birth until they both got married and even beyond that. :)!!

Have I been a good steward of them? I tried, but I know I have come short of that many times!!

And now I have 3 grandgirls who are a mighty wonderful blessing!

And they are the ones whom God has entrusted to me to be their Grandma!! Love. Them.!

And every year on the first day of school, I am entrusted with new little kinder cubs! Here is my most recent group:

God has handpicked each one of these kiddos to be a part of my 2016-17 kindergarten class!!

Therefore, it is important that I do my best for them…..

in other words…

I need to be a good steward!!

How you might ask?

I need to display good stewardship with these children each day by……

giving them hugs as much as possible.

listening to their stories that MUST be important to them because they won’t stop raising their hand or trying other means to get my attention

learning how each of them learn and work best

fitting my instruction to meet the needs of each individual child

keeping calm (no matter what might frustrate me during the day!!) and carrying on

believing that each child in my class CAN learn

helping with tying their shoes

putting Bandaids on boo boo’s

giving them times throughout the day to rest their brains

not RAISING my voice

making sure that none of them are hungry

building trust with each kinder cub

showing patience in every situation

giving them more positives than negatives throughout the day

reading aloud to them each day

allowing them to ask questions….many….many….questions

LOVING them unconditionally!!

My list could go on and on…….

When I get back to school next week, I plan to put forth much effort to be a good steward towards my kinders!

That is what God wants me to do…..

now that I realize each one of them was handpicked just for me,

I see what a true gift they are to me!

They are not just any kind of gift but a priceless gift!

And when we get priceless gifts, don’t we take care of them a little better than gifts that are not priceless??

Yep. We sure do.

Can’t wait to get to be with my little gifts next week!!

And I plan to take care of them….REAL GOOD!!

It’s Five For Friday and a TIEKS Giveaway!

Goodness gracious!! What a week!!


These past two weeks, I’ve had to be out of the classroom for some pretty important professional events.

It will feel good to be back on a regular schedule next week!

When I’m out like that, I realize how important it is to keep my students on a regular routine, because that is what I like as well.

Being on regular schedule in my life is just….well….comforting….and we all like to be comforted….right?!?!

Now I’m here in Five For Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching to not only discuss 5 things but to also give you a chance to feel comforted with a pair of (DRUMROLL PLEASE)

TIEKS!! Yes !

Several of us have gotten together and are offering a giveaway for a free pair of TIEKS shoes!!


stick with me here and then go to the  Rafflecopter to enter!!

You have 27 ….yes …..27 chances to enter!! So please enter!!

During the month of January, we did a lot of informational reading on Martin Luther King, Jr., penguins, and polar bears. Part of my writing activity for this is to write using a graphic organizer with Can, Have, Are. For Martin Luther King, I made up an organizer using Had, Was, Helped.

After we completed the chart, then the students wrote an informational piece in a mini book.

Here is a picture of the organizer I created for our kindergarten teachers to use with their kinder cubs.

If you click anywhere on the pic, it will take you straight to the freebie to download. Also, in that set is a Had, Was, Helped organizer.

This week, while I was gone, the kinder cubs worked on many things Valentine!! Our focus book was Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane de Groat using the Guiding Readers Series from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills (LOVE them!!) . In this unit, the kids learned about problem and solution in stories. In their writing they connected to the story by writing about a time they did something nice for someone. I love the sentence study in any of the Guiding Readers Series. We talk about the sentence: How many words?, What are the verbs?, What are the nouns?, What are the adjectives?. Then, we chat about the punctuation. Then, they take the mixed up sentence and put it in the right order and illustrate the main idea of it.


For Valentine craftivities they created a Valentine Selfie (from the Guiding Readers February Resource), a Valentine alliteration writing piece, and their Valentine Critter Carriers. When I came back on Friday, my classroom looked just LOVEly!!

I have made these Valentine Critter Carriers for years!

I put them outside the classroom and then on Valentine’s Day, the kids bring their cards and “feed” each child’s critter the card that is for that child.

Then, they take their critter home and open the bag and enjoy all of their cards and goodies they received!!

Click HERE to find my post about how to make these super cute bags!!

One of the math stations this week was to put shapes that were cut for them into a Valentine’s Day picture. I love doing these! However, for kindergarten, it is best if we cut out the shapes for each child and keep them in sets. It is difficult for them to cut out the shapes and take on the spatial relationship work it takes just to put it together! They all did a great job with it this week!!

This resource comes from, Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart! Click HERE to get to this awesome resource.

On Valentine’s Day, I plan on using conversation hearts or a graphing activity.

Even though you have probably seen a million jillion of examples of this graphing activity, I have one that is geared towards kindergarten that is FREE!! Click on the image below to download a free one for your file!!

And now to finish out my FIVE FOR FRIDAY, I want to offer you the opportunity to try for a FREE pair of TIEKS!!

Go to the Rafflecoptor below and enter!! This giveaway will run from February 11-16th!! So go for it!! A new pair of TIEKS would be an awesome gift for YOU or someone you love!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to link up with this fun linky, then please go to Doodle Bugs Teaching: Five For Friday !!

Please enjoy your weekend and I wish for much love to come your way on Valentine’s Day!! God bless you!!

MindWare is Great Brainware

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to try out some products in my classroom from the company called MindWare. MindWare shares a site with Oriental Trading. Which I think is pretty cool!  This company has the slogan for their awesome products that says: “Brainy toys for kids of all ages!”. After trying 3 products out, I have proven them absolutely CORRECT!!


I love to change up my early morning work time in my class with activities that the kids can manipulate and use to get their brains in gear for the rest of the day.

I hate to say this, but I’ll just put it out there….

I am sometimes not successful with this,…something that seems so perfect in my head, doesn’t always turn out the way I’d like


when I pulled these brainy toys out, my kinder cubs were so excited and were looking forward to the rest of their day!! YAY!!


One of the fun toys I put out were the Keva Brain Builders and Brain Builders Jr. . These inexpensive wood puzzles come with 20 small pine planks and 30 puzzle cards. The Jr. set has 20 cards but each side has a puzzle…so that makes 40 puzzles! The pine planks are very high quality and smooth. The planks and cards come compact in a little zippered bag. This makes it so easy to keep the entire set stored and ready to use anytime!

Now, if Brain Builders had been around when I was young, “Boy! Howdy!” (as my momma would say) I would have been so much better at putting together furniture and other things as an adult!! This is because the puzzle cards have 2D diagrams on one side and the solution on the other. The object of the puzzle is to turn these 2D diagrams into 3D objects. Then, you are able to check your work by looking at the solution side.

The 2 pics below show the 2D side and the solution side of a card. The cards are labeled beginner, intermediate and expert.

Brain Builders are for ages 7 and over. However, my little kinder cubs didn’t have too much difficulty with the beginner level cards.


I love the Brain Builders set. I think it would also make a great gift for a kid who really loves to build.

I could even see a child incorporating the objects he or she builds into playing with Barbies or any kind of action figures.

The Brain Builders Jr. Set was perfect for my kinder cubs and I found many ways to incorporate them throughout my instruction.

The students could build letters, numbers, and shapes using the planks. I also like to incorporate them with my STEM bins.

The cards have pictures on both sides. There are a total of 40 puzzles. My students really enjoyed duplicating these pictures with the planks.

Another way that I could use some of the cards, was to show a card to a student and have him/her count the number of planks he/she can see in the picture. Then, the students could count out that number of planks before assembling the object.
Yes! These Brain Builder Sets were a hit in my classroom!!

But wait!! There’s more!!

MindWare also sent me Pattern Play!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       My kinders were immediately drawn to this unique puzzle because of the colors! Again, all of the blocks that come with this set are high quality! There are 40 cards that children can look at and try to duplicate using the unique blocks.  

When I first got Pattern Play out, I had to get my hands on it too!!

There were 2 sweet kiddos helping me! It is a terrific puzzle to teach spatial relationships. Because all of the blocks had angles, the kids had to really think about which way to turn the angle on the block so that it would fit correctly. Not only were they thinking about that, but they had to also think about the size and the color of the block to use!!

Wow!! What a way to wake up their brains so early in the morning!

Then when we got finished with the entire puzzle, we were so proud of ourselves and we were giving each other a high five!

I just love those kind of moments!!

But the teacher in me couldn’t stop there….

We had to discuss what shapes did we see throughout the puzzle.

The best way for me to store this brainy toy is by leaving the last puzzle intact and putting it into the box until it gets used again!

After having the opportunity to try these products out, I will definitely be looking for some more Mindware products to add to my “brainy toy” collection!

Click HERE to get to  MindWare.com!

Click HERE to find some lesson plans that go along with MindWare Brainy Toys!!

If you liked what you saw on this post then:

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Because I loved these products so much, I am giving away 1 of the Brain Builders or Pattern Play sets.

Just enter my rafflecoptor below:

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Lastly, please know: “This review is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided the sample free of charge by the company to provide my honest review. No other type of compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are my own.”

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